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  1. Oh, and I've found where the Nikana Zaw sheath ends up when it bugs out. When I'm on my Duality Equinox, even when my other half has a gun, it's holding the sheath in her right hand. Makes for an interesting gunblade illusion.
  2. Since the first Rising Tide update, my archwing controls don't behave properly, now having these two points where I can't continue panning up or down to aim at a target. I'm now getting stuck on these points, and having to consciously figure out how to point at the thing I want dead rather than the reflexive "aim and shoot" behavior that is intuitive.
  3. I'll second this. Not only am I a claustrophile (liking small spaces), but I've placed tons of decorations in my orbiter that were aligned with the various parts of my orbiter, including a ring of synchronized ayatan sculptures that took many hours to get set up and in the right spot, and now I have to go through the whole process again if I just accept that DE won't give us an option. I know they won't revert it because they put the time and effort into the new look, but since everything about this game is customization, I should have the option to crawl back into my cozy, dark cave after slaying yet another kuva lich bent on taking my stuff.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the relic drop changes on Disruption. Now I can pick which relic era I want to farm, and just farm that. Loved the reward system in the initial Disruption release, where you could choose to keep farming B rotation as long as you want. Now I can put it to use to fix my lith relic draught, and still farm up Neos when I need them.
  5. Hey, did anyone grab the Red Text from this update?
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