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  1. The Amount of Grineer spawning on the plains is MADDENING!

    consider killing the ppl quickly enough that they don't launch a drone and call in reinforcements. or like others said, invis. or avoiding camps.
  2. Can melee get more love in endgame boss content?

    I hope not, because melee is kinda too powerful. The whole infinite scaling thing along with lack of ammo means you can basically bring an immortal frame and require 0 aim, skill, or even knowledge to kill a boss if they can take melee dmg. you could just sit there wailing on them til they die without any concerns. not really a good boss fight
  3. sorties have too much spy

    wow you are a different player for sure... most people love those because they're fast. but if you like long survivals... hmu in game. basically all my friends and I do (at least before the plains were a thing, but even still we get tired of that pretty fast and end up doing our old stuff anyways) and yes, riven plat is awesome :) i will just go on a spree of buying veiled every few months and just unveiling/rolling those cause i'm usually too lazy for sorties these days
  4. sorties have too much spy

    Not so much tastes as patience. I don't run sorties for fun. I don't really enjoy them. I run them for loot. Then I go do a 100 wave void defense fissure after :D
  5. sorties have too much spy

    Hey, as long as it isn't defection, survival, interception, or defence I'm happy. Just get it over with. not like they're actually fun or challenging so i'd rather just get them done fast and move on. spy is like 3mins, maybe. so those are fine in my book
  6. Carrier Prime Blueprint not vaulted?

  7. Keyboard & mouse support on console warframe

    Great. But he didn't ask who decides, he asked if that was enabled on PS4.
  8. Developer Workshop: Coming Bounty Changes

    As a few people have suggested, I agree that especially given the time length of some of these bounties (defend the vault, hold the area, especially), and the "difficulty" of the higher-level missions, that at least on 4&5 stage, the last reward should be uncommon or rare guaranteed. And ideally more skews towards rare rewards for long/hard missions.
  9. Endless survival four man

    Not a sore spot at all. Just being frank. Why sit here and talk down to me about something that has nothing to do with you? If our discourse bothers you, ignore it. I simply suggested leaving as an effective method of doing that, since you seem so bothered. I think you need to google belittle and patronize, because i've done neither of those things. I simply provide points and reasoning to support them. Unlike you, who seems to be providing useless rhetoric and condescension. Perhaps you should concentrate, realize we are discussing the topic (issue), and I don't think either of us care about ego here. We're just debating the benefits of 2 different frames in a squad. So good luck getting off that high horse of yours. A stepstool might help.
  10. Most efficient endo farm?

    Fomorian assault.
  11. Endless survival four man

    Lol debates require 2 people to occur. If someone says you're wrong, and you believe differently, if you care about your opinion you'll defend it. There's nothing wrong with that. My feelings aren't hurt. I don't think OP's are either. If someone is tired of the debate, they'll stop. Or someone will make a point that the other agrees with, and a conclusion is reached. So no, I won't chill. Perhaps if you are uncomfortable around 2 people with differing opinions having a back-and-forth, either ignore it or leave??
  12. Endless survival four man

    You did miss the point. The point was she can be useful, but that if you want to accomplish the goal of having the most productive team, and not just being the individual with the most damage, then she can be replaced with well-configured weapons and a different frame. As I explained, looking at someone like a sonar banshee, she can boost the damage of the whole team to a much greater degree than saryn can. Which makes everyone more productive rather than just the user of the frame. That's the point. I never said saryn is bad, or should be forgotted. Hell, I like her. I use her. But when trying to go for a VERY long run, I would choose banshee over her for the reasons above. That's all.
  13. Endless survival four man

    Hahahahahaha and that's the whole point. She's good at taking kills. Not necessarily the best part of a good team :D (And I have a Saryn build, and know how to use it. And yes, you can get a lot of DMG and kills. But that's not the point I was making...)
  14. Endless survival four man

    lol the point isn't saryn existing or not. the point is spreading viral procs. people just use saryn to do that. which is fine, except a karak wraith, braton prime, pox, torid, akstilleto prime, tonbo, scoliac, atterax, etc can all do that too and give you an extra frame to work with. now i didn't watch the video. but based on what i know about this game, I can assume quite a bit and probably be right: they say saryn is powerful, spreads procs, and deals a ton of damage. that is correct. however, you can spread procs like i said above the extra damage you get from popping spores is not nearly as high as that of a sonar banshee, on the other hand, so if you bring her and just have viral weapons, you can get more dmg. saryn is easier, but not better.
  15. Meso O1 not dropping on IO-Jupiter

    lol why bother making a forum post about bad RNG? S#&$ happens man... unless you got like 500 relics and none of them were O1, then I could see a legit concern, but what I'm assuming is a sample size of no more than 100 relics really isn't significant enough to really justify thinking the drops changed.