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  1. Any ETA on Kuva Bramma getting cautious shot (since there is no real problem with just letting that mod work on all primaries, all guns, all projectile weapons... basically the largest class of weapons that isn't melee, as it isn't like it'll harm people to equip it. It'd just be a waste, like it already is on ignis). Or, if you still insist of forcing players through a grind for an extra mod instead, when is that happening? of course, if you were going to insist on making a new mod, could that at least be awarded to users with cautious shot already? Drops are so diluted in arbitrations and many ppl don't need endo, so they're not really "worth" grinding again for this theoretical new mod.
  2. Okay here we go again Again, this was not about arguing about endgame content. You understand that this was intended endgame regardless of the outcome, and that's all that matters. I have posted about raids and endgame in general many times, and you can stalk my profile to hear more about those thoughts. I have enough to go through already. Lich tankiness - my previous liches: all of mine have hit rank 5, and I've had all of them as toxin or rad. Both immunive to corrosive. I rarely get them with weaknesses, my luck is balls but not literally the worst ever so I've always had at least one of viral or radiation that they weren't resistant to when they were corrosive immune. Lich damage/tanky frames Tanky frames; no, excal and ash aren't tank frames. They're frames that happen to have not terrible armour. Nidus, inaros, chroma are tanky frames. Don't try to say anything otherwise to justify your points, we're not idiots here. This is supposed to be endgame content. So saying you get dmged without using things like arcanes, an easy to acquire mod like adaptation, and no health regen like the magus arcanes that are easy af to get is just irrelevant. You could complain if killing vay hek w/o those is difficult. Not if liches in some of the highest level content we have make them (almost) necessary Rivens again: you didn't really bring up anything to refute my points here, so gonna move on. you have not refuted my emperical evidence that it isn't necessary to kill them in under a minute per stage even under these conditions, so I don't feel the need to spend more time talking about this dead horse I used to play on console many moons ago. It's fine. You can headshot things if you want to and have some level of ability. I'll let other console players debate this further as I have no ability to provide more evidence than my experiences from years ago yes there is a lot of grind, never said there wasn't, and it isn't the point of anything I said so wasting time typing even more about this in replies to me is a giant waste you really need to go and actually play the ***** game. stop whining on the forums, go get the endgame level gear for this endgame level content (Which i don't include rivens in, you again do not need them for this), learn how to build weapons well, and then see for yourself how these complaints will magically go away
  3. Nothing in warframe right now is endgame, but this is part of what they intended to be endgame. Just like raids (which as you mentioned you could basically solo), or arbitrations, or any other number of things they've tried You misunderstand. For example, I literally just finished a lich last night. I used the kuva twin stubbas to kill him each time. As I was leveling them. Without a riven. It took maybe 7s to get him down each stage? Btw that's solo with no frame powers. So I feel like you're really overstating the tankiness of liches here. People don't abuse the system anymore like that (as much, at least, there is always one or two things overlooked, which is to be expected). Wish disposition per variant of weapons, it's actually quite fair now. The system is not bad anymore. You could argue they don't update values often enough or accurately enough, but the framework is viable. As for your point about the whole recruit chat thing, yeah people are idiots, never gonna get around that. If it wasn't rivens, they'd demand some other pointless thing. Try just running some generic tank frame with no damage buffs, and a good build. See point #2 above. You really don't need much. Perhaps look at your buildcraft a bit (or maybe your aim if you feel using snipers/other precise weapons is too difficult, no hate but many have said they have issues aiming, just trying to address that point, don't get all upset because i mentioned it could exist like many do) Claiming liches are too boring and pointlessly grindy is valid, but that isn't what my comments talked about, so I'm not really gonna go into that. If you think they're too tanky still, see all my above comments
  4. Well, you see, here's the thing: Liches are supposed to be "endgame" content for vets who want to put in effort (and theoretically a challenge, although it's really just a high-level grind than difficult). So, making the gear requirement high is perfectly reasonable. As for what you need, you really don't need an amazing god-roll riven. Yes, I use rivens for basically everything because well, why not. I like to min-max. I find that fun. But, many weapons can function almost as well with and without rivens. There's a reason disposition is a thing. There's plenty of weapons that are still great w/o them. I recommend snipers+bows personally cause that's what I use the most, and most of em are perfect for lich hunting. And I know some of those rivens are just 2 stats, and a drop of some crit reliability or some extra elemental ain't a huge deal.
