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  1. Pax Soar results in player became super floaty for the rest of the game / until resurrected . TYPE: In-Game . Specificly Railjack mission DESCRIPTION: When I was playing Railjack , I realized I become super floaty . And after some testing , I find out [Pax Soar] will keep player in low gravity despite not aiming in air . Swapping weapon won't help . This also only occurred after player leave Railjack and land somewhere . VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Step 1 : Equipped a Kitgun with Pax Soar . Step 2 : Go in any Railkjack mission . Step 3 : leave
  2. Thanks for all your hardworking so we can have fun :D Have a nice weekend , all of you deserve it.
  3. Seems great , I'm excited for those changes and new content. P.s. Since Avionics are now Mods , does that mean I have to spend money along side Endo to upgrade them , instead of only using Direc ? It is fine for me since I have way too much extra credits , but it may be a bit hard for newer players to invest in them.
  4. So I really enjoy this new frame , and although he still needs some tweaks here and there , it doesn't effect my enthusiasm for this frame. And 2 augments for him came up to me when I'm sleeping , I think I would suggest them to DE since they sounds nice. Ophidian Bite augment : Catalystic Bite Enemy hit by Ophidian Bite receive 200% damage for a few second . When enemies dies when under this effect , reduced all active cool down for few sec. Scale by : power strength ( Extra damage ) Thoughts : While Lavos' great at group clearing and high scaling , he's
  5. I agree with this . Also change Zenurik after , and be the start of focus 2.1
  6. It's worse than that , the entire setting of bounties seems to be broken for some reason.
  7. Just cut to the point . There are so many reason player can lose bonus , or even failed the bounty entirely just because some bad luck . Some of the bonuses are also misleading and terrible , and have nothing to do with players skill and equipment . I will go through the list and point out of all the problems I know . Assassinate : 15 kills ( for solo ) are not a lot on paper , but when there are only 3 mobs spawn like every 20 sec , and we need to do it within 1 min , it's a pure nightmare . There are so many times that the mob just weren't
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