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  1. Volt is already about 1.5-1.7 faster than Gauss, no need for him to be any faster. In fact, Gauss is still slower than Nezha so maybe he's the one needing a slight speed buff. Volt's ability is called 'Speed', he's the faster frame. Volt could use a small base sprint speed buff, but with his ability active even at a sprint speed of 1.0 he's still faster than Loki or Rhino Don't be rude 'plz', and again, which one of the two's ability is called 'Speed'? Volt is faster in any line, Gauss has an acceleration advantage (which Volt can overcome too), and around 400-500m Volt will overtake Gauss and keep going without any chance of being caught up. Again, Gauss isn't faster, even if you buffed him with most Wisp builds. 7 Agreed, it wouldn't hurt to buff it, but if you were building a Volt for the sake of giving speed to allies, you'd probably be adding at least one mod like Rush in there at which point you wouldn't be falling behind allies who probably aren't modded as such.
  2. From my understanding the initial post meant that PC players can reload while holding the Current Shield and PS4 players cannot because reload is tied to the same button used to pick up and drop the shield. I don't think Sentiel was lied to about PC players being able to reload at will, since we can in fact do so. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/OrdinaryActualAmericanpainthorse-mobile.mp4
  3. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/OrderlyMammothEkaltadeta-mobile.mp4 I don't appreciate being called a liar 😉
  4. .A.G

    Volt's 4 No Damage?

    Hey bud, this is inaccurate. Discharge has three durations, regardless of nearby enemies, any enemy hit will start taking damage after four and a half seconds. https://giant.gfycat.com/WaterloggedDelayedAmericanbadger.webm
  5. This is so amusing @Kareekoe I won't even go over your list one item at a time, it's clear you have no idea how to play Volt haha
  6. Yeah, that's because the slide and roll increases acceleration which is Volt's initial disadvantage. This is similar to if you're sprinting, you won't go as fast as if you hit slide in between. Over a 500m+ race though, you'll never beat Volt, no matter what. As the distance increases, you'll only see Volt get further and further ahead, because as I mentioned, he's twice as fast as the fastest Gauss once he's at full speed.
  7. Relax on the 'git gud pay attention' rhetoric. I run Cassini to do Larvlings, because when you're running for hours without getting the weapon you want, you tend to want to do them as fast as possible. In a capture mission, you're used to seeing a red target, you kill said target, press X to capture it. I'm sorry but when you do this hour after hour, you start falling asleep behind the wheel from the utter boredom. All it takes is one time of confusing a Larvling for a capture target and everything goes wrong. There needs to be a hold to confirm on Larvlings. Adding to that, why does it instantly add the Lich to your profile? If you do mess up, you should have the option to abort the mission and null that selection. All of that aside, the initial point of this thread was that you can accept Larvlings for other players. Whether I have a Lich or not, I can press X on a Larvling I kill, and someone else in the group who does not have a Lich will be assigned whatever that Larvling becomes.
  8. Hopper is correct, it has nothing to do with rolling or sliding or energy conversion, Volt is just roughly twice as fast as Gauss. @CommanderC2121 There are only two reasons why you might think Gauss is faster 1) His FOV distortion gives you a false perception of his speed. 2) Gauss dashes to max speed where Volt has to accelerate to his. As Hopper pointed out, anything beyond the first few hundred meters and Volt's speed will easily catch up and leave Gauss well behind.
  9. It's a shame how that reload mechanic works with the Current Shield then, I can't imagine using that, it would ruin the whole flow of playing with his shield. I'd also be happy if Volt's Current Shield was a channel ability that lasted indefinitely instead of having a drain and a timer as well. Being able to cast additional shields while holding one or casting to refresh the timer would be welcome additions. I see what you're saying regarding the speed, with the same buff, Volt will always be slower than those around him with a slightly higher base speed. It doesn't bother me too much because it's a co-op game, and being better at running or parkour would still make a huge difference over that .1 base increase. Also, Volt is already about twice as fast as Gauss 😉 I do like though that your suggestions are all seemingly simple ones to implement instead of the usual suggestions that essentially ask for an entire rework of abilities.
  10. 1. Absolutely agree, an extra hold toggle would be great to see on Speed. My only disagreement would be that I'd rather hold to cast only on myself and generally tap to cast area wide. Most players I encounter do not seem to mind a speed buff, players enjoy running through content quickly and the increase to melee speed helps as well. It will also keep the ability consistent with Shock Trooper where holding casts on self. 2. Issue A) You can reload weapons and use them as normal while using Current Shield on PC, if this isn't the case on console then it's a bug and should be patched. Issue B) I don't mind the slight speed reduction while carrying the shield, and personally I think that adding that to the Current Shield is a fair trade for the freedom of mobility with a barrier that has infinite health. To add to that, you can cast speed/parkour to overcome that reduction. 3. I would not be opposed to Volt gaining a slight buff, 1.10 would be fine as I believe it would make sense. While yes, he is not a frame built around speed, he does have an ability called Speed. With that being said, he is already the fastest running frame in the game, only outclassed by flight/teleport frames like Titania, Nova, Zephyr, Wukong
  11. Selling a 59% Toxin Kuva Bramma, offers here, PM, or in-game. Thank you.
  12. Definitely could have been a reaction of hitting X after doing murmurs, I was meleeing. The thing is when you're doing run after run of Larvlings trying to get the weapon you're after, you zone out from the monotony. As to why we're able to accept Larvlings for other players, that just shouldn't be a thing.
  13. Haven't done Liches for a long time, thought I'd finally get back into it with the new changes. Not sure why we gave it a chance when updates are always so broken for the first year after release. Kept getting Larvlings that didn't show what weapon was coming with them, on one of them I was meleeing and it automatically picked it up, now I'm stuck with a Twin Stubba Lich that I don't need. Went into a second mission with the Mrs to get her a Lich, she killed the Larvling and was far away from me, it didn't show her the weapon either, I walked up to it and my character killed it (even though I already have a Lich active now) and she got another stupid Lich with a weapon she already has. If you're going to release a buggy system, give us the option to remove Liches we never signed up for in the first place. Now we're stuck wasting a few hours on Liches we don't need.
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