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  1. cladin

    Late Saturday/sunday Login Issues This describes today. And i would just make it a picture, but i don't have those skills. edit: thanks kylecrafts you obviously have skills.
  2. cladin

    Hotfix 13.8.1

  3. cladin

    Hotfix 13.5.2 + 13.5.3

    red text was being way too smooth. >_> edit: DE STOP TEASING US!
  4. cladin

    Update 13.5.0: Edo Armor & Nami Solo

    Thank you guys so much for all the pvp fixes '-' tenno'd by rex
  5. cladin

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for being legendary at playing lego.
  6. cladin

    Void Master, Void Faster

    i really hope platinum won't be involved in this type of trading but i know it will. its surprising how little actual trading takes place. T_T
  7. cladin

    Update 12.1.0: Grinlok

    wooo nice
  8. cladin

    Last Post Wins

    forever you say?
  9. cladin

    Hotfix 11.8.2

    A doubled zero is still zero >_> edit: i feel like i have to say on my first invasion run i got harvester to spawn so........ gg DE <_< edit #2: Make that twice VGG DE. >:D
  10. cladin

    Hotfix 11.5.5

    maybe stalker=harvester? idk... one can only hope.
  11. cladin

    Entry 3 - Nov 1- Warframe Skins

    I love them all. As said in previous comments that maybe instead of just straight stat changes they should give resistances to fire/ice/poison/whatever else there is and coming up. it would be a fun thing to do with the skins.