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  1. Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.0

    Rly? New endgame = lith but no axi relics??? rly???
  2. Arcane trading

  3. Arcane trading

  4. Low FPS on PoE

    Wow, thanks for posting your specs, the usage of your CPU, memory, GPU, GPU memory, Disk I/O while you play... oh wait. you didn't. so we have no idea what the bottleneck is... whatever is getting maxed out, upgrade that. or turn your settings down.
  5. you sure you're drawing the arrow all the way?
  6. Will Warframe Riven mods eventually come true ?

    Well at least to me, rivens exist to allow us to use crappy/starter weapons in "endgame" by using the disposition system to bring their power in line with top weapons. This does actually work, especially with the rebalance pass where a lot of stuff had crit/status buffed to allow for greater impact by rivens. however, frames don't work that way. it seems pretty clear DE wants all frames viable at all game stages, and they want them to all be in relatively similar states of power. so the reason I mentioned can't be a reason to put rivens on frames. i'm sure people have other ideas of why rivens exist and why they should or shouldn't go to frames, but that's why i like rivens, and how that reason applies to frames
  7. Best way to get mesa

    Do keyshares so you get 4 runs for 1 key, and I would advise ODS if farming because the rewards are nice.
  8. I know, I was commenting on the sadness of how people generalized Canada to 1 time zone.
  9. TFW Canada has 6 time zones
  10. PLEASE Bring Back the Supra Vandal :)

    hehehehe should've done raids when they were a thing :D
  11. Dragoon Status Chance Proc Wrong?

    Like I said, get a riven with the right stats and you will be rewarded. 99.7% status is crap on any pellet based shotgun, why should the drakgoon be any different? Roll base status and your opinion will change.
  12. Dragoon Status Chance Proc Wrong?

    Reading is good. Google is your friend: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Status_Effect
  13. Dragoon Status Chance Proc Wrong?

    Um... it's called rolling the mod???? Can't expect every roll to be good. Not every weapon benefits from the same stats. Get base status on that riven, push it to 100%, and it'll be amazing. That's how rivens work my dude. Even on meta weapons, a riven that doesn't play well to the stats won't be worth it compared to just another normal mod. so you gotta roll it to make it worth it. same thing here... (also rivens were created to encourage more diversity in the weapons used. allowing you to choose what weapon a mod is for would defeat that entire goal)
  14. Ability Duration End Indicator

    yay, understanding :)
  15. Ability Duration End Indicator

    imagine chroma before the change. it is still was easier to only have to interrupt yourself once per minute as opposed to twice per minute to cast your stuff. you still have yet to say how staggering them over varying intervals is better. I have given the concrete points of needing to pay attention to only one timer, and only stopping your play to cast once per interval as opposed to twice.