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  1. Not sure where this goes so hope i'm right. So, i got a fun mind freak build, only for it to be ruined by the AI's broken pattern, and more than half of the time not even attacking foes not even point blank, i hope this is a bug at least and not intended
  2. Fiend_Herd

    Launcher loading screen bug

    So i re-installed the game on steam, i needed to re-install windows before and used my steam back-up so installing my most played games won't take retardedly long. Apparently with the back-up some of the files were missing, and by fully re-installing warframe those files were added back
  3. Fiend_Herd

    Launcher loading screen bug

    So that means you have it as well?
  4. Fiend_Herd

    Launcher loading screen bug

    So after i hit ''play'' it's stuck at the startup loading screen for me. You know, that screen before you get to the log-in screen. Any fixes, or do more people have it currently?
  5. Or maybe i'm just stupid. So, i was wondering if someone could help me, i tried to mess with the settings, the graphics etc. I remember pyroclastic flow had a visible 6 meter fire wave that Nezha kicks forward, but the effect disappeared on me and i tried everything to get the fire wave to show up again so i can actually aim where i kick it to. Nezha's fire trail is in perfect quality, yet pyroclastic flow's fire wave just won't visibly appear for me, can someone help me or give me explanation?
  6. Fiend_Herd

    Hesperon, am i missing something?

    The wiki however said that it can also be found in containers, so when i got tired trying to mine i went to look for containers, no luck yet, but thanks for the far north tip, didn't try it yet so i will now
  7. Farming for 2 hours straight, only got about 25 hesperon and never found some in containers either, am i missing something about this sucker of a mineral??
  8. So for a looong while i been playing this game called ''Generals Zero Hour'' and the laser general in there got me like ''i want a laser for myself'', the Plinx satisfied that need at least, but it feels so underwhelming. So i was thinking hard and was thinking, ''how can we make this weapon shine just a little?'' so, i came to the idea to give the Plinx an alt fire, which is a Point Defense Laser (PDL). Basically by pressing the middle mouse button (or whatever you have your alt fire on), a laser, obviously consuming 1 ammo, will lock on and shoot any slow moving projectile in range for example 25 meters like bombard rockets, terra cubes (or whatever they are called), bosses like Kela de Thaym's rockets, etc. Basically any projectile slow enough except for eidolons, plasma bolts and infested blobs that the infested shoot like the juggernaut, so you can use the Plinx as an offense weapon, but also as a sort of pacifist defense weapon. When using it with Baruuk, it will not count as attacking, so with Baruuk you can make a safe way through explosive projectiles by using the Point Defense Laser feature, like mentioned earlier it will consume 1 ammo so you gotta choose offense or defense
  9. Fiend_Herd

    Strain Consume needs a buff

    Like really, just 4% per maggot just doesn't make it worth it even with the whole mod set complete, 6% or 8% per maggot would be more worth it because 8 x 8 = 64% which would make it more durable during sorties or 1 hour survivals
  10. Fiend_Herd

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Oh i don't mind if it's bad, it's just f u n. And that all hyping up for fun has been kind of ruined by limitations, but hey! Arch guns actually don't suck at all, sorta-ish, on ground they are buffed by quite a bunch and oh boy, it is spicy
  11. Fiend_Herd

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Thats nice and all but how about heavy ammo on other tilesets like Uranus? Also, couldn't the cooldown be lowered to like, 2 minutes or something? just asking
  12. Fiend_Herd

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    I have only one complaint about this: a 10 minute cooldown for deployable arch guns, is damn retarded
  13. Fiend_Herd

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Y'all stop having an orgy over there my connection keeps messing up
  14. Fiend_Herd

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    I just found it after posting this, silly me lmao
  15. Fiend_Herd

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    I'm trying to level my Tiberon Prime and do today's sortie but thats impossible if one time i am able to log in and another time it just kicks me out, whats even happening that we all have this the whole day??