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  1. Thank you so much for fixing the coildrive issue! I'll finally be able to enjoy Fortuna bounties again!
  2. Update: Heck ye, they fixed the coildrive issue! Thank goodness, and thank the devs!
  3. Technically yes, but even as a mastery rank 12 player, my weapons just don't do enough to destroy neither the dropships nor coildrives fast enough. Not to mention how many of both spawn, all around, constantly. You're clearly a high rank player, you're decked out in gear, in upgrades, etc. I'm not so much. I can easily survive every single other thing in the Orb Vallis (minus the profit taker), but coildrives and drop ships, I can't, and again, I've seen far too many forum posts of players like me experiencing the same problem.
  4. The bounty objective for ambushing the coildrive, and defending it, is impossibly difficult. The coildrive you protect has practically no health, so even one or two enemies get past you without you realizing, the bounty is failed, no chance to save it. And if an enemy coildrive happens to roll by, for no reason? Its rain of a hundred lasers instantly destroys the coildrive, no way to stop it, unless you can one-shot the coildrive in the distance, before it gets to you and the defense objective, not to mention having to see that it's there soon enough in the first place. Same damage problem wit
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