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  1. ... Maybe the majority of noobs. But the majority of my friends, who are all at the point where they don't have specific things they still NEED to do (i.e. players that haven't finished the main quests, unlocked all planets, etc) will get rivens, and if they like the mechanics of that weapon will forma it. The game is supposed to be fun. If you find the mechanics (the feel) of a weapon, but it isn't powerful, and then you get a mod that makes it powerful, you of course want to use it. Just because YOU don't do this does not mean you can make broad assumptions about the entire playerbase.
  2. You're assuming what I described is what they use. Which is incorrect. Also obviously it should be more than 1 packet sent, but I figured I didn't need to say that to describe the basic concept. And yes, it is a good idea to still have an opt-out of hosting.
  3. Um... ever heard of rivens??? Personally, since rivens came into existence I find myself putting 4-7 forma on a weapon quite frequently. I have been rushing or buying the 3-pack quite frequently. Granted, I feel that DE doesn't have a problem with that, so... I actually have a proposed solution though: a foundry upgrade. For the price of say, 100-200 plat (DE can price things), allow us to purchase an upgrade for the foundry that allows you to craft more than 1 of something at a time. Then, I could craft forma in batches, and people wouldn't either sink tons of plat into the 3-packs, or simply have to wait around for eons to progress.
  4. If you still can't figure it out, pm me in game.
  5. Yeah, I love fissure survivals. Me and my one friend will literally message the other when we're out to come back and play them lol Would be awesome to have a guaranteed one up at all times.
  6. They should just get 4 people in a lobby, and select a host based on lowest mean ping to all party members. If nobody is below a certain threshold (say 100), then disband and matchmake again.
  7. Also, I would really appreciate being able to hold notes. Everything is just sixteenth notes (if i recall), and if you want anything longer it has to be a repeated sound. It'd be nice, and not too hard to allow for continuous sounds when desired.
  8. So, in other words, no. If you did this every week for a few months, then maybe. But that's perfectly acceptable
  9. If you can get over 200% crit chance, you can get the guaranteed crits. However, after trying that out for a while and seeing how many mods are eaten up getting there, it may not even really be worth it. A good damage/elemental with reload speed or something would be nice, and make it more fun to use.
  10. Yeah I run with peaceful provocation, streamline maxed, fleeting 1 from the top, transient maxed, primed continuity, primed flow, redirection, vitality, power drift, and ofc shield disruption or corrosive projection depending on the faction. Works really well for me.
  11. idk, would anyone be interested in a site dedicated to this? similar to warframe.market? I might whip something up if ppl will use it. basically enough adsense to cover hosting costs
  12. Yeah I do every weapon part invasion, and they each show up at least every couple weeks
  13. Hate to be a $&*^, but if someone literally says what you're gonna say, maybe hold off? it doesn't really matter, but everything you said was already mentioned
  14. My pleasure dude. It may surprise you, but ash is actually my most hated frame. I play raids and long survivals mostly. Team-oriented stuff. So naturally I hate ash, since he is the most selfish frame in the game. However, that doesn't mean I can't b objective and try to make him better. So, back to the topic at hand: I feel that you have an expectation for your 1st ability to be an important part of you kit at any point in the mission. Unless DE reworks every frame, you gotta let that go. It can't have good damage, build combo, bleed everyone, and strip armour. That's too much for a 1st ability. Take a look at how often 1st abilites are used for every other frame. Some can be useful, but none are really a major part of your kit, especially in late-game. Teleport: This applies to everything, but I'm going to put it here: this brings back memories of relentless combination with the telos boltace before it got nerfed. For teleport specifically, it isn't a huge deal if that adds 1 to the combo. But be careful with going crazy on the combo. Having almost every ability and his passive increase the duration is too much. As it is i don't like that passive for him since that's already Wukong's. But even ignoring duration, I can only endorse building the combo with abilities IF relentless combination doesn't work on them. Otherwise with the amount of bleed procs you want, that's just too much.
  15. They won't be removing any abilities. They will be modified to scale better and synergize more. His passive is going to change, however.