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  1. (PS4)AutoBodyMan

    Official Warframe Inktober 2018 Megathread!

    I usually don’t have time to do this but I’ll give it my best cause I love this game too much. Day 1- Poisonous Day 2- Tranquil Day 3- Roast Day 4- Spell day 5-Chicken day 6- Drooling day 7- Exhausted day 8- Star day9- Precious day 10- Flowing day 11- Cruel Day 12- whale day 13- Guarded Day 14- Clock Day 15- weak Day 16- Angular Day 17- Swollen Day 18- Bottle Day 19- Scorched Day 20- Breakable Day 21- Drain Day 22- Expensive Day 23- Muddy Day 24- Chop Day 25- Prickly Day 26- Stretch Day 27- thunder Day 28- Gift Day 29- double Day 30- Jolt "This Is my birthday" Day 31- Slice
  2. (PS4)AutoBodyMan

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Clan Name: Dark Cats Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Clan Platform: PS4 Clan Rank: Clan Leader / Dojo Builder Gamer tag: AutoBodyMan Video Tour of Dojo: Just as a little Note: I designed every room but one and all clan member chipped in to get the Dojo done. We hope you Like the Dojo. Also, thanks to my clan members for all their love and support, and thanks to DE for holding this contest! 🙂
  3. (PS4)AutoBodyMan

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    how do i upload picture?
  4. (PS4)AutoBodyMan

    PS4 Server Maintenance - May 24th @ 9 AM ET [COMPLETE]

    how long will the servers be down
  5. (PS4)AutoBodyMan

    New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Good, Better, Best......never let it rest......until your Good is Better......and your Better is Best. Lets have fun PS4 user AutoBodyMan