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  1. Actually, it was. On the news page it was mentioned, only on the forums. My bad for not correctly reading the forum post by [DE]Helen. "If 2FA is enabled after the update is live, you will receive the Fae Path Ephemera via in-game inbox message!" -Picture source: Bottom/last piece of text on: https://www.warframe.com/news/the-jovian-concord I'm sorry for overlooking this detail in the Forums, my bad.
  2. B-but.. This was on the news article itself: https://www.warframe.com/news/the-jovian-concord ... The Ephemera will be available once Warframe: The Jovian Concord has been released as noted in the article above. To be frank, yes it is kinda hidden by being at the very bottom of the article, many players will probably miss that. I don't want to start a harmful discussion, I was just confused by why you said it was forgotten on the forum post. Since it was also mentioned at the bottom of this: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1093746-the-jovian-concord-coming-this-week/ post made by Helen. Sorry to bother! -DragonDude3010
  3. I hope with all my heart you realize he is talking about what you said with "Nova isn't that frame". He even starts it with "She is that frame."
  4. To sum up the other responses. It's basically a login system that only triggers when you log in, it's a calendar or marker at this point for 'how many times have I logged in in total' system with each day logging in gives you something
  5. True, but we will not find out until OP actually records it for us. Maybe the twist is he's playing Harrow himself??? x3
  6. Covenant*, the Penance is a big smack repeated twice and no voice line is heard. Only the Covenant ability makes voice like sounds, like someone is breathing out. (Harrow main btw) :3 Anyways it's most likely a Harrow in your squad or the Hyekka bois. But since you specifically said the "HEH" of the Chains of Harrow quest, it's probably a Harrow.
  7. My apolagies, I'll change the message to suggest MR4 instead of MR5.
  8. I don't think 2255% Power Strength is possible. Yeah since most of these are Tridolon builds or involve mods like Hunter Adrenaline or Rage which give energy when dealth damage on health. Not to mention it's kinda the meta to go Trinity with Eidolon hunts so energy isn't really a problem for people in range, but hey what do I know I'm just a Harrow main.
  9. To add to -Amaterasu-'s comment, Aura Forma don't work on normal slots either so there's no way it'll get wasted. The only way it could get wasted in my eyes is that you put it on a Warframe you barely play
  10. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Orokin_Cell <- Also for your information you need the main blueprint which is available from the market and systems blueprint plus chassis blueprint too which are farmable by redoing the Sergeant assasination node. Craft all these and then you can craft Mag, of course you can't craft the main blueprint without Neuroptics, Systems and Chassis. Edit: I also just checked and you only need Orokin Cells for the Mag blueprint itself, you must be looking at the alternative helmets if you chose to buy those. Or you may have mistaken that the Neuroptics mean the whole Warframe, which is not the case.
  11. That you're still using MK1 weapons at that level surprises me, get some actually good weapons. If you're MR4 I'd suggest you'd pick up Hek from the market since it's a good shotgun that'll take you towards the end of the game. The only thing keeping you from damaging that specter are those MK1 weapons. They're really bad.. Max those weapons and get better ones, I'd suggest Boltor, Hek and others. You should watch these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSAwQxpOm9g - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8pJaZyFa-4 if you're running low on ideas what to get.
  12. From my 2 years of being a Warlord of a clan I can safely say, there is no possible way to take out resources from a clan. The only way I can see someone meaning "steal" is to spend clan vault resources on useless decorations.
  13. In my opinion you should look out for Loki and Volt Prime that are being unvaulted on the 30th of April. Loki Prime is the most expensive Warframe in-game so when you have farmed a few sets you can craft one yourself and then wait for the vault to end so the prices of Loki Pirme go up to their almost regular value.
  14. There may be a chance that a Red Veil member was stuck somewhere, but that is just a small chance. I'd advise doing what taiiat says and if that doesn't work you should abandon mission and retry.
  15. Wassup fellow people, it's ja boi: The Harrow main, here. I used mine on my Harrow in place of Transient Fortitude to get more duration and the same amount of strength. Max Transient Fortitude is 55% and Umbral Intensify + Any Umbral = 55%. So I increased my Duration, Health and got my Strength to stay the same. That's my experience on forma'ing Harrow.
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