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  1. Thought I'd throw in my two cents. For me, Nekros' synergy is more in the mods you put on him, and less about his collection of abilities. He's the only frame I know of that synergizes with Health Conversion, making him significantly more survivable than any other frame using that mod. He also synergizes with equilibrium and synth fiber, along with Arcane Energize, Eruption, and Pulse, with all those health and energy orbs lying around, being ready to pick up because you're always not quite full on either health or energy, depending on if you've got Despoil slotted. I will admit I've
  2. I haven't had it confirmed, but I'm fairly confident that the Crescent isn't included in the spawn options when you use a pheremone. If you have to go the conservation route, don't use these. Once I quit spending rep, I somewhat quickly found two.
  3. Type: In-game Description: Vulpaphyla pheremones "drop table" possibly incorrect Visual: n/a Reproduction: Begin tracking a Vulpaphyla on the Cambion Drift, and when you find the nest, deploy a pheremone to improve chances of a rarer subspecies. Expected result: 2/3 spawn as rare "Panzer" variant, while 1/3 appear as the uncommon "Crescent" variant Observed result: Most spawn as a Panzer Vulpaphyla, but occasionally a common "Sly" variant spawns. Zero of twenty pheremones have yielded a Crescent Vulpaphyla. Reproduction rate: somewhere in the 10-30% range.
  4. It's been bothering me for a while, but I've never actually figured out... Does disabling the in-game gore option negatively impact Nekros' looting powers by preventing the dismemberment and segmentation of an enemy, and if so, is it the host or the Nekros who affect the loot reduction?
  5. Any chance you could fix menu navigation for those of us with rebound keyboard bindings? I rebound my movement keys to a more convenient spot, but all the menus, landing craft movement in loading screens, and even Wyrmius still use WASD for movement. Really inconvenient for me to have to move my hand back and forth.
  6. As do bullets reflected by Mesa's Shatter Shield (tested), and probably Chroma's Ice Elemental Ward.
  7. Type: Weapon mod interaction Description: Soma Prime augment resets with Garuda's Blood Forge Reproduction: Mod Soma Prime with the "Hata-Satya" mod and Garuda with "Blood Forge", head to simulacrum, spawn high level enemy. Fire partial clip, and watch crit chance climb, hit 3rd power, which refills clip without reloading. Expected Result: Accumulated crit chance preserved. This is the case for another gun that loses perks on reload, the Ocucor. Observed Result: Crit chance reverts to base value. Reproduction rate: 100%
  8. Type: End of mission screen Description: Arquebex is reporting bonus Exp when not used in mission Visual: https://imgur.com/EWSn7L9.png Reproduction: Claim a Voidrig from the Foundry, then run starchart missions that grant mission bonuses Expected Result: Only weapons used and equipped gain affinity. Observed Result: Arquebex also claims to receive bonus affinity, with no earned affinity. Also appears to be visual only, as it's started from rank 0 for three missions Reproduction rate: 4/4 consecutive nightmare mode missions while on Titania Prime
  9. Type: Cambion Drift (Conservation) Description: Velocipods with sleep unable to be captured Reproduction: Equip Ivara, find a Velocipod, and hit it with a Quiver's Sleep Arrow Expected Result: Like all other conservation animals, interact prompt should be call for pickup, allowing it to be captured. Observed Result: Warframe hops onto the sleeping Velocipod, and is unable to move because the "board" is asleep. Control returns once the duration of sleep expires Reproduction Rate: 100%, every time. Tranq Rifle captures still work as expected.
  10. Finally getting around to running the new heart of deimos quest, and in the section where your warframe gets broken... Seems there's a few bugs. 1) when I failed to sneak by the first time, I respawned with my sentinal with medi-ray. Made the rest of leaving not difficult 2) I didn't think to try sooner, but by the time I took the shortcut, I was able to deploy my archgun, which also feels wrong
  11. So, I took a spin on @-CdG-Zilchy's Nyx build, but skipping the corrupted mods, and came up with this: As he pointed out, it suffers from reduced efficiency and duration, but isn't quite bad enough to be unusably bad. Also included her Assimilate augment so that you have a fallback panic button that's still mobile, should the Chaos CC fail you, and with primed flow and a mostly full pool, it should last pretty long. Enough so that you can park on a mobile defense terminal from start to finish if you want.
  12. Yeah. A Frost with a mostly/fully ticked Narrow Minded is great for defending mobile defense consoles (and thermia canisters) from nullifiers, and Nova actually has a build revolving around reduced power strength (speedva). Then there's other cases where warframes don't actually make good use of a stat in their kit, Limbo's strength being one of them. Limbo's ult deals a fixed 300 on crossing the boundary, regardless of strength, and the rest of his kit is pretty bad at applying damage.
  13. So, I read through the thread, and figured I'd simply offer what's been working for me on the Steel Path, rather than try and convince you to play differently. I'm very much of the opinion that the game is best played with a "right tool for the right job" mentality for certain mission types, but others aren't as picky. For general "kill dudes" type missions, where nothing needs to be defended, I usually go with Gauss, Garuda, or Khora, the latter of which I run for the little bit of extra loot in survivals. I'd also include Valkyr in the mix, but I burned myself out on her since she was m
  14. Just started running Exploiter Orb for toroids to turn into standing for building extra base warframes, and discovered that with the new Shield Gating system, the "Get away or you'll die and be killed" and "You're still too close, Sparky!" doesn't matter. The shield gate kicks in, and your health is left untouched by the explosion.
  15. So I know I'm late to the party, and I've got a very unorthodox view on the resolution of whatever problem caused many players to not get their rewards, but I figured I would say this: I feel that giving every single player that was playing warframe all of the rewards, regardless of their participation in watching the content reveals, etc., is unfair to the players that actually took the time to appreciate what the devs put forward at TennoCon, and unfair to the devs that put all the new Heart of Deimos content together. I was too busy farming ducats to buy some Ki'Teer Domestik Dron
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