  5. Given the phrasing, I definitely didn't expect valid analysis and feedback, but more or less, yeah, that's pretty accurate. Have an upvote.
  6. I had one before. I just loaded my preferred rifle/bow of the day up with their weakness and kept shooting. Took longer, maybe a min or two per health bar rather than a few seconds, and was annoying, but possible. I don't disagree that shattering impact should work though. That's inconsistent.
  7. Ooh the augment for the drakgoon is exilus? That's handy. I might want to get myself a kuva drakgoon to try it out (never had room before in my build)
  8. Everything is worth a weapon slot. Open a couple relics, and sell the parts, you can get enough for a couple slots. Especially if you care about fun over raw dmg, you can only tell if it'll be good for you by playing with it.
  9. As other have brought up, this is something users have asked for many times over many years. DE has had a firm and consistent stance that this won't happen. These systems drive market prices down to the lowest possible equilibrium (resolves asymmetric information). That would hurt the plat sales of DE (they have not stated this as why, but it is why, along with dev time of course). You can use sites like warframe.market, riven.market, semlar, etc. to help yourself if you wish. Or simply have some patience in trade chat, and you can buy lower/sell higher.
  10. The only thing I see there is prime hoarders crying at the massive devaluation of vaulted frames over the last 2 years 😞
  11. I think I usually do a capture mission to spawn one, and the whole 20s it takes to finish after downing the larvaling is pretty meaningless even w/o a bonus, so I will finish anyways. Maybe try caps instead of whatever you're doing?
  12. Would really appreciate heavy attack on hold being made an optional feature. As someone who rarely enters full melee mode, it's very helpful to be able to access it in quick melee mode
  13. I can say I very much enjoyed the defense, that was fun. If there was a survival (can't remember but I think there was), it was trivial. The excavation was kinda tedious and boring cause I just did it w/ 1 other friend, and protecting and killing effectively was a pain. Basically just limbo + inaros (protection + energy and not dying + finishers) and cheesing the living S#&$ out of the mission. But, that was our decision because recruiting is a pain, so I can't harp on that too hard.
  14. Personally, I would prefer they just made the enemies level 300 or something like that. If you were around for when this happened more, or are one of the few who still does things like endless defense, you know that to do it at all, you need an organised team. Back before I became ill and couldn't really do long missions w/o solo (need to pause), I used to do these a lot. And since enemies could basically 1-shot your cryopod (or you), and were tanky as all hell, you had to organise and mod together. Frames had to be coordinated to provide buffs so anyone can deal a useful amount of damage, the pod is protected, etc. Auras and dmg types were important. Someone to ensure they can get nullifiers early before they get your frost bubble(s) down was essential. That is a way to create challenge and require team comp without disregarding the ideas of modding and rewarding you for good gear. But it's "scary" to people who have never bothered to try that since you don't need to anymore.
  15. I don't know if any bows still count as meta (I never really played the meta, but I do have all the things and plenty of decently rolled rivens for weapons I like). Been in a Rakta Cernos mood recently, so most railjack missions I've had that on. I can still one shot anything except a heavy gunner (much sadness, especially considering I have corrosive and not rad which I started with before I got my scans and saw ferrite everywhere). I do think that it's fine if they want to make enemies strong, but there's a few things I want to see if that's the case: 1) make the level higher, not the health. The grakata enemies already shred anyways, so the damage is already high. And if too high after a lvl increase, can be changed. But having the level compare with the rest of the game makes planning much easier, and creates less nasty surprises 2) I wouldn't mind a bit less damage for the grakata dudes. Again, if you wanna make missions hard, that's cool. But make the level reflect it, don't make these enemies randomly better than those in the rest of the game at the same level. It's inconsistent, and unnecessary. 3) I do just want to stress that I don't oppose a challenge, and in fact encourage it. I just want levels to be consistent across the game.
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