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  1. tarfeef101

    Why did DE changed Vauban's Tesla ?

    The energy needed for that makes it totally fine though... With that much energy you could just press 4 as mesa and do more dmg. It really was just a cool fun thing, I agree with OP. No need for that to go.
  2. tarfeef101

    Dev Workshop: Spores Revisited (Saryn)

    decay seems a bit fast IMO, cap also seems to be sort of WAY lower than before... but i am happy to see if the decay rate allows, that she will become more viable in game modes like def, int, where previously the dmg was much less significant on higher waves (at least initially)
  3. tarfeef101

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Lol nope. I am happy with some of the changes, but in a nutshell I still don't see how this makes melee more engaging, or more balanced. That being said, to address your comment, no, what you said is not true. A well modded say, vulkar wraith, can 1 hit LVL 200 enemies. And carrier basically nullifies ammo issues for anything. I think your issue is just pub sorties in general. As far as my experience goes (and it's a few thousand hours of experience), pub sorties are bored or lazy vets, noobs who rely on melee as a crutch, or just completely useless boobs. And the occasional person like me who forgot to swap to solo and regrets every second of it. I am a person who rarely uses melee, and know a few who do the same. And we also carry our teams in 100 wave defenses, many hour survivals, etc. We generally just tend to be the same kind of people who don't play pubs because it's just sad watching people fail spy vaults over and over...
  4. tarfeef101

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    I have a blunt question: If I find melee boring and unskilled now, what is going to change my mind going forwards? Right now, I basically don't melee unless it's a low level mission I just need to finish, or I'm in a pinch and need to clear a large group. In which case it's just slide with a polearm (with or without meming strike), and go back to "skilled" combat. This rework sounds like this will change only by not letting me hit stuff through walls (welcome change btw). It does not, however, make me feel like melee will become more skillful or interesting. In fact, with weapons getting higher base damage and a faster combo counter, it seems like this will become even more mindlessly effective. So, how can you address this viewpoint? I would love it if you did. I don't want to hate melee. But honestly it's just boring to me now. No skill room clears, even at level 300+ within a few seconds is kinda just boring. Takes the fun and engagement out of my experience. If you can make it equally as powerful as primary and secondary weapons, and at least as engaging/skillful, I'd be ecstatic.
  5. tarfeef101

    Ongoing Sanctuary Onslaught Recalibration

    appreciate the consistent feedback. however, if this is supposed to be your "bite sized" game mode, where is the endurance, challenging mode for vets??? clearly you don't want it to be survival/def, since the rewards are nonexistent for staying in.
  6. tarfeef101

    Last Post Wins

    I know... but that doesn't help the joke now does it?
  7. tarfeef101

    Last Post Wins

    Forums > fashionframe ?? :D
  8. tarfeef101

    Last Post Wins

    why thank you
  9. tarfeef101

    Last Post Wins

    just found this thread... this is the reason they said they can't give us more riven slots due to storage constraints :D all their storage is comments from this thread
  10. but YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!! you can still leave at 20, or play other things too, and not miss out on any content! so don't try to dissuade devs from catering to both audiences, it just makes it worse for people like me and OP at no benefit to you
  11. Yes. Please. It originally sounded great. I know they don't like giving us more for more work, so here's a compromise:: don't change the reward items. after each full 8 round cycle, simply adjust the drop rates. make relics/endo a bit less common, and the parts a bit more. that way we have a reason to go longer Also don't cap enemy levels, or decrease spawns at all. saw some mentions of stuff like that in the patch notes.
  12. tarfeef101

    Vodyanoi sedna

    (insert any sniper here?)
  13. Shouldn't, no. No direct paying for randomly generated items. You pay only for definite objects with your $$$. What you do after is up to you. Otherwise buying USD to go to vegas and gamble would have to be illegal too, as that's the same concept as buying plat and then getting relic/mod packs.
  14. tarfeef101

    Sanctuary Onslaught: Difficulty Changes!

    Great, I love not having any reason for people to go past the first rotation C reward... Give vets something to do!!! You have normal onslaught to make things accessible. Let elite be a place for people to actually push themselves...
  15. So don't use a 'lazy' frame that's mostly about surviving. use someone like saryn, mesa, octavia, etc. Something that actually increases kills/sec