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  1. Just now, krc473 said:

    Sure there is. If it was easy to get everything people wouldn't pay for it. Radiant relics are not the most useful thing, just use intact ones. That solves your problem, because you wont be using a radiant relic.

    • Most of the time I have not found any difference in runs to get a rare part when using radiant vs. intact. The benefit is how much easier it is to get a squad.


    Then what the hell is the entire point of the system? like there's a whole SYSTEM DESIGNED to give you a higher percentage chance to get a rare reward if you upgrade the relic.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, (XBOX)C11H22O11 said:

    Y'all unlucky, it happens. If you all got 4 rare rewards I doubt you would be here

    Nah I still would cuz it's not worth it.


    8 minutes ago, Voltage said:

    The Void Fissure system is so forgiving that only Warframes like Loki Prime and Rhino Prime who have been vaulted a very long time see any real value. Like seriously Primes are some of easiest gear to farm in the game. I think Sporothrix takes longer to get than Guandao Prime.

    The fix you are searching for is just using more Relics. I am sure you will get the part you need.

    Nah, cuz the fix I'm searching for is a thing to prevent four whole people in a full squad using the same relic from getting the same reward EVEN IF ITS THE RAREST REWARD nah bro.

  3. Listen I know RNG is hard, even for DE who based their whole game around it.. but like.. Why the hell isn't there a system to prevent four people using the same relic, ALL RADIANT GETTING THE LOWEST TIER REWARD FROM THAT RELIC AT THE SAME TIME!!

    There should be a system in place for both this and even if it's just two people using the same relic and not four.
    There's no reason the RNG should be so bad that it gives two people using RADIANT relics of the same type in the same mission the same LOW tier reward.

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  4. On 2021-01-21 at 4:40 AM, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

    probably something to do with moving stuff not really being compatible with the Dojo.

    I do agree thoguh, it would be nice to have a working one: I've also built a room full of Entrati-style machines in my dojo; I love their aesthetic, and no dojo is complete without a protosomatic entropy acceleration antimatter reactor, am I right? 

    But the grineer and corpus vent fan pieces still move, animate, and rotate tho.. and so does the corpus robot crusher teeth and stuff

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  5. Yeah my whole suggestion, again, is not to get rid of nightwave completely, in fact I stated that in the beginning of the thread in the first place, Not getting rid of Nightwave, Just bringing back Alerts AS WELL, I've said this multiple times in this thread.. I really don't understand what peoples supposed problem with this suggestion even is?

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  6. I'm sure this topic has already been visited by others, but I'm bringing it up anyway.
    Why the HELL is Loki the only statue available for the "hall of Honor" room, and why can't we choose a different frame statue?

    Like come on, you HAVE the technology to be able to have a different frame be the statue, as evidenced by the Mastery 30 people being able to change the rhino statue in Relays, Why the hell not make it like that or something for the "hall of honor" in dojos? why does it have to be loki? Not that I have a problem with loki, but like.. there are other frames that could be in that room as well?


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  7. 18 hours ago, (XBOX)The Neko Otaku said:

    Alerts died for a reason. Take off the rose tinted glasses and alerts were crap.

    Nitain drop one 1 per alert and there was only 4 a day making anything with a nitain requirement a long endeavor in building.

    Most of alert were pitiful amounts of endo and credits that you earn more doing a normal mission.

    Potatoes were a once a month deal.

    And well they dissappeared after an hour and the can showbat night so you sleep you lose.

    "Making anything with a nitain requirement a long endeavor in building" As if that still isn't the case?! the amount of standing points (IN THE CURRENT CURRENCY I MIGHT ADD) that you need to get even a single nitain.. takes a while.. and on top of that I never said anything about removing it from the nightwave rewards, I just said BRING BACK ALERTS AS WELL

    A S W E L L 

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    So this is just a tiny, insignificant gripe about something barely noticeable and there are much more important things that needs to be dealt with but a friend of mine pointed out that the Light/Dark meter in the profile looks awful now.. it seems like there was a half-assed attempt at making the "Dark" side be transparent but if you keep your eyes on it for more than a moment while stuff animates behind it you can see it's splotchy and poorly done.. I'm just.. confused as to why and whom decided it was a good idea to make it transparent and more importantly who actually tried and made it splotchy and specked like that?

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  9. Agreed, yes, thank you, these are the points I'm trying to make.

    On 2020-12-20 at 8:57 PM, PublikDomain said:

    I'd like to see resource alerts come back at least. Alerts had problems, yes, but all of those problems were solvable without throwing the whole system away and replacing it with a system that has even more problems. Alerts didn't last very long and people could miss them, so make them last longer. Rewards were kind of paltry, so vary and increase them. Instead of running 100 short, low-value Alerts per day, run a few 8-12hr Alerts with bigger rewards and a wider level range. And putting this back in the game is free, since the system already worked flawlessly for years and still runs things like GotL Alerts.


    On 2020-12-20 at 9:08 PM, vanaukas said:

    Nitain extracts should be added to invasions honestly, they are very frequent, are very new player friendly and required to do a lot of weapons. Alrets are bad but recurrent invasions are very nice 

    These right here are exactly what I mean by bring back alerts but keep nightwave.



    On 2020-12-20 at 8:47 PM, DrivaMain said:

    It will be content bloat. No one will do those alerts.


    Content bloat my ass, there's literally no reason to suggest that "content bloat" is even a thing that COULD happen with warframe considering the fact that they're always adding new stuff anyway, and suggesting that "no one will do those alerts" is a S#&$ty generalization for someone whom literally just said they liked having the alerts, and I know for a fact I'm not the only one.



    On 2020-12-20 at 8:27 PM, trst said:


    Alerts died for a reason and should remain dead. If you need Nitain then clear more acts for cred, if you managed to finish the season and still lack Nitain then take this as a lesson in resource management. And if you want a random mission to run for no specific reason then roll some dice to determine what to run.

    "Died for a reason and should remain dead" Except for.. what reason? and remain dead why? as for your comment about "resource management" suck my ass, this is the kind of game that throws just absolutely #*!%ing excessive amounts of resources at you anyway, I personally have PLENTY of Nitan, I'm not making this post for me but for newer players who don't understand how to use the Nightwave system, or hell even players that have been playing for a while but have used their Nitain on building weapons and etc and have simply run out.

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  10. There was really absolutely no reason to get rid of regular alerts completely, Yes Nightwave is an improved system but keeping regular alerts up was something to do mission wise when one is bored and just wants to do any random mission without having a particular objective.

    Besides, The nightwave system being the requirement for Nitan extract is just stupid, especially considering Lavos requirement to build.
    Bring back Nitan extract alerts AT L E A S T.

    (DE can do no wrong elitists can go awayyyyy)

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  11. So!! Archwing is very... non-viable these days, A lot of people don't like playing Archwing missions, and although Railjack did HELP with that quite a bit, most archwing content is basically ignored aside from mastery fodder.

    With that said, DE, you've already tried (and Imho succeeded) in making Arch guns viable again with the "Heavy Weapon" Category and the deployment of 'heavy weapons' into missions for higher damage and etc.

    My suggestion is, with Necramech Melee being (as it is now) absolute Garbage.. Why not make ArchMelee more viable by giving the Archmelee weapons to Nechramechs ?

    ((As per usual on any of my posts, I will not be reading "D.E. Can do no wrong" comments and you might as well #*!%off about it.))

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