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  1. Xaku’s Files are officially available in the Steam Workshop! Much like Revenant and all Warframes following him, Xaku is made using new tech, so there are some missing textures in their ZIP file. It’s on you as the creator to make these maps yourself without any reference files. Below is a list of what is included in the ZIP: Normal Emissive Tintmask Body, Helmet, and Attachment* meshes To be clear, you are expected to still make the specular, roughness, and diffuse maps -- we simply can’t send you a reference for comparison. IMPORTANT NOTE: Xaku h
  2. Round 19 is officially here! Thank you to everyone who submitted before the deadline, there was so much goodness to review. As usual, we do not have a set release date for the following items, but keep an eye out if there's a piece you're interested in! This is one of our largest rounds yet, so buckle in and see what amazing creations will be added to the game: Warframe Skins Ash Ichneumon Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus. Excalibur Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster Garuda Tengushin Skin by Lubox Gauss Agito Skin by Rekkou Gauss Graxx Skin by F
  3. We are only accepting sets of 2 for shoulder pieces at this time. It's outlined in the guide! 🙂
  4. As you might have seen during our Art Panel at TennoCon 2020, we are expanding our TennoGen program offerings this year! Files and guides for the following content are now available: New Melee Weapons: Blade and Whip - read the guide! Claws* Machete Sparring* *Our Melee Guide has been updated to explain placement guidelines for these weapons to prevent clipping! Shoulder Armor Pieces After seeing the amazing Chest Armor Pieces our community has submitted, we felt that Shoulder armor was a great next step to offer more Warframe customization in our
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