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  1. I think they don't want to make it that easy to rank them up They want you to have to do cetus missions to rank up there They want you to scan stuff to get simaris If you can just play endless survivals or whatever you used to do before any of this content, you don't expose yourself to the rest of the game. It's a way for them to push you towards exploring more of the content. I highly doubt they want to get rid of that. I can say it'd definitely change how I play. I'd probably just do survivals for each syndicate til I maxed em all out for the day and log out. I don't think that's what they want.
  2. I love the response the first person made. Don't just blindly do things without thinking or just ask others to think for you. Ask yourself if you want crit, status, or both. If you want a single-shot semi-auto weapon, or a rapid fire, beam, AOE, etc. Then use one of those sites (or just the planning tool at the vendor) and try different configurations until you see a stat spread you like. To more directly answer your question, you can tell what parts are "good" by taking the firing mechanism (forget what the part is called, but i'm referring to the part that dictates how the weapon fires), putting that into the configuration tool, and then trying out other ones until you see stats you like. That's all there is to it.
  3. That's not quite true... Affinity gains are way higher if you engage in effective stealth gameplay. Loot, however, not so much. Which is good. It is a balance of the two. If you want more loot, just nuke stuff as fast as possible. If you want more XP, stealth will get you there. Not saying it might not need a change, but I disagree that it needs more affinity gains or anything along that line of thinking. If you do grineer exterminates (since grineer give the most affinity), and keep your stealth multiplier up, you will level up REALLY fast.
  4. The only time I recorded my runs was when DE changed spy rewards without telling anyone and didn't have public drop tables yet, so I had to create my own. That was freaking tedious...
  5. FYI posting rolls, polarity, rank, MR, etc are all things many people would value. I suggest adding those
  6. Hm.. I don't mind them as much as a lot of ppl here seem to, but I think giving back some amount of energy (even just a guaranteed orb on death) is a cool idea. Maybe they can turn that on for a weekend or smth and see how it affects gameplay. I think that's worth a look
  7. IMO, the best things to do as a new player are: Get your quests done Get your starchart done Level as many weapons/frames as possible Incrementally upgrade your important mods (serration, hornet strike, vitality, etc) Get newer mods when you encounter difficulty Since you seem to be doing the first two already (great!), let's look at the last ones. Getting more weapons (eg your boltor isn't a bad star chart weapon, but the mk1 strun can easily be upgraded to better shotguns, same with the amphis, afuris, etc) would be very beneficial. When i started, as soon as I could afford more blueprints, I crafted and leveled them. It helps a lot. Same with frames. Whenever you get a new boss, farm and build that frame. You'll discover what frames are good for what missions, and that helps A LOT. As for mods, upgrading isn't complex. So I won't touch on that. But as for getting new mods, if you're ever say, modding a frame and wish you could push the range, strength, etc higher, that's the time to start getting better mods. Corrupted mods (you can find them on the wiki) will help you push your frame builds to the next level, and might be worth looking into. Feel free to PM me if you want help (or want help in game too), I can stop binging anime and login if you want 😄 Best of luck tenno!
  8. Hey man, there is a dedicated subforum for this: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/180-pc-trading-post/ Might want to repost there as this will likely be removed
  9. I personally use a side button on my mouse for melee (near my thumb), perhaps consider that if you have a mouse that can do that? If not, I do recommend getting one. But as others have mentioned, wait and see how the system will work before getting too worked up, I'm sure a solution that works well enough will arise
  10. Don't stress. Most of the time people won't actually bother reporting. And if they do, the game logs will give DE a good idea if you actually botted or not. It's very different from how normal people play. You'll be alright.
  11. Well the elevator waiting is just a function of having to load the open world, not much you can do about that other than buy a better PC to try and cut it down... As for the grind: I agree, it is monotonous. I don't have all the amps or arcanes, and I am not motivated to do my 2 orb fights when I get home. I usually just watch youtube and sleep instead. I did em to get the couple arcanes I wanted to try out, but I just can't be arsed yet to redo the fight over and over. Maybe it's just cause I do it solo and that's more boring, but it's still only 10 mins with a lazy inaros build and random weapons. But it's not a challenge; if you bring a tank you can just stand there and shoot it. I would've preferred if I only needed to do it once per day, but if I even dared try it solo I'd get overwhelmed by adds or something, and not be able to do it. Be forced into "playing well", and having a squad that is designed to deal with the trash mobs, have all the damage types (and not let you cycle it on the orb). Have the boss attacks be more damaging and less annoying (i.e. hurt you instead of mag proc you), to really get people to have to play around them and be tactical. Stuff like that would make me actually want to log in after a long day and play. Toroid farming is kinda slow (except for the crisma and one you can get from the bounties). I wish drop rates were higher. totally agree. I think one every 2-3 mins of farming is reasonable.
  12. yeah but what about the OwO ornament?
  13. It should be the same. At least for xbox/playstation. I've used them before, and they certainly don't provide dedicated servers for all games. Not sure about nintendo, but i suspect it's the same there too. anyone with knowledge of console feel free to correct/elaborate, though
  14. I quoted it for a reason... It's not great nomenclature. Just say matchmaking servers and it's much more logical
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