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  1. I just realised that this bug exists and I'm getting really stressed and my OCD is kicking in I placed it down an inch too far to the right and now I can't move it this is SERIOUS
  2. Does anyone know what the corpus cashes look like compared to the regular lockers after these changes? Before this patch I noticed that the light used for unlocked lockers looked waaaaaaay too white and every locker pretty much looked like a cashe at first glance
  3. Ah ok that's good to know, thanks! And uuuuh so long as we're asking for stuff I guess I'd be happy with some potatoes or resource boosters tbh. I've been good cause one time someone tried to scam me out of 1 plat and didn't say anything cause I was feeling generous. Merry Christmas Tennobaum guys
  4. It says on the tennobaum page to "gift an item to your in-game friends". Does that mean you NEED to have a tenno on your friends list for the gift to count or will it still count if I gift randoms who aren't on my friends list? I forget how these things work sometimes lol
  5. Ah ok yeah I didn't see that. Honestly though I feel like, knowing Steve, he was probably just getting excited and being really hopeful. I tend not to get too wrapped up in assuming dates for that sort of thing
  6. Where was this? If he did say that then I missed it lol
  7. They already made it pretty clear that they didn't want to push for a release this week on the last devstream. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, my dudes.
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