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  1. Using Ivara's Navigator with the Fulmin primary fire results in it flying the normal distance and then immediately deactivating as the projectile disappears. This is a shame since the weapon otherwise fits perfectly to Ivara's abilities. Is this intentional or just an oversight? I always thought Navigator makes projectiles persist as long as the ability is active.
  2. Yay, so now all it needs is an accuracy buff so the rounds don't fly SO far off target at 20m that they can't even home in on it anymore, AND a reload buff so you don't constantly spend more time reloading than shooting, and we might be able to make it perfectly serviceable despite it's low damage output! Srz, I love the looks of the thing, and homing bullets are new and awesome, but this sidearm....is very hard to find any use for.
  3. You have been playing for over an hour. Please don't forget to take a break.
  4. Wat, the entire premise of this game is teamwork and synergy. So what if particular characters loot better together? That's how it's supposed to be!
  5. Thanks for all the fixes, DE, huge list, looks like you squashed most of the preliminary problems with the update 🙂
  6. Animation sets have always only changed the idle stance, not the movement. Wisp has custom movement animations.
  7. I have to agree with the latch time and the bizarre tendency for DE to arbitrarily restrict things in the game that make almost no difference anyways. I feel like if they just generally changed it so Latch time was flat out indefinite (why shouldn't it be, really, why??), people might actually start using it. It's so difficult to splat onto a wall in the middle of a fight, hold on, and then turn around, find your target, aim, and try to hit them before you run out of breath and fall off again that it's just not worth it. Like ever. They could just change it so you get knocked off when you receive damage, and then add mods like this that give you a small damage shield like sanctuary so you can survive a couple hits while latching without falling off.
  8. So, excited about a new character, weapons, and gamemode and all.... but not as much as I have been in anticipation of the dual color energy rework (for ALL of my characters and weapons) that we were baited with only to have it taken away again a couple days later. Any chance we could get a progress report on that?
  9. Any word on when we'll be getting our dual color emissives back? 🙂 All my frames are using dull placeholder colors that don't match their ability or weapon colors since only the primary is visible.
  10. Deactivating Hildryn's Balefire Charger still ALWAYS switches to her secondary weapon instead of whatever she was holding before. Breaks the quick-use utility of the ability by making it too annoying to bother with.
  11. Awwwww, I loved the secondary energy colors on my warframe, had such a beautiful starfire effect with dark blue primary and yellow secondary....now she's just glowing a dim blue color...
  12. Noticed a bug with Hildryn: When switching off her Balefire Charger, she will always pull out her secondary weapon, instead of switching back to whatever the player was using before activating it. Kind of annoying.
  13. Can the dual energy color thing maybe not just mix the two colors and actually make them both stand out in contrast to each other? If I wanted pink fire, I would just use a pink color, instead of mixing orange and blue.... I love the concept but I don't think it really works the way it was intended to yet, in most cases it still just results in one color mixed out of both base colors, rather than two-tone.
  14. Nice update, lots of new goodies! I have yet to see any difference with the secondard energy colors when equipping them on frames like ivara, mesa, or mag. Will keep checking it out. I wonder, why did the new animal conservation not get a new Cetus style tranq rifle and echo lure like with all the other tools? Was looking forward to a stylish new rustic looking toy.
  15. Haha @ everyone moaning about riven nerfs... They're not "pointless", if something in particular gets used more than everything else and becomes the meta, it means it's more powerful than the rest, and should be brought in line so everything else in the game doesn't become obsolete. Warframe has always been about playing what's fun, not playing what's best, people who do not have or do not use rivens make it by without any problems. That you now need 5 shots instead of 1 to take down a teralyst with your lanka will not ruin the game, calm down.
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