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  1. Nerfing doesnt mean making it useless, for patchnotes yes i read them , only saw like one things for waypoints, did i play since these update? YES , did i see some fk up waypoint again ? YES, thx for changing the citation though , make the arguing far better right ? I didn't meant to say bramma was the only good but compared to other weaps, it's really high up here and it's been up for a bit already while they happened in the past to nerf quite fast things even on big updates liek POE ( not events )
  2. Waypoint fixes when , railjack fixes when , host migration bugs fixes when ? Maiming strike and melee being not equalize when, kuva brama being the only good primary fix when ?
  3. Remember the water splash event...
  4. Still no update on the waypoints, on the mod you left behind without looking ( maiming strike for example), still no fix for the shedu mission ( the one that drops anomaly shards ), i hope you'll fix it when scarlet ends...
  5. Again another railjack bugged mission, so you did that awesome portal in the sentient anomaly that make you speed to another point, 1st time i see it ( i didnt do a lot of mission since each of em ended up being bugged for me so that doesnt make me want to do them) so i take that portal, and after 2 second, i get out of that portal, but am still in a " in portal move " state, cant jump, cant gear ( i WISH i could use omnigear in that case ) cant operator, cant chat ( unless i press esc , then click on the chat ( T key doesnt work )) , and for sure i tried /unstuck which just put me in a previous position but still in portal state ( cant move etc ) so maybe change the portal to be a TP ( i'll be fine with that ) or make it so we can at least get out of that state after X seconds I had to wait for mates to finish the mission so it tp me back to the ship, but i was still in the broken state Did a lot of screens, idk if they will help https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693814-20200412140122-1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693816-20200412140347-1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693815-20200412140348-1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693815-20200412140349-1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693816-20200412140355-1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693816-20200412140359-1.jpg https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693846-20200412140409-1.jpg Also this happened in ESO but that wasnt game breaking https://www.noelshack.com/2020-15-7-1586693889-20200409075139-1.jpg
  6. Murex flottila take time to refresh/load when you join it, still have the 100/100 issue where you dont get any inbox nor creds, terrible guys... Edit : Got the inbox like 3h late but we have it ! but without the creds... ( we did the 100/100 but started another flotila right after that didnt get to 100/100) Still the kill code not being sent to space is awfull as it make the whole flotila not going to 100/100 because you cant properly sync us TRY UNSYNC THE EVENT, WHEN GROUND FINISH, ADD THE KILL CODE THEY FARMED TO A VISIBLE COUNTER THAT SPACE PPL CAN SEE BEFORE LAUNCHING THIS WILL RESOLVE THE SYNC PROBLEM
  7. YPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Murex relay doesn't load VISUAL: https://www.noelshack.com/2020-13-5-1585331708-bugged-murex-raid.jpg REPRODUCTION: Login in-game, load any relay (busy, calm, near to max murex, near to 0 murex , tried all ) look in front of you EXPECTED RESULT: I should see the same amount of murax shown before launching the relay, also see other players ( in case of busy relay ) OBSERVED RESULT: Look at the visual, nothing is shown , no player , no murex, it used to work 3 days ago before the hotfix, arent hotfix supposed to fix ? REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time i load any relay at any time of the day TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Space squad doesnt get the kill code from ground VISUAL: None REPRODUCTION: Launch space squad while having 4x more squad on ground EXPECTED RESULT: Should receive kill code in mass as there are no people in space and a ton in ground OBSERVED RESULT: 10mn wait defending the oplink, 0 receive REPRODUCTION RATE: Tried once, talked in region chat, people seem to also have this issue THE LATEST HOTFIX DIDNT FIX ANY OF THOSE TWO BUGS
  8. Cant login on the launcher now... EDIT: Fixed
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Was receiving the kill codes on the muraix raid, crashed , crash report also crashed , then came back to the mission ( joined squad again ) then crashed again while in the railjack, crashed on 1st phase ( 5/9) and 3rd ( early, still in ship ) VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: I had Saryn Ignis ( had other weapons but didnt use them ( redeemer/arca plasmor secondary )) Zenurik, didnt do much other than firing in both cases
  10. Waypoint rework when ? Also mission ( scarlet spear ) crashed twice for me and my friend, and crash report crashed
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