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  1. Don't hoard more than 15 points, or you will decrease your bonus. Take a look at this table: Points Held Bonus added Total bonus Percentage bonus 5 2 2 40% 10 2 4 40% 15 4 8 53.33% 20 2 10 50% >20 0 10 <50% As you can see, turning in 5 or 10 points earns you a 40% bonus, and turning in 20 points earns you
  2. Check out this post, which explains some of the interesting properties, and probably why you are not seeing the status effects you expect (because the toxin combines with other elements): https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/4icvlo/an_interesting_property_of_the_mutalist_cernos/ I like to mod it for blast/electric, which turns into blast/corrosive in the cloud.
  3. The same thing happens in a toxin elemental enhancement sortie. Suddenly damage is going right through shields and everyone just dies. I like to run Volt with Capacitance to have on-demand shield recharge, and it's very effective even at high levels: At 2:20 you can see how the Guardian sentinel mod helps me tank a Heavy Gunner for a few seconds using just my shields.
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