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  1. She's good on paper but I hate playing her in practice. She's at a very irritating place where her abilities aren't really interactive, but also you have to babysit them. As others have said, Link and Blessing are on short timers for different durations. You don't have to do anything except press the button to refresh them. So what I'm actually doing in practice is watching a little timer and pressing a button every few seconds. That's not interactive enough to be fun, but just interactive enough to be annoying. Contrast this with Oberon, who has a channeled heal: set it and forget it, just make sure you don't drop to zero energy. Or with Harrow, you have to actually do something (kill enemies) to heal, and you know when the ability runs out because there is an indicator on your reticle. This is why I say that Trinity is good on paper, but I don't actually have fun using her 3 and 4. Energy Vampire is pretty fun and useful, but in high level content you still have to use your 3 and 4 to stay alive and I invariably forget to press the buttons because I'm having so much fun playing the video game that I get distracted.
  2. Lunch with Konzu mini game when? I would pay 125,000 Ostron standing to go to lunch with Konzu and learn about Ostron cuisine.
  3. Valkyr is still my most used frame, from back in my early days when I lacked good mods and just relied on her armor for survival. She’s good for new players for this reason - she just has a bunch of damage reduction automatically even if you have no mods or abilities. Her passive knockdown recovery bonus is actually very good too. And she’s available pretty early in the game. The only time I consider her now is for content where I won’t have energy or abilities available for some reason. For example, I did my first solo Prodman run with Valkyr since it can be a problem to keep abilities active in the Index. I later switched to Inaros for that though, since he has more EHP. One interesting aspect of Valkyr is that adding armor mods is more effective than adding power strength mods to buff Warcry. The base ability gives a 50% bonus to armor, so increasing power strength will give half as much additional armor versus a straight armor mod for the same percentage. So, if you’re going for durability it’s actually better to ignore her abilities and just stack on a bunch of armor and health. Edit: I think it’s fine if she’s just designed to be an “intro tank” for new players, and other frames make her obsolete later in the game. But at least fix her 1 and 3 so they actually work in a useful way. Paralysis literally doesn’t work half the time.
  4. It showcases the Plains. I love the Plains of Eidolon, and the different locations really make great use of the large open space. Sure it would be faster if we were in one little room the whole time - but DE designed the event to take a certain amount of time, and I like that some of that time is spent flying around in archwing. The caves look great too. The different movement speeds during the different stages really serve to accentuate the feeling that we're in a large space, experienced on different scales. It's fun to try to beat my best times. Speedrunning is fun in general, and this event gives us plenty of ways to use all the movement and speed mechanics at our disposal. I'm currently running Nova with max range and variable speed/slow. I get to use parkour, operator dash, wormhole, and archwing. It's a fun challenge to try to "nail it" and get a really smooth run in and out of the cave, for example. Even the drone stage gives me something active to do, setting up the wormholes for the drone. The defense stage is good dumb fun. The enemy spawns are really good, with lots of small groups coming in from different directions. I use a Kuva Chakhhur to send them to space. Sure I could cheese it with CC, but it's more fun to actually get some target practice while I'm waiting. I also get to kill the drop ships in one or two shots, which is more dumb fun. And it's both fun and useful to jump up and aim glide, to get a good view of the enemies in the area. I love to hit targets while gliding so this is a really fun play style for me. I can tune it to my preferences. I don't like fighting the hemocyte. I did it enough to get the gold trophy for my solo clan during the first ever event, and I'm really over it. But you know what? I don't have to fight it if I don't want to! I can do a quick 7-8 minute bounty for 2,000 standing and be done with it (especially now that Nekros Desecrate doesn’t work on the hemocyte). If you love fighting the hemocyte, you can kill 4 of them each time. It's up to you. Konzu’s lines are actually pretty entertaining. Good rewards. Forma and a chainsaw. What’s not to like? I can run it solo efficiently. I would actually like to run it in a squad, but I’ve had too many bad experiences with public groups just taking forever: getting lost in caves, spawning 4 hemocytes and then just dying without being able to kill them, long loading times, bugs, host migrations … it’s just not worth it. But thankfully I can just run solo and do it quickly, the way I like to do it. So thanks DE for making this great event and for bringing it back! It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s one of the more enjoyable times I’ve had in warframe. The forma farm is pretty good, but not much better than farming prime parts for plat and buying a forma pack for 35 plat. For experienced plat farmers and traders, the plat farm is probably still more efficient than plague star. I already have plenty of forma too, so I just farm it because I like doing it. There is not much point to playing a video game if you don’t enjoy it haha.
  5. It’s awful in a squad, but I actually love it solo. It’s really fun to speed run, with a 3 minute break in the middle for target practice.
