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  1. Looking to buy R3 arcane Grace 800p or at east get a price check on how much they are. Thanks and Have a great day or night 🙂 Delete please
  2. Maybe when you get close to them add a blinking light affect on the map but not an obnoxious one.
  3. Grendel is a ton of fun but his energy drain is just horrible, you are forced to sacrifice builds just to keep energy.
  4. I wish it was easier for you, I suffer from migraines and dizzy spells and I had to force myself to do the terry hunts while on ps4 idk if I will even attempt them on switch when the time comes and yeah no game content is worth risking your health and safety over.
  5. I'm going to guess it will be a prerequisite type thing. Hope you find a squad for it 🙂 I saw the videos on it and it looks like some interesting things going on in the lore 😄
  6. I actually was wondering that myself....
  7. Thanks @[DE]Helen cant wait for this to hit 😄 been enjoying watching pc streamers.
  8. Her PA will be my first purchase of the new year 🙂 She looks great have already seen a few folks with her in game 😄
  9. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me last night, hope they fix it soon.
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