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  1. Builds Saving

    You could also use Nvidia GeForce Experience (I like it a lot) if you have an Nvidia GPU. Windows also allows you to just press (Win + PrtScr) to save a screenshot, but if you have multiple monitors that could not be what you want, as it would capture all of them. Never tried in-game options, so thought I'd throw these out too.
  2. [Feedback] Vor's Prize

    you really need a new hobby
  3. The Void Fix

    I go to the void for the tileset. It's the only place I'll do endless defense, because it's so nice, big, and open. The lasers are super helpful, and can be covered perfectly with a frost using stretch and cunning drift. As for survivals, those are fun anywhere. But the void is pretty, which is good.
  4. [Feedback] Vor's Prize

    Yeah. in terms of the tutorial, there is a tutorial in the beginning when you start the game. if that's not enough, like mentioned, you should do more of them, or play non-quest missions to get familiar (this could be better communicated though, I agree). as for you not being used to aiming and whatnot, that's just familiarity and skill. all you can do is keep playing to get better, DE can't fix that for you. Coming from other games with more of an emphasis on control of your character and movements, as well as shooting, it wasn't as hard for me. which makes sense. nothing you can do about that, really
  5. Relics MR2

    http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Void_Relic Pls at least try before just getting others to do everything for you
  6. Duality Equinox is actually awesome.

    Again... until the AI in this game is actually both artifical AND intelligent, that is too unreliable. Show me unedited footage of a duality spectre consistently being productive in say, a 30 minute match and I'll agree it is then useful. But until that point, to me, it is not a viable build. I'd much rather have consistently realizable benefit than one that could actually contribute as much as an extra teammate, but also just stare at a wall for whatever duration as well.
  7. Duality Equinox is actually awesome.

    All spectres as DPS, or really anything are a joke. but it's still better than duality. if you want DPS, bring a saryn, mesa, octavia, etc. but the best DPS in the game was not the topic of this post
  8. Duality Equinox is actually awesome.

    About that topic at hand: make the spectre not just stand there doing nothing more than 60% of the time, and I'll use it. Cause that's what it normally does for me. And if you want DPS from spectres, then nekros is far more effective, considering you get an army. Which can also protect your &#! too (although I personally hate all that extra S#&$ on my screen so I'm not a personal fan of nekros)
  9. Still hated more than all others, Limbo

    No we're just saying because of how he slows the game down, and in a way people cannot get around (can't remove enemies from the rift, or make them move (and therefore die) when they're frozen (not everyone likes/uses melee), he is never going to be seen as a benefit to the game by the majority of players. Personally I use him on rescue sorties so i can just get them over with without any effort. like any sortie, i pick what is the fastest and easiest because they're so freaking boring. But unfortunately, most of the time people will just see him as an obstacle to them completing the mission faster, and that will never be something people enjoy.
  10. Duality Equinox is actually awesome.

    How is speeding enemies up 1 by 1 useful? Just use a speedva if that's what you want. much more effective, and less time consuming yes, you can shoot them too. But then if you don't kill them without them going below half health, they wake up. so a more "permanent" cc is better, especially because other forms of CC affect everything at once, instead of being localized around 1 enemy. if you want finishers, then just use excal or inaros instead, they have better AOE yes they do matter, for a couple reasons. It is always in effect. Always. Sleep will only activate once a sleeping person is killed. and in the small area around them. the range is higher compared to the area around 1 enemy when you trigger rest rest is @(*()$ boring... killing sleeping enemies for 2 hours isn't fun... may as well be invis and slide attacking with naramon... lol you could cast rage on them, but nobody would consistently do that. you'd spend the entire mission casting and no time actually moving around, shooting, etc. It seems you really don't want to do anything other than cast these, far reducing the enemies you can kill in a given time period, or you are just throwing hypotheticals out that we know aren't feasible to do in practice You can say Peaceful provocation is horrible all you want, but there is a reason so many people use it. Because it IS effective, is fun, functions well, and provides utility. That's why people don't use the mk1-kunai, or the furax, or other useless S#&$. because they're not effective.
  11. It's nice that you think that. but it is a fact that prices will go down. Right now people can and do take advantage of limited supply at off-peak hours, and most importantly, the lack of knowledge of most buyers, given that they cannot survey the whole market at once. But the auction system you want allows someone to view what everyone is willing to sell for. More importantly, you can set and forget sellable items, so people will rarely need WTBs. That means sellers have to price things publicly, and cannot try to gouge people because the buyer will now be able to compare their offer with others. Since that will happen, competition will dramatically increase, and prices will fall. That's basic logic and economics.
  12. Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!

    Yeah, maybe. But it'd have to take more to build up, and I don't like the max benefit decaying so fast (2s). Right now, you get the max benefit for the entire time your combo is active.
  13. Yeah... you're benefiting the buyer here at the expense of sellers, and DE. And whether the buyer or seller is more important is an irrelevant discussion, because all that matters is the last part. DE. doing this WILL drive prices down, and that makes plat less valuable. Which means less $$$ for DE. So not gonna happen.
  14. How do you guys value riven mods?

    So many things... How many rolls it has. The more, the worse, unless the stats are perfect If it has been ranked up (small thing, but it matters) The weapon it is for. Certain weapons will always be more coveted Category also matters, melee is new, shotgun is rarer, rifle is diverse, pistol are cheapest The roll it has! If it is "perfect", that means something If it is "usable", or beneficial to the weapon, but not up to the potential it could have, and the buyer will keep rolling it, that means something Otherwise it's basically treated as an unrolled one, and if it has some rolls, that only detracts from the value My mood What constellations are in the sky that night Fairy dust Dolphin tears
  15. Exilus Adapter for Weapons

    I mean, it'd be very handy. Especially since 2 of my favourite weapons (rubico, vulkar wraith) have 3s reloads. But you can work around that now. Sacrifice is what makes building a weapon slightly more challenging, and less obvious. More personal as well, since some value some handling more than others, etc. So I guess I wouldn't complain, but I also am fine how it is.