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  1. @Almagnus1 , @Rhekemi Its good to see that both kept an eye on the thread. @Gwyndolin-chan I can see that you are very passionate about this theme but you should know that most of the users here that support the usage of the word trap never used it in a derogatory way. And the problem we want to solve that most are overlooking is that you can get banned from 1/7 days for using the word "trap" and "dike" for their normal common life form. "Dike" - a long wall or embankment built to prevent flooding from the sea. "Trap" - a device or enclosure designed to catch and retain animals, typically by allowing entry but not exit or by catching hold of a part of the body. The word "dike" is probably not that common in warframe but "trap" it is, and its unfair to get banned for it, and in the process get called bigot, racist, etc. We talk about sentiments and caring for other people belief, and then we lump others that made 1 misstep with the trash and punish them(equality for everyone right?). DE probably thought that is cheaper, easier and more efficient having Sky-net[Bot] gatling everyone without context, and its not fair. We only want a solution for this, and if everyone actually read this post there's been a lot of really good opinion, solutions and ideas, and for all i know the bot its still the same. Also for the ones that follow this thread for almost 3-2 month its a bit concerning the lack of acknowledgment that DE gave to this. ♥ We can have a warning system to inform people about slang and such, but not ban them. The bot detects the word, deletes the sentence, warns the user, and everybody is happy nobody gets harmed in the process and you educate your player base, and also align them with DE "agenda". The problem is not the user that use the word trap in any context given, the one that DE should care for is the one that goes around the word filter to use it negatively. ♥ At this point DE wont take the word out of the bot filter and everybody who read this and still thinks they should, just give up on it.... its not worth it. If they want to have their safe heaven let them, i still think its a minefield for bans. Just strive on the idea of making a better bot not a better community. Edit : "We will be improving Kickbot’s responsiveness and informative nature if kicks occur, but we have no ETA on this right now." Just hope people.
  2. My duration was 24h, but was my first ban in warframe in 1k hours of gameplay, since there isn't any information regarding if there is any strike system or if it get exponentially worst cant say its the same for all. Maybe Almagnus1 The Fallen can share the amount he got when he gets out of the pit.
  3. Ive shared this in my first post but i don't mind sharing it again since its been 14 pages. I never knew that "trap" was a slur, more over i thought it was a positive attribute for some people. The first time hearing about it being a derogatory slang was here in the warframe forums after being banned, then i went for definitions and other but only found that specifically the trans community fount it bad. Also to say i had to search beyond the first pages of google(for definitions). I even asked an homosexual male friend that enjoys feminine clothing and actually takes hormones to be as feminine as possible on his view of the word, and told me that he thinks being called trap its a compliment (he is not trans). The same way i see "traps" in a positive standing i can be sure other also, now i know that others don't and might get offended, but im willing to offend someone by accident and explain myself and apologies so we can share opinions and values. I cant be aware of everybody likes and dislikes don't matter how much research i do.
  4. What did you mean when you said that exact phrase in bold? What went through your mind? Did you already know what the word meant/understand its context outside of Warframe and in real life? Did you already know and understand the gender and/or transgender warframe discussion context? Why you quote me explaining a situation and cut the context/reasoning out just to make some really easy to answer questions? Lets do 1 by 1. - "What did you mean when you said that exact phrase in bold?" The definition of trap. -"What went through your mind?" The definition of trap again. -"Did you already know what the word meant/understand its context outside of Warframe and in real life?" Yes, the definition that we been disusing for a while (trap is not a slur). -"Did you already know and understand the gender and/or transgender warframe discussion context?" There was no transgender warframe discussion here, the wiki says that Nezha is a boy, that's it. And some people in chat as well as me thinks or thought Nezha was female for how it looks. So it fits the definition, its not a joke its an statement. You and some other community member are witch hunting users for the sole reasoning that "X is a trap" is a "joke" (not a joke) and a trans-phobic joke. And your reasoning is that everyone is guilty by default and should be punish, that everyone that touches the Trap (feminine boy) context is already being a bigot. Everyone here is associating 2 different things "X is a Trap" its not the joke, its "traps are homosexual" and you can ban that meme all you want. But you are associating something that its a meme with an neutral statement and getting angry as soon as possible. I concur with you about that the bot need work and please never think that im making fun of you in any way, i can see that we have different opinions on how the user base behave. Well in my honest opinion both, and you can clearly see that they change the trap issue to be "spam" and not a slur problem. You can copy paste the ToS all day long but you know that they make it as general as possible so at any circumstance they can ban you without having to give you a reason. Yeah sure they can do whatever they want, you can tell me "if you don't like it, don't play the game" but that doesn't mean i don't care for the game and should try to make it better. I hope that everyone chill a bit with the trap thing a understand that is not a gender war topic.
