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  1. well damn, i thought i was on to something lmao... tmw u make something up u thinks unique af but someone did it already
  2. Not sure how to write about this, but after seeing the new intro cinematic I had an idea for a new warframe. Well, not a warframe, but a wartenno. The girl being drowned, and wearing a hood instead of the original suit made me think What if a tenno was exposed to void radiation/experimentation and somehow wasn't aboard the Zariman Ten Zero but still developed void powers, and actually developed them more than any other tenno alive? The idea, is basically this. A tenno who has no idea what a warframe is until she/he first stumbles upon one in the ruins, like in the cinematic. A tenno who doesn't need an amp, a tenno who doesn't need transference, a tenno who just is a pure tenno, but with their own warframe-esque abilities? A tenno, who doesn't just void blast, beam, and dash, but also has their own 1,2,3,4 abilities of their own, specific to void energy and power. Some how, during experimentation or whatever the source may be, they developed into a warframe of their own, without the transference. Imagine a tenno double jumping and free running, using abilities, guns, swords, everything a warframe can, but the abilities are specific to the tenno and doesn't need a warframe to use them. Obviously there would be some tradeoffs, like maybe no shields but regening HP in void mode. Maybe they'll only be able to use light weapons they can hold. Idk, figured it would be pretty amazing having a sort of renegade tenno who never exprienced the horrible things the tenno had to, but instead experienced their own horrible nightmare of existence. Just imagine, a Wartenno.
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