  6. On the upside, I jus discovered that I have had 11 Exodia Epidemic in my inventory for the last 4 years. I guess I got them with the plan to sell them after the event was over. But then I took a 3 year break and forgot about them completely. I guess that ship has sailed lol. Maybe I can sell them in another year or 2.
  7. I'm not sure if any infested are spawning anywhere on the plains in fact. I ran the Plague Star bounty solo, and added 4 Eidolon Phylaxis to the mixer. Everything proceeded normally - I rushed the drone with Nova's Wormhole. When the drone got to the boil, Lotus said the Peristalsis line and the "purge infested" meter appeared. But the meter just stayed at 0% and nothing spawned. Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/kMenktb I had to quit the bounty and return to Cetus unfortunately, foregoing any standing.
  8. I just use the Xoris, and any frame that can get immunity from staggers. Atlas is the best since he is passively immune, but you might not always want his element. I’ve also used Oberon and Inaros. Getting staggered in the middle of the throwing windup is super annoying, and the whole thing is a lot easier if you can avoid it.
  9. You can just give them away to another player if you don’t want them to show up. If you’re selling them, then just list them for a price at which someone will buy them right away. I guess maybe it would be useful to be able to turn off converted liches showing up in missions, if you have a bunch that you are selling, and you have them priced so high that they take forever to sell. But if you really don’t like it, it's an easy problem to solve: trade them all away and don't convert any more. My only converted lich is my buddy Ekk Mokobe with his magnetic Quartakk. Yeah that was before I knew anything about the lich system haha. I still enjoy his visits from time to time.
  10. Diriga’s single-target electrocution doesn’t sound that good, but it will save you from a very common cause of death at high levels: you missed an enemy, and they snuck up behind you and whacked you while you were concentrating on something else. Diriga will shut them down for you. Also, free electric proc for Condition Overload.
  11. Puppy triplets with ephemera are OP for fashionframe. Seriously, I am using a hound as my main companion just because the little puppy mode is so cute. They don't have anything extra or OP, but they have the normal stuff that makes companions useful, like vacuum, guardian, and animal instinct. I haven't noticed my hound dying with any frequency that becomes irritating. The other buffs from "meta" companions are nice to have I guess, but Warframe is so easy that they are completely unnecessary. There is room for lots of different kinds of companions. My prior main was Diriga because he's a cute little balloon guy and he frequently saves me from enemies sneaking up behind me with his hard CC single target electrocution. I guess I could get a damage or loot multiplier from a vulpaphyla or smeeta, but I don't really need extra damage or loot honestly - I have those in abundance. So, I am enjoying the hounds, especially since they are essentially free stuff.
  12. Oh yeah whatever happened to that Eximus weak point thing they were going to do years ago? Gas damage is quite viable btw, including in steel path, as long as you have lots of enemies grouped up and enough status and raw damage to brute force through their armor. It just takes a little bit longer than Bramma spamma which means it will get zero kills if anyone in the squad has a Bramma.
  13. I have been running Ceres Pallas as my steel path test mission and they spawn quite frequently there. I usually get 1 or 2 per mission. Maybe they spawn more frequently in the steel path though.
  14. The regular old Cycron is actually good for this. You can get 5 statuses, it has innate punch through, and it reloads automatically while you’re attacking with melee. I’ve been using the Cycron for CO priming literally since it was first released. It’s better than the Tenet Cycron for CO priming since you can get more status effects from it. And it doesn’t matter that the beam doesn’t chain - just put fire rate and punch through mods on it and everything will have all 5 statuses if you just sweep the beam across a room. My other main primer is Mutalist Cernos, which also doesn’t interrupt your flow with reloads. You don’t even need to fire the bow at full charge, you can just click on an enemy and boom, status applied. Thanks to the cloud you can get some extra status effects, and proc on surrounding enemies. But really, the Kuva Nukor will beat both of these. I never use it myself because I hate the look and sound. But it’s obviously best because you can get up to 6 status effects. And it will also reload automatically if you just add Eject Magazine - there is plenty of space for it on a priming build. But like I said, I hate it so I use the regular Cycron or the Mutalist Cernos.
  15. I’m enjoying the new system for farming sisters/liches since the update, but I’m not that interested in the weapons beyond the 2 I already have (Cycron and Chakhhur). So I thought maybe I could convert and sell them. My thought is to just take whatever weapon pops up, convert, and sell. But I can’t tell how much of a pain it is to actually sell them. Is it easy like selling prime sets on warframe market or more complicated like selling rivens, or somewhere in between? I just don’t want to create another headache for myself. I’ll gladly sell at a lower price to get it over with quickly. But I don’t want to spend all my time (or any time) in trade chat haggling.
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