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  1. Keep your pets warm, Tenno. They may react differently now to the cold snow of the Orb Vallis... *tears* NANDE!!!!!!!!
  2. 1. ING: HaloblackopsTenken 2. Why do you want to join our clan?: I love Shy's videos and I always wanted to join her clan ever since I first watched her. My previous clan is not that active with many players and it sucks that I have to contribute most of the resources. 3. Tell me about yourself: I'm 23 years old and going to college studying electrical engineering. On my spare time, Not on the computer, I'm always on youtube, learning more about cooking and baking Whenever there's a christmast gathering or celebrating my family member birthday, I always bake like strawberry cheesecake, black forest, and sometimes I experiment to create a cake only I can bake, but when it comes on to cooking, I still need some practice. When I'm on the computer, I play warframe, I'm also Mastery Rank 25, and I also play other games like Paladins, Overwatch and a lot more FPS game and sometimes horror games. I'm calm, collective person and sometimes abit quite at times but I do enjoy chilling and play with others. I love watching classic and abit modern movies like Twister, Spiderman (2002) Indiana Jones, 12 angry men (theres so much to list) , anime including the classic animes back in the 90s like Initial D, Rorouni Kenshin, Perfect Blue, Higurashi, Corpse Party, Code Geass and sometimes I watch a little modern time anime like Re zero, Koroko no Basket, Attack on Titan, Gate and so on, and also love listening to musics like RnB, Hip hop, J-Pop,(though I listen to certain artist like Rihana , Eminem, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Dr.Dre) 4. What is your Steam alias?: Haloblackops(Tenken)
  3. This could be a teaser for the big update coming :v
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