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  1. wow lots of comment wars here about graphics APIs. Here's some free insight from someone actually educated in computer science, who has worked on GPUs previously. Hopefully this can provide some insight: None of Vulkan, DX11, or DX12 (RIP OpenGL) are "better" than the other. They all have pros and cons Vulkan provides very fine-grained access to low level management of GPU resources. This allows for a dedicated (and well funded team) to optimize performance quite a lot. It also is cross-platform and cross-vendor supported, so compatibility would be very high if fully leveraged. However
  2. This is good, this means DX12 ultimate will be easier to add in when you get the bandwidth. Ofc as others have mentioned I'd love vulkan (I'm a linux man first), but I fully understand why this is WAY easier to do than move to a totally different API. Really interested to see how this improves things!
  3. If you don't understand the meaning of the word "why", it's meant to explain the reason behind a statement. i.e. WHY you disagreed with the decision made.
  4. Lower the resolution. Just because your display is 1 resolution doesn't mean you can't set the game to render at a lower one. It might not look as nice, but it'll definitely run faster.
  5. If you're posting the song just on a site like youtube, soundcloud, etc. you should be fine. If you try to sell on itunes, 7digital, etc. then I suspect that's where problems would arise based on that language.
  6. Cool, leaving behind older APIs leaves room to potentially introduce support for newer ones. While I doubt it'll happen because it'll be wayy more work than the primary alternative, Vulkan support would be amazing. I'd love to see Warframe move away from platform-specific APIs (eventually I hope to nuke Windows from my PCs, and yes I know about proton/lutris before anyone asks). What I see as more realistic is introducing DX12, along with it things like the new features in DX12 ultimate, DXR, etc. That'd be awesome, I do love to brag about how good the graphics are in this vs
  7. Next up: an option to get textures at a higher resolution and say "screw disk space"?? Cool stuff though, I go through days of effort to shave MBs off of docker images, so saving this much will be a great benefit for players and your CDN, I'm sure.
  8. Got one about half an hour ago just by spamming melee during a bounty. If you know what time of the cycle it was then, it works at that time. Just keep grinding tho, eventually you'll just get one.
  9. Most important bug: when you updated the forums, you reset our dark mode preferences. MY EYES!!!
  10. If possible, actually, something like 1 scintillant per even hour of time spent in the open world would be something to make us feel like beta-testing is worth it (cause given the bug and imbalance level, that's basically what it is)
  11. I felt an upvote wasn't enough because I agree with these so much
  12. I don't play games for the purpose of making devs feel better. If you force me to play things I don't want to to get to the things I do enjoy, I'll play less and less. Some will stop altogether. I can say the former has definitely happened for me. They have shown the ability to admit a mistake and move on (e.g. Lunaro). They need to do that again.
  13. if you wanna make a bug report, there's a subforum for that. otherwise... cool story bro I guess? Bugs are frustrating, but that's not really a useful post at all.
  14. The reason is to make sure you spend time doing things like fishing, mining, etc. Because for some reason, DE really wants to make sure that in the game most people play for the great movement system and fun combat, you spend time playing a worse version of minecraft. I never liked that, but that's why.
  15. Yeah even my carrier prime modded just to survive got shredded in deimos, not even SP, stage 4 was enough. They really need to up their survivability.
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