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  1. Congrats? If you don't say why, that's a pretty meaningless statement.
  2. I agree with what some have said here: mastery shouldn't be tied behind unplayable missions, so that should be handled. However, a trophy with no impact on gameplay, and a couple farmable resources are not so important. I think they should be left for those who are "old enough" to have played the derelict before it was removed. There really is no harm, and down the road it'll be a cool "I remember when that was a thing" trophy. I hope that you change this. Think of it this way: it's a lot better of a way to make vets happy without caving to the people asking that everyone be subjected to the same bugs and horrible grind we put up with before changes came to make them better, right?
  3. I will say I think having to resort to removing a core part of the game's mechanics to create challenge is a bit sad, but I understand why they did it. The other ways they create challenge (e.g. steel path) are more prohibitive for new players, which they don't want to do for a frame farm. Now, onto how I did these: Excavation: 2 people. Inaros and limbo. Inaros uses pocket sand and finishers for power carriers (and some survivability), and limbo defends+revives Defense: I actually bothered to recruit, and just brought banshee, so at that point what the other 3 ppl had didn't matter cause banshee is so good, so dmg wasn't an issue anymore Survival: I just solo-ed this, can't remember who I used tbh. But a semi-decent weapon and frame that won't die are probably enough. Been a while, can't remember exactly how I did it. I do remember it being the least troublesome, though.
  4. Yeah I was sad to see spy is still capped at 12K, but I wasn't surprised. Given that even sorties are still at the same cap despite the lvl increase, it wouldn't have been consistent to see steel path change that. That being said, I have yet to run A/B tests to look at earned+bonus XP. I have been using the "non-dmg" modes to lvl stuff as I go through the new star chart, and I swear the XP numbers are higher than I expect, but I've been waiting til I get through the entire chart to do my testing, because changes might happen, but also I'm just focused on the goal of getting all the mastery rn.
  5. Just gonna put this here: emissary assasinate was horrendously tedious. lephantis was basically what i'd expect and I had no problems with it, but man that emissary took a long time. mostly just because he was stupidly tanky, and a little because there weren't enough infested to keep the lantern charged and near the target for the entire mission, wasting tons of time. might want to look at that to save others the pain my group endured
  6. Yep, just use it on frames (or weapons, I guess) you enjoy that could benefit from having one. Some benefit more than others, sure. Up to you decide if you care about that level of min-maxing, as others have said, it isn't necessary for any content we have, so it really is "up to you". Personally, I wouldn't use it on melee cause I don't like melee, I wouldn't use it on a non-prime because primes are going to come eventually, so why waste. I have used 1 so far, and it was on Atlas. I have a rather unique build for him, and it helps. Also, I enjoy the gameplay style I can get with that build, so it made sense for me. My personal thoughts on using it for inaros prime are up in the air. I will likely rework my build when he comes out. Right now, I use 2 umbral mods but no forma required. I use CP/enemy radar, and have maxed umbral mods. I don't use him for anything other than being a massive tank with status immunity, and a handy way to take out high-ehp targets. I probably could drop things like my range mod since I so infrequently use pocket sand. So if you just have a "tank only" build, tbh you probably don't need the forma. If you rely on abilities too, there's probably a decent amount of value you could get.
  7. My comparison was based on the information I had, which was someone made "your mom" related jokes so "intense" that someone complained about it, and then you came to the forums to ask about if you'd get banned because you were concerned about that possibility. I've been in grade 5 before (albeit some time ago). I remember the dumb crap kids say. It sounded very plausible like you said something a lot worse than what you apparently did. With that information, yeah, you're probably fine. Would I have made the comment? No. But the point of chat isn't for everyone to sound like me, that'd be frightening. I don't think people should be reporting you for that, especially someone only observing. If I was the one responding to the report, I'd be warning that random tenno to not abuse the report system. So while I see no real issue with what you did, I would advise you keep my overall message in mind: what is worth the hassle of saying? Things have consequences, fair or not, justified or not. Would I expect you to get reported again for making that comment? No. But is it worth that chance of offending someone easily offended to make a pretty pointless and dumb comment? That's up to you to decide.
  8. Depends. Did you say "your mom is a wonderful person and I'm glad she exists", "your mom is a poor decision maker, considering she created you", or just go off on someone's mom, where lots of history and context would be necessary to "make it okay"? If you are at a meeting with a client at work, and all 3 of the people from your company are close, you still wouldn't make a bunch of obscene jokes because the client, who doesn't know you well, wouldn't get it, and would probably feel offended or at least awkward as hell. Same concept here. Make those sorts of comments in a private lobby, or you risk that scenario playing out. It's a mature game, right? Understanding that part of life is part of being mature. I do think you get that a little bit, though, given you admit those are "5th grader jokes". Most adults don't spend their time riffing on people's moms, after all.
