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  1. Using Ivara's Navigator with the Fulmin primary fire results in it flying the normal distance and then immediately deactivating as the projectile disappears. This is a shame since the weapon otherwise fits perfectly to Ivara's abilities. Is this intentional or just an oversight? I always thought Navigator makes projectiles persist as long as the ability is active.
  2. Yay, so now all it needs is an accuracy buff so the rounds don't fly SO far off target at 20m that they can't even home in on it anymore, AND a reload buff so you don't constantly spend more time reloading than shooting, and we might be able to make it perfectly serviceable despite it's low damage output! Srz, I love the looks of the thing, and homing bullets are new and awesome, but this sidearm....is very hard to find any use for.
  3. Aha! I just logged in and suddenly all my warframe energy colors were reversed after the hotfix! Now they share the same coloring as weapons and emissives. So it was unintentional!
  4. Tried hitting Alt + Enter when it starts to switch into window mode, and then set the display mode in options to borderless fullscreen after it starts? Just worked for a friend of mine who had hardlocks every time she started the game since the update. Seems to be problems with the resolution.
  5. I noticed this happening a lot all over the place recently, especially during loading in the elevator in fortuna when public matchmaking is on. I was wondering why in the world so many people weren't just removing the cysts, then I started to realize it must be a bug, since almost EVERYONE I matched up with had them.
  6. I saw this from the moment I first built Pyrana prime, and thought it was just lazily made, until one mission it suddenly snapped and looked correct, both idle and firing animations, and I was very impressed. Then I reloaded and it broke again, never looked right since.
  7. You have been playing for over an hour. Please don't forget to take a break.
  8. Ditto, I love the look of the mesa prime jacket...but I'm just not a fan of the cowboy look on her and because of that use the default skin.
  9. Wat, the entire premise of this game is teamwork and synergy. So what if particular characters loot better together? That's how it's supposed to be!
  10. It has always been feedback, I very purposefully and carefully selected which forum I wanted to post in.
  11. Thanks for all the fixes, DE, huge list, looks like you squashed most of the preliminary problems with the update 🙂
  12. The Flox Syandana emissive colors are completely overridden by the primary energy color, it does not matter what any of the other colors are, they are not shown. In addition, it also still has turquoise flame effects visible on the inside skin when it is open that do not follow the color settings.
  13. I agree, a few changes are needed to make it more obvious and user friendly. A checkbox to hide all not-owned relics would also be nice.
  14. I think the biggest complaint I have seen so far in game with the new relic screen is how small the rarity indicators are, and how all the names of items are now gold (vitruvian theme) instead of their respective rarity. I would strongly suggest reverting it so that the colors of the names also reflect the rarity of the item as it was before update 25 to make it less confusing. This is a tense moment where important decisions have to be made in a short period, we don't have time to squint at the UI and figure out what is worth selecting. In addition, after opening a relic, at the selection screen, the player's own name is now hidden, only the other players' names are displayed, leading to the impression that not enough reactant was picked up to unlock your relic since you don't see your name among the others anymore. I feel this was a feature that greatly improved the clarity of the selection and should not have been removed.
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