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  1. Fortuna has arrived on PC and the Dev Team sat down to discuss more Fortuna-related content, the next Warframe and more! If you’re too busy Floof hunting or patiently waiting on Console to watch the full broadcast, we’ve compiled a quick TL;DW version for you here: ttps://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-119-overview
  2. Hi Tenno, Fortuna is here, and our Twitch Drops campaign is officially live! If you’re searching for a fun broadcaster to watch, look no further than the Warframe channel. We’ll be featuring a few of our many amazing Warframe Partners on twitch.tv/warframe from 10am - 10pm ET on Saturday and Sunday as a way to showcase the fantastic talent in our community. Those Tenno who tune in will also have a chance to win a variety of prizes, including a Chroma Prime Access per time slot and more! The full schedule can be found below: Saturday, November 10: 10am - 1pm ET: DimitriV2 1pm - 4pm ET: littlenavi_ 4pm - 7pm ET: Brozime 7pm - 10pm ET: Smashley Sunday, November 11: 10am - 1pm ET: Burnbxx 1pm - 4pm ET: DanieltheDemon 4pm - 7pm ET: Whiskey_Cat 7pm - 10pm ET: Kaoiji
  3. From Fortuna's launch until Nov. 15, watch any Warframe stream on Twitch for a chance to get in-game items every hour! You could get Nidus, Khora, a Rifle Riven, celebratory fireworks and more! A full list of available Drops can be found below -- but not all Drops are equal, some are more common than others! Twitch Drops are available to Tenno on all platforms. Event ends Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. ET. You must first link your Warframe and Twitch accounts to get your Twitch Drops. Getting Your Twitch Drops Make sure your Warframe and Twitch accounts are linked to get your rewards! You can link your accounts by clicking here. If you don’t already have a Twitch account, you can sign up for one here. To see which Twitch account is linked to your Warframe account, visit the Account Management page here. After you’ve linked your accounts, watch Warframe streams while logged into a linked Twitch account to receive the Twitch Drop. Then log in to Warframe and check your Inbox to find your Twitch Drop! If you’re looking for a Warframe stream to watch but don’t know where to start, you can see what broadcasts are available in the Twitch Directory. If you’re looking for a Warframe Partner channel to watch, check out our Partners page! If you’re a broadcaster, the Warframe account you are playing on needs to be linked to the Twitch account you are streaming from. Your audience will not receive any Twitch Drops until you do so.
  4. Howzit, Glinty? Been dreaming of speeding through the Vallis on your K-Drive? Maybe making space for your Conservation rewards? Looks like you’ll have a little more time to prepare: Fortuna will not be arriving tonight! You can learn more about what to expect in this Update by checking out our hubsite, or MCGamerCZ’s Fortuna Preview -- but we have also prepared a little extra something special: 20 seconds of carnage.
  5. [DE]Taylor

    The Remote Observer: VOL 41

    We’re back again with another volume of the Remote Observer, your weekly update note highlights! Since our PC deployments have slowed while we laser-focus on Fortuna, this edition is focused solely on the Console update this week. You can read all about it here: https://www.warframe.com/news/the-remote-observer-vol-41
  6. We’re back with potentially the last Devstream before Fortuna’s launch, and we came with a lot to share! As always, you can watch the full stream to learn all the details, or you can read our top-level recap of what was discussed/revealed in our overview: https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-118-overview Have a great weekend, Tenno!
  7. [DE]Taylor

    Revenant Files -- IMPORTANT INFO!