  9. I really don't want to see the solution become less options for the player. In reality, unless the rotational rewards are changed in the steel path, it will behave like the regular star chart for the most part. At the beginning/release, everything will be full as people burn through progression and mastery. Once that settles, the few nodes with the best rewards will get the focus. In the end, people don't care about 1K credits or serration, they want axi relics, endo, etc. So the rewarding nodes will continue to get the focus. If infested enemies at the higher levels give enough XP, then kala-azar/akkad will become popular xp farms (too lazy to do the math to figure that out myself for this post). I think your concerns are a bit out of proportion. I'd want to wait and see what happens once most of the target playerbase finishes the "hard star chart" and settles into their new routines. I expect it won't be significantly different from the current star chart.
  10. I advise using sonar banshee. Makes literally anything effective on the enemies in most leveling missions.
  11. So as far as I can tell, this means if I have a 12x combo, and punch something once with atlas, that goes away?? If so, I do not like this. I'm not a heavy melee user. I don't like it very much. But it has utility, and punching stuff can be fun (as an example). So, if I want to get some quick invulnerability, I want to apply a lot of dmg quickly because guns just aren't as strong, sadly, etc. I can end up losing my entire combo. And the main reason I do is the way the Xoris interacts with these abilities not making a lot of sense. That's not a great solution, IMO. What would make more sense is to apply the same rules to the 1st ability melees as what was intended for exalted abilities: blood rush and gladiator combo+crit chance scaling just doesn't work. So, if I punch a couple times, I don't lose my combo I worked hard to build up for my "just in case" situations, but I don't get a massive payoff on the frame power cause of some weird mechanic. If this is "too much" of a nerf, then consider making these mods apply to frame abilities at a fixed rate or ratio, for example, 25% effectiveness (100% CC becomes 25%CC), or just "always the base rate * 2", etc. Something like that would solve the "xoris is always the answer if you're using a frame with melee abilities", wouldn't punish someone for throwing a punch or two in their mission by requiring them to rebuild an entire combo, and I think overall would be better for the game.
  12. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  13. @Zanagoth is this a potential return to being in-program?
  14. Yes please don't discourage intelligent team comp and synergy, this is what adds complexity and intrigue to co-op play. I want to be motivated to bother recruiting because I know there'll be a good payoff.
  15. Few things (disclaimer: I don't play pubs very often so I don't know what that experience is like for the "meta", and I have taken a few weeks off recently) Why are people so incensed about what seems to amount to an AOE nerf, which isn't even that drastic (radius increases are pretty powerful, due to math being math a small radius increase gives a large area benefit, plus the falloff change is a big boon) For those crying that nerfs (and this happens on like, every nerf ever) are "ruining fun", why do you give a S#&$??? If you really have fun just spamming a weapon blindly that'll just wipe any enemy off the map, why don't you just play earth missions? You clearly aren't in it for the challenge, so why do you care about playing the "challenging" content? Just play a lower level mission and you'll be able to play without having to try once more But, you must realize a fundamental part of game design is a skill and/or investment payoff. Players need to be motivated to continue to progress by needing better gear, and having the chance to acquire it. So, to keep a meaningful player base, DE has to ensure all the way up until the last MR ranks when you basically get addicted or don't, you are incentivized to seek out the new gear and continue progressing. Having an MR5 bramma that means nothing else in the game matters anymore destroys that. Even if you have an MR16 bramma that does that, it still means players have no reason to invest hundreds of hours ranking other weapons. Why bother, you already have the best thing. There's 20 frames you don't have yet? Doesn't matter, you have a tank and a bramma, you don't need damage abilities or buffs, just bramma everything. On the side players might care even less about, if the bramma is all that matters, the plat market (which makes DE money) takes a hit. If only the bramma is relevant, the value of rivens for everything else slides, and the total volume of plat being traded goes down. That's not how you make sure your game stays alive. Even if none of that matters to you and you still just want to be able to run around a tier 5 Lich mission and one shot everything solo, you still can. Just... think for a few seconds when making your loadout before jumping in instead of hitting auto-equip in your mod screen. There are plenty of resources to help you if you actually can't figure out how to build things on your own. But needless to say, the bramma is far from the only way to trivially clear any mission in the game, solo or otherwise.
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