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  1. actually, you are (when the weapon isn't literally doing the damage, but between attacks yes). And again, DE doesn't want to reward you for idly sitting there holding RMB. They want you actively doing stuff, not sitting there holding block and getting rewarded for it.
  2. I would prefer a compromise: at least 1 mission for each faction at all times, at least 1 of each game type at all times. That's fair, still adds variety, but allows the endless freaks like me to have our fun instead of twiddling our thumbs for a while. Also whoever mentioned the desire for a grineer survival on mercury, I totally agree. That'd be nice to have back.
  3. I play both party and solo survivals quite often. For both, the strategy is quite similar tbh. Stick to one moderately sized room, preferably one of the 3 that spawns lifetowers. Try and get one with a lot of doors in it, and try not to stare at said doors (when they are closed, things will spawn behind them and enter). Kill S#&$ fast, don't die. You WILL need to use LS more often than in a party, but using that basic strategy you can go over an hour with relative ease, even on the highest level missions.
  4. Yes please get this fixed now!!
  5. I'd argue (from my own polls I've done on the topic that support my position) that while most people want to rush things now and then, the vast majority never do. Now, some of my friends who are riven collectors do often just buy forma bundles, but other than that nobody I talk to really rushes things consistently at all. Maybe 2 times, like ever. However, most of them DID say they would be willing to purchase an upgrade for the foundry that would allow simultaneous crafting. Perhaps some polls conducted here on the forums with enough scope to be representative would be helpful to properly decide this, because I don't see people with the "continual urge" that you speak of. From my data, most people would be spending far more plat with the upgrade, because 200p (the price i quoted when I asked) is far more than the 0 they spend now.
  6. I know. I'm saying that's unnecessary. Because you can block and attack. And the combo is a hit combo. Not a sitting there holding right mouse button combo. It rewards active gameplay.
  7. No they really do. I said i think, because you asked "what do you think". e.g. the Systemic Shred combo in Final Harbinger
  8. i think block combos exist
  9. This along with my idea of a foundry upgrade that straight up allows simultaneous crafting are both things I support, and since DE wants us to be impatient and buy stuff with plat because we don't have those, I'd be willing to pay plat for a foundry upgrade that's add one of these features. pls do this
  10. Not true at all. Take Latron as an example, wraith is better for crit builds, prime is better for raw damage. Depends on your riven stats (if you have one), or just your general playstyle (headshot-focused should probably go wraith, otherwise prime). This kind of variance (crit vs status vs raw damage) is IMO what should happen with many variants of a weapon.
  11. Trés kind of you. Thanks
  12. Hm... perhaps a new thread for this would help... Anyone want to take credit for my idea? I'm too lazy to start a topic lol
  13. Slightly related, I've also missed out on a few rare things (such as the archwing health mod), due to completing the junctions before the rewards were updated. Would be nice to have those sent to your inbox if you did them before the update where they changed the rewards (no this isn't recent, but this thread reminded me).
  14. Hopefully I can actually log in now...
  15. TL;DR Make nullifiers work like they do with Nidus' stacks with everything