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  1. I hate asking for this nerf

    Um... a) the augment isn't that consistent b) then tune the augment if it bothers you that much, not ember c) again, don't play with ppl using her then d) if she is going up on higher levels, basically all she provides is that cc. which is no better or worse than other CC frames. except she has a tiny health pool.
  2. I hate asking for this nerf

    sorry for not putting this in my first reply, but here is why ember exists like this: Not everyone likes exterminate, capture, etc. Many ppl (myself included) find enjoyment through challenging content. Which is warframe is basically endless missions. So, when an alert, invasion, sortie, kuva mission, etc comes up on one of these modes, we want to just get it done and move on. Or if you are farming ducats, same concept. And there is nothing wrong with that. Ember facilitates those motivations. If you don't fall in line with the majority of the playerbase on how a mission should be done, don't play with them. Leave, or just play solo. Or recruit if you care that much
  3. I hate asking for this nerf

    No. Ember has been like this for years, and for a reason. She doesn't scale well into high level content. If you go to lvl 70+, you'd have to spam accelerant and wait like 10s for enemies to die (esp grineer). But on low level missions, any AOE damage will instakill enemies. Which is just the reality of the situation. Which is also present on equinox, and frost if you just spam avalanche, and the list goes on. Either play higher level missions, or play solo if it bothers you so much
  4. Pistol Vazarin Mod?

    Yeah... could have phrased that better. also no. also don't use that mod, it is terrible. Use dual stat (elemental + status chance) mods instead to increase status chance. (scorch, frostbite, pistol pestilence, and jolt)
  5. Optional Private Profile Stats

    Yeah... I fail to see how me looking at your stats compromises the security of your account... I have no issue with 2-factor, but I don't see how that's related to me looking at your stats at all.
  6. Pistol Vazarin Mod?

    Don't know what you're trying to say... The only D polarity mod I know of for pistols is Deep Freeze. And nobody is forcing you to use more with that polarity...
  7. Why Chains of Harrow tries, but still feels like a loss.

    Not everything is some sort of social justice statement. This wasn't some sort of autism awareness campaign. If you stop trying to find some great meaning in everything, you just might enjoy it
  8. Sniper Scope UI: Color and Contrast Options?

    Personally I don't have this issue (although I do snipe most of the time). But I totally get why you have difficulty seeing the small dot. It is small, and some scopes (like the rubico) don't do much to make it easy to see. Have an upvote, good sir
  9. War Riven, Worth it?

    no. faint disposition rivens are rarely worth it
  10. Very Frustrating Riven

    tbh no. i normally run captures, btw. just running the lowest lvl one that spawns that enemy seems to work for me more or less every time. :( sry i couldn't really help you there. maybe it's cause you're maxed out on rep for the day???
  11. Worst frame, worst boss.

    Refutation: Jordas Golem Fight: With unranked gear, it took me about half an hour to kill him. This is similar to how long it might take a new player to kill mutalist alad V (same planet). If they didn't die ofc. With ranked gear, I can do that fight in like a minute or two. He has no invulnerability, which is great. A bit boring, perhaps, but better than someone like Sargas Ruk that's easy but drags it out with invulnerability phases. Atlas: I just put 3 forma in him (for farming, of all things). And I realized I should've long ago. Ore gaze (and petrify in general) is kinda boring. all you do is scream at S#&$. but it is good for looting, in an organized group. ignoring that though, his landslide is fun, scales in damage, and is effective. did i mention it is fun? and that's coming from someone who hates the melee system in general. His wall CAN be useful, esp with the CC on recast. I have found it quite useful to get some breathing room to revive, and can be used to block off parts of the map should you desire to channel enemies. His rumblers look badass, and deal significant enough damage (and survive) up into lvl100 enemies with just 200 power strength and a steel fiber. Definitely not the worst frame. Also @Archforge melee (and other rivens) don't carry their stats over to warframe abilities. just so you know
  12. As long as the screen doesn't STAY like that, yep!
  13. Gear Wheel Suggestion

    It would be nice for newer players to have the numbering, yeah. But now that I know what they are, I can't really say I give a S#&$ now tbh. Takes like 10s of trial and error, and the most intuitive guess is correct
  14. Slidefest is back

    Um... aiming? The fact that you have to intelligently play your frames well to make the damage last well, since they don't have scaling damage? Not being able to abuse the crap out of naramon, which removes all challenge from any mission?
  15. Melee rivens

    Trust me. We wish it would. But even the paid-cap is still at 60 :(