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  1. I don't think it needs to do more damage since it already have good function , and an augment for that alternate play style. And if there needs to have a stat stick , it should have something similar to Garuda's talon first , a frame exclusive melee weapon that can be modded separately , and use this unique weapon as stat stick , so it won't limit player build. But that's a lot of coding ( Garuda's talon seem to cause enough trouble ) and even more level grind and forma , which is sad , unless they want to change how those weapon be forma-ed .
  2. It's a "fullness meter" . Something visually similar to Gauss' battery and Ember's heat , and go up or down depend on Grendal's ability use. So the biggest source of Grendal's energy problem is Feast , the cost of keeping enemy is his belly is very high . And since this is the foundation of all his other ability , he feel very clunky . So here's my thought : we remove the need of holding enemies , and use a fullness meter as the resource instead. So here is the change: Passive : Instead of armor per enemies in stomach , gain armor base on the new ful
  3. It did? I notice nothing in my testing...lol
  4. (I use spoiler function to organize the post ) Ash's 4 Atlas's 2 Chromas'1 Nekros' 1 Nidus' 2 Zephyr's 2 and 4 So this is the post . Overall , the buffs are good . Just keep pushing and they will be great .
  5. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: Fish spawn rate in Cambion Drift seems to be broken again . I go in both normal and SP mode , throw down bait and wait for it's entire duration and got close to no fish . I'm catching one of the new fish , and using concentrated fass bait . Also I'm using Ivara. VISUAL: I don't think there can be an actual picture for this situation... I can't just post an empty river. REPRODUCTION: Go in Cambian drift and start fishing. EXPECTED RESULT: There should be some fish every 30 sec? I think OBSERVED RESULT: No fish. REPRODUCTION RATE:
  6. Thanks for all the updates and changes/fixes! Those looks awesome.
  7. I got my wording wrong , that's me bad. Which I want to say , is I rather have 4 good abilities , rather than 1 great and 3 bad~Mediocre ones. I think players will prefer using fitness and skill , and utilize allpowers to go through levels , than press 4 at the start of mission then forget everything else. Her 1~3 is meant to support her gameplay , I agree with that . But currently they are not doing that much .
  8. I just came up with the thoughts for this post while thinking about Titania , so here we go . I will keep this short . So not all exalted weapon are being considered good by the community , most of the time due to they being " just a generic weapon " with slightly higher stats . And I think to improve them , is to a) make them generic weapon , but with low or none energy cost , and not being their ult. b) make them truly special , and give them cool abilities to make them a signature of the frame . In my knowledge , most of the good exalted weapon are in these
  9. I have a similar build with you , with even more strength and similar survivability. I have three pixia build that I switch around , which are raw damage , hybrid and pure crit . That's not the point of this reply , I just want to say it . I know she is not weak , and Pixia do have a lot of damage , but it's so concentrated , it's not better than using a normal gun . But I don't want DE to buff Razor wing though , that will just make matter worse , since she will be more focus on her 4 and leave other abilities behind. Titania have a bit of everything , but al
  10. I didn't play much Oberon , but I like those changes and the reasoning behind them with the limited knowledge I have of him . I'm a little concerned about the 4 changes though, there is a high chance that enemies that get buffed will kill a player on accident , due to randomly shoot at player ( same proble, with Nyx's Chaos ) or just AOE damage from bombard . It's not a big problem , but I just want to point it out . Other changes are great.
  11. It's not weak as a weapon. But at the end of day , it's just a pair of pistol that offer nothing special , which is not okay as an exalted weapon.
  12. Yes , that's... What I mean . I don't think it will cost triple like OP said
  13. I also have this problem 😂 But I think a name swap is too late
  14. He does has access to all those properties you mention , but all are under heavy restriction. 1 only have effect when not attacking , which in a lot of cases , means not progressing the game. 2 is a big area sleep , but have a slow activation time , and need Line of sight. 3 is single target disarm in a hoard game , and every activation will cost DR which is more valuable. 4 is a powerful weapon , but needs special resource that's need time , energy and enemies present to build up. Reactive storm is strong , but is an augment , so it take a mod slot. Baruuk
  15. I got what OP is talking about , but the way Reb talks about sounds like it will cost the same per target , just does triple damage to the target .( 3 mark per marking ) I do got the concern though , let me be clear .
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