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  1. That's the thing. Certain archwing weapons are already overpowered even when compared to conventional weapons. Even with their crappy base mods they get compensated with hugely inflated base stats. Velocitus comes into mind.
  2. I'll be honest. Over half of the available Archgun is weak and barely tickles, with the only notable weapons being Velocitus, Fluctus and Grattlers. Are we getting a balance pass to these weapons?
  3. I'll be honest, even for a miniquest, the quest for Mask of The Revenant was just... lacking. What if the quest was instead retrofitted into a tutorial for Teralyst hunting? The quest could double as both a Warframe quest and a proper introduction to Eidolon Hunting themselves. If Saya's Vigil was an introduction to Eidolons, Revenant's quest could be an introduction to their mechanics. Just my two cents, since the mechanics of Eidolon Hunts themselves are, admittedly, poorly communicated in-game.
  4. NaoEthelia

    Why Do Players Hate Archwing?

    It's less of that players hate Archwing and more of that its very underdeveloped. One main issue is their isolation to the game's core content, which they are thankfully looking to address. Archguns are slated to be usable in regular missions by this year, and archmelees on ground are coming after Melee 3.0. Archwing themselves are now actually usable and playable in open world and is plenty capable of dealing with bounty 5. There's lots of stuffs they're going to address with Archwing but the goal is to unionize AW as part of the game's core experience.
  5. While we're at it... Let us change loadout, revive our companions, replenish our revives, replenish our ammo.
  6. This has been discussed multiple times and it will not solve anything. Bounties can be as fun as Half Life 2 or become the best content in Warframe filled to the brim with massive rewards and well designed challenge, but as long as leeching is more rewarding than doing the bounties, it will not change anything. Remember, people always optimize the fun out of a game, so they still have to address leeches one day.
  7. NaoEthelia

    "Beta Players"

    I like how the second he's gating everyone not from 2013, all 2013 players just came and posted here.
  8. NaoEthelia

    K-Drive Nerf??

    You just have to get used to it, unfortunately. Once you nail it down, you'll be capping in 6-8 minutes.
  9. While I understand where you're coming from and agree with some of your points, I need to point something out: The Dev Workshop is a lie. OG Beam weapon ticks at a different formula than NG weapons. Look at this video of OG Ignis and you can see the numbers rain down at a speed out of proportion from what their fire rate suggested. This means that whatever changes they made to the current beam weapon is an entirely new iteration of code.
  10. NaoEthelia

    K-Drive Nerf??

    You can try the Fortuna pipes. As far as I know, it's always been the better and faster alternative to pearl, an average between 6-8 minutes. Not sure why Pearl was considered the meta, actually.
  11. NaoEthelia

    K-Drive Nerf??

    Ah, okay. That explains. This change didn't matter to us because we're using the Fortuna pipes outside to grind back and forth for 5-10 minutes, at least, to the point we didn't even notice a nerf. I imagine its a heavy blow for pearl method though.
  12. NaoEthelia

    K-Drive Nerf??

    Now you lost me even more, I was grinding at fortuna pipe. It's definitely not removed. And you always had to do different tricks to rack up multipliers don't you?
  13. NaoEthelia

    K-Drive Nerf??

    This thread legitimately gave me a headache. What was the nerf?
  14. NaoEthelia

    K-Drive Nerf??

    What was the nerf though? I asked a buddy of mine today and he also capped at 5:40.
  15. NaoEthelia

    K-Drive Nerf??

    I just capped Ventkids in 8 minutes just now. There was a nerf?