    You cannot edit the mesh of the Warframe body for all TennoGen creations -- the FX mesh is simply an extension of that. 😁
  8. Revenant Files Revenant files are officially available! Revenant is special in how his FX is a core part of his aesthetic, and in how his set-up in-game differs than any other Warframe -- meaning he is best reserved for seasoned TennoGen artists or those with substantial modelling experience under their belts. His textures are created using a new internal system, so some of his texture maps will be missing from his ZIP file. It’s on you as the creator to make these maps yourself without the originals for reference. Below is a list of what is included in the ZIP: Normal Emissive Tintmask FX files To be clear, you are expected to still make the specular, roughness and diffuse maps -- we simply can’t send you a reference for comparison. Tendril FX For the first time, we have included the FX files needed for this Warframe! You cannot edit the texture, but you can create a new mesh for FX on helmets only. Altering the FX mesh and textures on the body is not possible, so please don’t spend precious time doing so -- we will not be able to accept items with altered body FX mesh or textures. If you decide to create your own custom FX mesh for your helmet designs, use the provided texture and mesh files as reference and create cards that match the UVs of the existing ones, all while ensuring that the entire helmet (FX included) fits the polygon limit. You can preview its final appearance in the TennoGen viewer using the provided FX texture. Please note that the preview will not be a perfect copy of the in-game version (there is no gradient at the tips, for example), but it should be more than enough for screenshots. We will be looking to improve this functionality in future TennoGen Tool updates. To recap for ultimate clarity: You can’t edit the FX texture You can create custom FX meshes for Revenant helmets only FX mesh and helmet mesh must both fit into the 5k tri limit You can preview the FX texture in the TennoGen tool as a static alpha texture Be sure to read the included text file for more info! Additionally, the emissive body/helmet textures are a great resource for those of you looking to create your own scrolling emissives. The FX textures can be used to create screenshots of Revenant with his FX for your submission page. Let me know if you have any questions!
  9. [DE]Taylor

    The Remote Observer - Vol 40

    We're back with another volume of the Remote Observer! This week, we’re looking both into the future and the past to see what came this week on Consoles, and what’s to come in the next PC update. Wanna learn more? You can do so here: https://www.warframe.com/news/the-remote-observer-vol-40
  10. [DE]Taylor

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Yeah, there were some lingering issues that unfortunately held this back from the official announcement. Glad they could be resolved in time to include for this Round nonetheless. Both of them have put a lot of work into this piece over the past year -- glad to see it finally come to fruition. And I wouldn't say he's been overlooked; we consider each submission carefully. To sound like a broken record, if pieces don't get accepted, it's because of stylistic or technical issues. :)
  11. [DE]Taylor

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Quoting for visibility!
  12. [DE]Taylor

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    It's true that we aren't able to offer feedback on every piece, but we do our best to leave comments on creations that hold a lot of potential (especially ones that bring a fresh new interpretation of the Warframe aesthetic), or that are fairly close to acceptance pending technical/style changes. As much as we'd love to leave comments on all submissions, it's a tricky balancing act of time and resources! With that said, we have over 15 pages of feedback that we're hoping to send out this week. :)
  13. [DE]Taylor

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    This is tricky -- the team who judges TennoGen items are all artists (and me who just nods along and takes notes), so they have an incredible knowledge of the game's visual language. Crazy art style pieces that get accepted are the ones that are successful at fusing their style with the Warframe aesthetic. Being able to identify the nuances is a learned skill. We do our best to work with creators who do out-of-universe pieces to help bring them closer to the Warframe style (BeastBuster for example, and Mz-3 especially with their Nidus skin) but those conversations are held privately. Creators are more than welcome to talk about the requested changes of course, but that's their decision. I'll speak for everyone on the team* when we say that more content diversity in the program is definitely welcomed! A large part of this comes down to what the creators want to make, as well as the technical work needed for some complex Warframes like Nidus or Equinox. We do our best to offer help and advice to creators tackling the more difficult Warframes but understandably less creators are going to make pieces for them due to the extra time investment.
  14. [DE]Taylor

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    There's quite a bit of literature on this actually, which can be found here: https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/ The Basic Art Guide and Reasons for Rejection are great resources if you're looking to create for TennoGen yourself. I also highly recommend comparing before/after versions of accepted pieces that received a lot of feedback from us (the Ascophillia, the Zamariu, etc.) to see what changed.
  15. [DE]Taylor

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    As indicated in the original post, if an item was passed up, it's usually due to technical or stylistic conflicts. We love love love Mz-3 -- we've worked with them many times before, and they are an incredibly talented creator. They'll be getting feedback from us to help get this piece ready for next Round.