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  1. 2 hours ago, Vulbjorn said:

    To be honest, I thought people didn't actually like her being split in the middle like that. I'll think of something. Hm, what a terribly charismatic duck. That gives me an idea.

    Perhaps a heterochromatic Infested Skin could be split by the intact Orokin harness and Full on Infestation, have the Infestation as the dominant of the two as the transition in the middle.

  2. When will console get ANY of the changes to frames and weapons? We're playing on an ancient build compared to PC.

    Also, will Console get Tennogen Round 2 and 3 together instead of separately? Far too much time has passed for us not to get Round 3 for another goddamn month

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  3. 6 hours ago, lukinu_u said:

    Thanks you all for the support !
    I was happy with my first acceptation on round 9 but now, it feel completely different, this first acceptation was a quite normal Syandana I didn't really liked myself even if I did it but now, what got accepted is stuff that is my own style and still fit the game, and see you guys liking this is even better for me.

    I don't really know how to explain that, but I know I wouldn't be able to do that without all your support, so I want to thanks you again for this !


    That's a great question and also a good opportunity to explain what are my plans on Tennogen stuff in the future.

    • So first, I will finish the Titania I'm currently working on.
    • Now that Mirage Mithra is in and I know what was the problems, I will start to rework Wukong Mithra based on the changes I had to make on Mirage and then, expend the Mithra serie with a syandana and a single sword skin. Maybe more in the future, but nothing planned for now exept vagueness idea for a hammer skin.
      Under this spoiler are some paper drawn concept of the sword and syandana (paper because I don't have my computer and tablet at school >.<)
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    •   After that, I have some idea to rework my oldest Tennogen post ever (aka Mag Neon) with a completely new look based on the futuristic circuit board initial concept.
    •   I also have some idea and early concepts (nothing to share) about a skin duo for Chroma and Nidus.

    Awesome! Can't wait to see what you can do with Wukong and Titania! The Syandana and Weapon skin concepts look like they'll translate really well to 3D models. One question, what kind of Sword Skin will it be? Will it be general application or specific to one class of sword? I ask this because currently there aren't any Rapier skins, and I think your style would really mesh well with their design.

    Mag (imo) has always looked awful, excluding her new Pneuma skin. Her bulbous everything just doesnt have appeal. Seeing Mirage Mithra, and the drastic change to shape and attention to detail you have, I believe you could do amazing work with her (and tbh I've always wanted a Neon Frame, and you couldn't have picked a better one to apply that aesthetic to 😊)

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  4. Idk if someone's asked this before, but do you have plans to do a Mithra series? Kinda like Faven's Graxx series. Is it something you think you'd actually be able to do, or is it too much of a time commitment?

    I've not purchased anything Tennogen before, seeing as how plat on Console is obscenely expensive. Seeing your Mirage Mithra skin blew my mind, and to be honest, is why I'm even getting Mirage in the first place. There are frames in Warframe I just don't like because they look abysmal (i.e. Banshee's body), and I'd love to see what you could do with some of the..."less appealing"...frames. 

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