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  1. Sky-Scythe

    Arch-Gun Ammo Chain Mod

    The new Ammo Chain mod for Arch-Guns increases the ammo pool of ALL equipped weapons.
  2. Sky-Scythe

    Warframe Builder

    Target acquired is an 11 drain gold mod, WF builder incorrectly displays this mod as being 9 drain and silver. Furthermore, I feel that having an event checkbox for headshot on enemy (similar to the one that comes up when Argon Scope is placed) is necessary to calculate the damage this mod is contributing. Currently, adding this mod to a sniper build does not alter the numbers in any way. Sorry if this has been brought up before. Thanks for all the work you're putting in!
  3. Sky-Scythe

    Warframe Builder

    Bug report: Warframe Builder doesn't take into account that dual elemental riven mods apply their statuses to weapons in the opposite order they're listed as on the riven. vs I know the workaround would be to simply flip the ordering of the statuses on wfb, but this may be confusing to some people. Sorry if this has been brought up before. Thanks!