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  1. That's what I was thinking. I bought it specifically thinking that the flying animations came with it as that's the logical thing to assume and I was extremely disappointed and confused when I started walking and it was just the default walk. Since I watch all the dev steams and tend to keep repetitively well up to date with general changes and updates I feel like if I hadn't ever heard about this it must've just been an extremely offhand comment that they made at some point cause I would've noticed if they made any sort of proper point to mention it. Either that or I've been drunk and barely conscious the past month and not realised.
  2. Damn that sucks, was looking forward to flying around with my other warframes. I don't remember them mentioning that you couldn't do that, all I remember was everyone saying they were excited about being able to use the animations on whoever they want
  3. IDK if I'm missing something but I was under the impression that Wisps animation sets would allow you to float around with any warframe that you're using the animation set on. Just bought the noble animation set but it still uses the default movement animations. Was this ever mentioned? Kinda feel like I just wasted 50 plat 😕
  4. Does anyone know what the corpus cashes look like compared to the regular lockers after these changes? Before this patch I noticed that the light used for unlocked lockers looked waaaaaaay too white and every locker pretty much looked like a cashe at first glance
  5. Ah ok yeah I didn't see that. Honestly though I feel like, knowing Steve, he was probably just getting excited and being really hopeful. I tend not to get too wrapped up in assuming dates for that sort of thing
  6. Where was this? If he did say that then I missed it lol
  7. They already made it pretty clear that they didn't want to push for a release this week on the last devstream. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, my dudes.
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