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  1. Hello development team, Recently I acquired Octavia Prime and have been levelling her and because I have the Octavia Diva skin, I equipped it and enabled Prime details. While levelling I couldn't help but notice that when having this skin equipped with prime details the 'Prime' Resonator isn't Prime anymore. Instead it's the default non-Prime Resonator. Is this supposed to be the case? I don't recall having Oberon Prime with a Tennogen skin have his 4's plants become non-Prime. I hope this will be fixed as I was hoping to see the Primed Resonator. Thank yo
  2. Could it be that you only see it if you have previously owned it? I don't see it in the offerings.
  3. Hello Dev team, I just started farming for Atlas to subsume him, yet I cannot help but notice the Jordas Golem model often becomes transparent when flying behind him. Above you see two examples of this bug. I am flying around the Jordas Golem and its model became transparent. (In the second image it may be a little unclear but look at the health bar's left side, under it you'll see Jordas Golem's thruster section completely transparent!) To recreate this bug you just need to play the mission "Jordas Golem" and fly around (preferably behind or to the side of it)
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