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  1. We’re back with what possibly is the last stream before TennoCon 2019. The team has come with their hands full of reveals and updates before we prepare for our radio silence. You can learn more about the 41st Warframe, our plans for a Wukong rework, a peek at some sentient tilesets in the works, either by reading our overview here: https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-128-overview
  2. Setting up the files to showcase on a Devstream is different than getting them hooked up properly for sale in-game -- we need to set them up in the market, set up rigging (for Syandanas/helmets/etc.) and FX. And then it needs to be all tested. 🙂 That takes time, especially for multiple items, in addition to all the other amazing things our team is working on. Thanks for your patience!
  3. Also deserving of a thank you is the Microsoft team who worked to resolve this!
  4. Please try restarting your console for the fix to take place!
  5. We have heard back from Microsoft that the issue should be resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please restart your console and you should be able to connect.
  6. Please make a ticket! Include any proof you have, including who was in your squad, the mission you were playing, etc. Our team will do their best to find a resolution. 🙂
  7. I recommend submitting a support ticket for cases like this. Offer any details like squad members and a rough time stamp -- we might be able to help. Sorry to hear that happened! 😞
  8. Hi Tenno, If you're currently experiencing issues with accessing Warframe on your Xbox One, please hold tight. Our team is aware and is currently investigating the cause of this issue. Thank you for your patience! UPDATE: 5:15PM EDT The Xbox Live Service Status page has been updated to reflect the current issue some Tenno are experiencing with Warframe. They have also added the option to be notified when this issue is resolved: We will still be updating this thread with more news as it comes! 🙂 UPDATE: 7:40 PM EDT Microsoft has informed us that the issue should now be resolved -- after testing, that appears to be the case. Thanks again for your patience. 🙂
  9. Hi Tenno, You might have heard us talk briefly about a refresh to our existing TennoGen guides -- these changes are now live over at https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?! The goal of this refresh is to address common issues in the program to (hopefully) help reduce the amount of revisions, since there were a few "unwritten rules" that were known by established creators, but not communicated properly to new creators or the community as a whole. [DE]Kary did an amazing job setting up these initial guides, but 3+ years into the program, some of them needed a fresh coat of paint. This thread serves as an overview of what changed, for those interested in revisiting these guides! NEW OR SIGNIFICANT CHANGES Faction Style Guide (previously Content Creator Art Style Guide) This page now outlines the visual language and rules for each faction currently accepted in the TennoGen program. If you're struggling with mastering the aesthetic of a specific faction, this is a great resource (in addition to in-game references). Any future factions that get added to the program will also be added here! Final Pre-Submission Checklists (New!) The home for checklists, to help ensure your piece meets all basic requirements per item type. A TL;DR of all guides! Texturing Guide Restructured and rewritten for readability. We've added more information and examples for tintmasks especially, since we have removed the Tintmask Guide. Note: Once the dual emissive and energy slots are added in-game, we will be detailing how to best design your files for this new functionality. Technical Specifications Added more technical details, including in-game texture resolution, downloads links for checklists, and any important details to consider when designing! Also restructured types for more clarity. Creating a Melee Weapon Skin (previously Model Swap Guide) Restructured this guide to match all other "Creating..." Guides. We also clarified and emphasized important technical details for Melee Mesh Swaps that weren't 100% clear. Creating Operator Accessories Added a new section outlining how ears and hairlines for both male and female Operators are now the same size! Also renamed to match all other "Creating..." Guides. REFRESHED The following guides have had their copy updated to be clearer, and to include important details that creators struggle with: Basic Art Guide Content Files and Examples Some Reasons for Rejection Creating a Warframe Skin Creating an Alt Helm Creating a Syandana Creating a Landing Craft Skin Normal Map Baking ==== Now that these guides have been refreshed to better reflect program standards in 2019, we are able to update them more regularly following creator and community feedback. If you see any important information that hasn't been included in these guides, please use this thread to share feedback with us!
  10. We accept all pieces that meet criteria. Lukinu_u has been working with us on some of these pieces since as early as 2017 -- this is the culmination of months and months of hard work, and he absolutely deserves his representation in this round. It's a shame some pieces from other creators weren't quite ready, but they'll be getting feedback to help them meet all criteria for Round 17.
  11. If you see a lot of the same authors getting accepted, it is because they have learned the technical and stylistic requirements -- we do our best to communicate those requirements in our guides, but it's definitely a bit of a learning curve for new creators, especially if they are just mastering their craft. We've worked with Erneix quite a bit on this skin, and they'll be getting follow-up feedback. It's a shame we couldn't accept it, but there are good reasons for why pieces don't get in, and we do our best to help creators push their pieces over the finish line with two rounds of feedback per round. 🙂
  12. The test rooms you see are just a very basic set-up for showcasing purposes -- Skyers managed to add some basic rigging to make them look extra fancy, but it takes a lot of work from the team to rig them properly and test them to make sure they look great when in-use.
  13. We only share specific feedback with creators themselves out of respect for their privacy. It's up to them if they want to talk more publicly about it, once they have received it.
  14. We’re back with another Devstream, featuring a look at the new Disruption gamemode coming with the Jovian Conchord update, news on changes in Nightwave Series 2, some UI QOL changes and so much more! This overview is a beefy one, so as usual, if you have the time, we recommend watching the full episode for all the nitty gritty details, or just read about the highlights in our overview here: https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-127
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