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  1. Clan name:Ligue Des Ombres Clan tier:shadow clan (rank 10) Clan platform: pc Clan role:founding Warlord and Architect
  2. Clan name: Ligue Des Ombres Clan tier: Shadow Clan Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature Image of section of my dojo and my video presentation of my dojo:
  3. - Clan name : Ligue Des Ombres- Clan tier : Shadow Clan- Clan platform : PC- Your Clan role : Founding warlord /dojo builder The Dojo was designed and constructed by me and a member of my clan glacemort Design, Architecture, Donations resource : Ras_Alghul - Fouding Warlord Architecture,:glacemort Donations resource: chuncky3009 and all members Video editor : BenzOid Thank you all for helping me and making all our dreams real! Thank you Ligue Des Ombres for making this clan a family Video :
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