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  1. DE, I love you peeps. As a founder closing on 1000 days, 2.5k+ hours in game, MR 25, I'm going to be (hopefully constructively) critical: This does not feel like it's in tune with scaling. With the release of exalted weapons, more mods, upcoming changes to melee and melee mods (thus the meta) and other this like umbra mods, there are a few obvious things all players, from new to veteran, desire: Forma & potatoes: I have hundreds of potato blueprints, mostly due to events and dev streams, but forma I actually use in the dozens. A three pack sounds nice, that's about one/half of an item (weapon/warframe/pet/etc) I actually want to use. One forma maybe once a month would be an incredible increase for daily tribute and still doesn't sound excessive, it encourages people to play more and try stuff. Forma usage scales with time in game, like endo. Endo: yes there are very few people that don't need it, but only because they farm(ed) it so well. 300 Endo is frankly mindbogglingly out of touch.. unless you want us to feel about it the same way most of us feel about the 10k credits login (or ~35k scaled). If the daily tribute is can be translated to consistent hours of game play required to get this tribute by playing, this amount of endo is like 2 minutes while a potato is like an hour (including trade time, might be too lenient) and credits is like seconds for the people that have this scaling up (500-1000 days etc), it just does not make sense. Combine that with how much more endo you use to get from rank max-1 / 2 to max rank on a mod and it just doesn't fit. Farming endo is already a bit of a grind, so that doesn't feel like it's too much, it would be nice if the daily tribute is more in line with play time. Boosters: boosters feel good for veterans too. Some more so than others (for veterans), but if you are playing, you receive and spend resources. The only thing I would like to add here is that a veteran can use any booster far more optimally while a new player will struggle to get nearly as much value out of a 3 hour booster. I would prefer 1-3 day boosters, it gives newer players a real sense of value and might entice more players to actually buy them (which is a valid DE incentive, I'm one of these players). Platinum discount: tricky one, 75% is the only one that (efficiently) matters, I actively advise players to wait for it because the value is just so much higher than any other discount. DE will/should have more metrics on this, but personally I feel most people who have used a lower discount feels cheated once they finally get the 75% one and I expect a far greater platinum purchase increase when 75% is received over any other. Just feels bad. As someone who has bought platinum many times before, it was always when I got 75% discount and all other discounts feel like the slot machine swallowed my quarter. Unique stuff: whether they are prime mods, weapons or cosmetics, I always at least have the 'neato' reaction. If I am correct in my assumption of why these were split up, I'm disappointed: I assume these were split up in different and non overlapping intervals to limit the amount of choices you have every milestone. I would much prefer a large choice of rewards every milestone (still pick one, still have some things, if DE really feels the need to, only after certain milestones), so that newer players can sort of catch up at certain paths (let's say 2 weapons and 2 prime mods that you actually want after 250 days (milestones 50, 100, 150, 200)), but if you still want everything you're going to the 1000 days regardless (again, if you must). All the other stuff in daily tribute is cute for vets and for very new players just useful. Not tradable sounds like a good way to prevent subjectively legitimate backlash. Personally I prefer a daily tribute token system, with a daily tribute token store. The only way to get a daillar, dailire, flibute, dailivar; <token> is to login (it would be fitting to let app login count and it's more feasible with tokens since you don't need a whole interface with rewards), one per day, added to whatever regular daily tribute you get (resources, boosters, discounts, forma/potatoes). In the <token> store you can buy milestone items (unique cosmetics, weapons, mods) for 50 <token>s. Maybe you can also buy boosters or even discounts for <whatever DE decides is fair> number of <token>s. Add it as a tab to Darvo's shop, bob's your uncle. If you want certain milestone items to only be available after X number of tokens overall registered (all-time <token> counter like we have with credits in the stats on our profiles) that's up to DE I guess. It just feels cleaner and really would the same as my earlier suggestion that all milestone items are options at a milestone, no split between cosmetics/weapons/mods etc. I prefer a token + store because it does not force players to decide right away, while they might want to catch the last minute of that alert. And we have Darvo. I'm just not sure what this system will solve, what is the problem that this is the solution to. The way it looks is that all problems from the current system are really all still there, but scaling is better. Also, I'm not sure whether the plan is to only have 3 choices at a milestone, or all the choices from the split up reward set, the former would make the improvement weaker too.
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