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  1. If you wanna only nuke, just range and whatever you feel like running. Range is all that matters. If you wanna do other things like be survivable, buff teammate's strength, kill trash mobs w/ the slash procs, have an efficient build, etc. then you gotta consider which of those you also want, and build around it. Think critically and logically and I'm sure you can figure out what works best for you :)
  2. Personally, I don't have these issues when I play solo survivals (which I do, a lot). But I definitely wish solo missions could get the same spawn rates as groups of 4. Would be more fun, and rewarding for those of us who can't play in squads much for whatever reasons.
  3. Please change this to a cooldown timer similar to Phoenix Renewal or something like that. This is a total slap in the face to endurance players, and isn't necessary. There is an easy way to make this work for all types of game modes and runs, not just some. I'll let my best friend who mains wukong talk more about the rework as a whole, though.
  4. WHY DO YOU INSIST ON CLUTTERING OUR UI WITH STUFF WE DON'T OWN!!!! Seriously, I don't see any benefit from putting these into our screens. Just more clutter making it harder to find what you want to in the limited time you have to refine. Please just remove them from the list.
  5. PLEASE for the love of everything good in the world, stop having Natah's transmission covering up half the screen while we get to the fight. It's fine for the first time for story purposes, but it's just infuriating for repeating the mission. I'm just happy I finally got a wisp BP, but that made the experience notably worse.
  6. Aw man an 8K run solo was actually like, hard. My battacor idea didn't really pan out, even riven-ed up. Those dudes are just so tanky... Too bad I insisted on doing a solo clan. No gold for me 😞 (can't play in a squad cause I need to pause too often)
  7. Still really not a fan of nullifier bubbles around the conduits in disruption. Here is why: Especially considering this is not only just an endless mission, but one we have to actually stay in if we want to do well in the clan event, we must consider the impact on high-level gameplay. Quite simply put, this is hugely restrictive on our frame choice. If we want to properly defend, given how fast the demolyst can appear, we need to be on top of the conduit. It'd be different if you had say 20s before they blew up with a location marker. But you don't. Especially with the hallways, walls, etc in the way, you need to be on top of the conduit to be effective. This means any frame relying on abilities for survivability is at a huge disadvantage as enemies scale. That makes me feel like I'm forced to bring someone who's tankiness can weather being nullified for a period of time, which is not a whole lot of frames. Which is not as fun, or as effective per se. I might have had less of an issue with this say, 1 year ago, but since I play almost exclusively solo for endurance missions now due to the fact that medically I can't sit down for that long w/o breaks (so I need the pause), and I need to hit 20K for my clan to get the trophy, this has a lot of impact on me specifically. Being able to bring a frame with good survivability and dmg/cc to deal with scaling enemies and demolysts isn't very feasible right now because of those. I'd love to see it replaced with maybe increased nullifiers spawns, or special scarambus units, or something maybe of that nature instead. Still adds a similar challenge, but doesn't force you off of the point. Or you could give us more time to kill the demolyst with awareness of its location.
  8. I don't really agree with removing options. For skilled players, talented modders, people with friends, etc. all these pieces of high end content are rewarding, informative, and doable. However, for those who don't actively seek out challenge and are willing to put work in to get that done, or are playing with vet friends, I think it just needs to be more clear to people not just what they should do next, but why. I firmly believe education is the answer, not forcing people to go down a path they may not want to.
  9. I think the issues are more these: There are ways for new players to get stuff. Without being carried, and without asking too much of them. But, those things are kinda grindy (low chances for drops), but more importantly, things a new player doesn't expect to have to research. You can see where to get relics, "rare" core mods, etc in your codex (clunky) or the wiki, but as a new player I can understand expecting to be more explicitly guided to such important things. The "ideal" progression through the game isn't very clear, so newer players might feel frustrated when they've played for weeks and weeks but still can't handle 1 wave of arbitrations. Do they have their start chart done, all quests done? Have they got every frame, and ranked up their mods to be able to make any build? Probably not. But you should probably have that kind of stuff done before doing the "endgame" content warframe offers. Most people will do the intro quests, some might do more quests, some might start on the start chart, and many just go "what now" and have no clue. I think we really need an IN-GAME explanation of what the different avenues of progression are, what they offer, and let players make informed choices of what to pursue. Also random sidenote: yeah I have been using flow less and less these days. Probably related to the fact that I'm making more umbral builds and sacrificing convenience for being able to fit more/higher ranked mods. Also I don't use QT so that's why I don't use it in some places people probably think it's needed.
  10. Sigh... God you're doing these so often now... Maybe I'll have to go back to rivens for plat... also no she is not being vaulted. opening of the prime vault has no bearing on the "normal" schedule of primes
  11. I have a friend who is really hoping he gets tonbo prime with wukong. Those 2 account for a disturbing percentage of his gameplay... Tbh I'm trying not to think about melee builds (esp for polearms/high range weapons) since we heard about the primed reach "nerf" coming with melee 3.0
  12. Yeah I was not thrilled with the tipedo prime. Not cause the stats are bad, but because it's a staff. And those are just... bad. The stances (IMO) suck. Much rather use a polearm.
  13. Then maybe have 5x vitus or something in there instead. But honestly I have more than enough endo for myself, and trading maxed mods is a pain. 90% of the time people back out and you just wasted thousands of endo. There are better ways to make plat. But I totally agree with you about the one-time nature of stuff. Octavia neuroptics has ruined ODS for me. Every freaking C rotation... without fail
  14. Here's some feedback: Revive changes do nothing to people who solo and don't want to run only tanks Still too much endo, not enough ephemera, peculiar mods, awesome weapons, skins, or anything else vets might care about. I don't recall the last time I cared about endo Takes so long to get rewards that it doesn't really feel worth it. Make em every 5, or really push for better rewards to fix this Drones still are a cheap difficulty. They remove most of what warframe is about: your warframe. It's again just restrictive and forces you to use high dmg crit weapons cause status won't help and neither will enemy debuff/team buff abilities. Or damaging abilities. Thanks for fixing scaling. I legit appreciate that. Revive mechanic seems fine for teams, but as point #1 stated doesn't help solo-ers If we could see these addressed, I might want to do an arbitration rather than wait through 40 mins of crap in an axi survival before I get to good levels. But at least there I get traces, open relics, get the endless fissure buffs, and the scaling was faster (now equal, of course).
  15. Given the general tone I've seen about these things so far, I'm pleasantly surprised at the low amount of vitriol in these comments. Good job, most of the people here 🙂
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