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  1. Just finished listening to Nezha's Leverian entries and snagging the card. Wanted to double-check I've got them all, and noticed that his prex is stretched to fit the whole box, unlike all the other codex entries.
  2. As of the most recent major PC controller update, menus can't be navigated using the default movement keys, meaning I can no longer fast travel to Konzu without using my mouse. Figured I'd let a few hotfixes go by, and I am glad to see that Enter once again confirms when selecting multiple of one item, but menu navigation (via arrow keys, numpad, WASD, or even player movement bindings) is still missing.
  3. I can confirm that Staticor's auto-reload when the clip is empty doesn't happen anymore, and behaves strangely when out of ammo. Kinda sad, as it's my go-to sidearm right now.
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