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  1. What about having a two pronged approach? Unvault one frame based on the algorithms and ownership metrics, but have the second frame selected via a poll everyone could be asked during the last time period. This would also mean the content of the vaults could be mixed and matched depending on demand.
  2. Same thing has happened to me, no skins/ash/colours
  3. Changes look great, and joined the new discord channel. Actually looking forward to helping with the bug bounties if timezones allow it, too!
  4. I will comment I saw it on the first stage of the sortie too, was on a cross section tile early on.
  5. Only seen it once, on the Grineer tile set. Enemies were still able to pass through the door while it remained closed, and after the issue occurred a new player joined and could not pass through the door also. I have been told by a friend even hosts can not pass through the door, and had a friend encounter the issue on their own. (not sure if they were simply on their own or solo mode)
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