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  1. It's a shame how that reload mechanic works with the Current Shield then, I can't imagine using that, it would ruin the whole flow of playing with his shield. I'd also be happy if Volt's Current Shield was a channel ability that lasted indefinitely instead of having a drain and a timer as well. Being able to cast additional shields while holding one or casting to refresh the timer would be welcome additions. I see what you're saying regarding the speed, with the same buff, Volt will always be slower than those around him with a slightly higher base speed. It doesn't bother me too muc
  2. 1. Absolutely agree, an extra hold toggle would be great to see on Speed. My only disagreement would be that I'd rather hold to cast only on myself and generally tap to cast area wide. Most players I encounter do not seem to mind a speed buff, players enjoy running through content quickly and the increase to melee speed helps as well. It will also keep the ability consistent with Shock Trooper where holding casts on self. 2. Issue A) You can reload weapons and use them as normal while using Current Shield on PC, if this isn't the case on console then it's a bug and should be patched.
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