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  1. All thats left is Wukong

    The CC I won't bother answering, but status: it's f*cking annoying being knocked over, staggered, etc.
  2. All thats left is Wukong

    Status immunity though. and much more utility with CC and squad healing
  3. The Grineer Commander and the issues with it

    I didn't say that. You quoted something I quoted :D
  4. All thats left is Wukong

    Inaros + arcane grace
  5. How do i survive as ember?

    Bullet jump
  6. Seperate eidelon bounties

    That kind of ruins the challenge of having to go through the progression though. They want you to do that.
  7. We have rock, we have glass but where is our gold?

    This is why I don't think this'll ever happen. Gold is for primes. They wouldn't want to overstep that boundary.
  8. We have rock, we have glass but where is our gold?

    But the premise of glass wasn't value. It is sharpness, reflection... What merit does gold hold relevant to a warframe?
  9. AI & artificial difficulty

    Lol I actually thought from the topic you wanted enemies to get smarter/better as you progressed, but that's the opposite of what you said :D
  10. Can't say I really have an issue with the Ivara grind. I do a lot of spy missions just to farm stuff, and I get the parts often enough that it doesn't seem too ridiculous. Especially because spy missions do at least give XP and relics even if you don't get the part you wanted. Nidus, though, I understand. useless mods for 2 A rotations, probably a useless mod again on B, and not even a guaranteed axi or part on C. I did WAY too many of those, got 3 neuroptics, and an equal split of relics and mods otherwise for my C rotations. I was bored. I've done enough waiting around in salvage during JVs. So I just bought the Nidus collection when it went on sale. they should up the drop chance for him IMO. I don't really know of anyone who farms relics on salvage who'd get mad about that.
  11. Ivara, and farming, when did you even?

    No, I would not accept an ivara for farming in survival. I am also an 'endgame' player, and don't need resources. So i do survivals for fun. We want to go long. Which involves killing fast, not waiting around for someone to loot then killing. That being said I would welcome them because they want to play ivara anyways.
  12. Unvaulted Relics Droprate?

    I feel like they're low in relic packs, I usually get 1 per about 4 packs. Whereas bounties most of the time give 1 new relic.
  13. On the Current Trend of Whining

    Your tone here seems to be one of "well i don't mind the changes, so you shouldn't voice concerns about them". I don't see anything about specific whining vs general feedback, and your tone suggests that critical feedback in general is bad. Take relics, for example. congrats on enjoying bounties. I'm happy for you. But that doesn't mean that everyone enjoys it, and everyone else has no other way to get those relics. Whereas before people could do numerous different game modes to get them. I could go on, but these arguments have been had countless times already. Basically, if your issue is with whining and not general criticism, that didn't show at all. So what is your actual problem? People who voice criticism poorly, or people who voice it at all? Because your whole post is basically just trying to defend DE, not criticize poor feedback.
  14. Am I the only one who only ever uses primes?

    Yeah can't say I'm the same. I potato and forma basically everything. Reactors are a non-issue, and the forma at worst is gonna be what, 70p (6 forma is SUPER high for a frame anyways, so this is a conservative estimate). I can easily make 70p selling a couple parts on a prime release, so no big deal.
  15. Lol you sound like Zanagoth in his latest video :D But honestly I think if they did a poll right now, the majority of the raid community would say yes to the question "if we left raids alone, bugs and all until we actually finished a rework, would you still play them?", most of us would say yes.