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  1. I really don't want to be forced to "decorate" my warframe with all the armor pieces and ephemera. Some frames just look better without one of those attachment slots filled.
  2. I had the exact same issue, and suspect it's because my squad ran a defense just fine, then queued up for a second run without returning to drydock. Host migration didn't fix the issue, and both players had to abort I saved my EE.log file just after aborting, but it's 5.4 megs in size, so I uploaded it here: https://files.catbox.moe/l6vg4d.log
  3. I've gotta second everyone's disappointment in the Pilot's AI. As someone who had soloed a large chunk of intrinsics, not running Gian Point, I expected Command to improve the experience. Instead, I can no longer hold an entire run of dome charges, nobody makes me more dome charges, I can't make dome charges because they require mining asteroids in mission and none of the crew do that. To top things off, I'm never pointed at a crewship while in forward artillery, and when I kick the pilot to line up the shot, they're back and flying away just as the dome charge finishes charging... I'd li
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