  5. Do you want to know how i got chat banned by the bot? Some people where discusing what "gender" was Nezha, some said that Nezha was male, a lot of people said they thought that Nezha was female, so i typed, "its basically a trap". And that got me banned, i didn't have any ill intend and i was ignorant by the fact that a really small % found the word to be derogative while most people think its a neutral/positive word. I don't follow anybody's social agenda that's the ignorant part, its like you saying that i was ignorant of my part not knowing that you don't like chocolate and i should get punish for that. Also this targets nobody, worst possible case its target Nezha and probably not in a bad way. Im pretty sure that most users don't go to regional chat and bomb it with "Nezha ist a trap" for the lulz, most cases it probably had context that the bot ignores.
  6. You clearly haven't read this post from start to end, the problem is that "trap" in a neutral context is not a slur. You can check the definition and the points i ve made about it if you want, i stated my point in page 5, and the reality is that some people find "trap" as a derogatory slang (mostly the trans community) and some considers it as a compliment (cross-dressing and feminine males). So the word has a good side and bad side, context is needed. Typing "Nezha is a trap" is saying that Nezha is a boy that looks feminine by definition. The definition checks? Yeah it does, does this target the trans community? No. Does all the warframe community check what the Trans community consider a slur? This is out of common sense. Ignorance should not be punished, it should be a lesson, tell the community that some people "might" get offended not just ban them. If "trap" is offensive why "fat", "nerd", "4eyes" and a lot of other words aren't in the bot filter? Its fair that a lot of misinformed people should get punished without giving a reason? Lets make something clear Trap is not a slur, some consider it a derogatory slang and others a nice compliment. At this point this isn't about what is what but how this should be handled, in my opinion keep the word in the bot filter but make an exception when detected to trigger a warning and an informative message about what DE consider about the word. If there's is any Tans people that is reading this, you should know that most of the Trap jokes out there are not with ill intent, im not defending those that want to hurt you, that people don't belong in warframe. Im just saying that a lot of people that you might think are aggressors are not, and you should also think about those who are getting thrown in the bad side just for a slip. We should forgive and help others understand, that's what the warframe community should be.
  7. Can we have a decent discussion about the handling of kickbot with the word "Trap" ? I joined Warframe in 2013 and i have over 1k hours invested on the game, so i like to think i care about it and the community even if this is my first post. Until i got banned from regional chat for implying that Nezha was a trap, let me be honest i never thought or even knew that trap was a derogatory slang, i always had it as neutral or actually referred in a positive way. I had to do research to actually find that "trap" is also used in a bad way. After the ban i looked for most definitions and mostly none had it as "derogatory" not even Wikipedia. If you want it to push it another level i even asked a homosexual friend that is more feminine, and he told me that he takes it as a compliment. My stand is not to remove kickbot or to remove the word "trap" from the list, but to tone down the punishment, the code of conduct doesn't cover this, not even kickbot warning for chat rules. In my point of view not only i got banned for something i felt it was a positive stance, apparently the bot removes whatever you typed so in the end even if mistaken i didn't hurt anybody but in return i get branded as trans-phobic, not only i cant use regional chat, i cant even communicate with my teammates in missions or even trade. I'm used to communicate with people during missions, thanking revives and saying GG after a good run. I don't want to join Teralyst hunts because i feel like a hindrance without the chat. Playing warframe a co-op game, without the means to communicate its hell, every post i see over this its always end in users laughing at op and bashing him even more for a mistake, you shouldn't get traumatized by mistakes you should learn from them. I will apologize to everyone that thinks that "Trap" is a derogatory slang i always looked at it in a good way. But i feel that having a 7 day of banishment into the shadow realm is also a very negative experience, and saying "disable regional chat" feel like saying that the community is not worth the pain. Edit: I think others should know that my ban was lifted, 24h ban not 7 days, i thought that bans for this kind of accidents where 1 week since most of that post about this where answered with that info, and none of the user banned came back with feedback since they where widely mocked. I still stand that the usage of the word "trap" shouldn't be a bannable but a warning massage saying "that it is also used as a "derogative slang" and you should refrain of using it". The same way people that get offended by it, other that thinks its a compliment getting told that its a slur its also degrading in some manner. Thanks and sorry for the long reply, i'm open to disagreements.
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