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  1. Sadly they are not making them any more but it would make sense for Baro to narrate it 🙂
  2. I think the new Q & A channel needs mods added to it, seems it is just an extension on region chat.
  3. Alternative way to save them would be a really nice thing to have, it does not sit well with me either to have leave them.
  4. In the same boat myself lol I think they need to increase the rates for when she offers them, but I'll take whatever ideas you have on this.
  5. It seems to be working now that they have a featured ghost clan to visit, I did still end up in their RJ but it did trigger finally.
  6. I tried this and it ported me to their RJ and still did not trigger.
  7. I visited one and it put me in their RJ did not trigger either.
  8. Had this happen not to long ago, I invited someone to trade and they ended up in the rj and they couldn't get out. It was really puzzling on how this happened.
  9. I haven't even tried it because of "timer" not going to be forced into having a panic attack.
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