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  1. Ideas... for what exactly? Builds? Fashion? Fanfiction? Something else?
  2. You started just now? It's been the case for a while now. They just plain and simple don't even know what they want to do with them and make-do with the first thing that comes into mind. If only they took the time to read their own forums... they'd actually see it's full of surprising ideas from where to get them.
  3. Pilfering Pilfer (Yo dawg, I heard you like pilfering so we put pilfer in your pilfer...)
  4. Same as Mag up here: cleared cache, Chrome at latest update, internet working fine with every other website, but Warframe still gives me that blank error page when trying to enter any subforum and/or topic, some times even when trying to go to the main forum itself.
  5. One thing everyone seems to be forgetting about when talking about Riven Dispos is to first streamline the posibilities that innately come with said Rivens. Weird, because it was a remarked comment a year ago when talking about this same topic. Let me explain: for example purposes only, let's say we have 2 rivens (XXX Visicron and XXX Critatis) that both add +Crit Chance and +Crit Multi (regardless of the name actually having those mods attached to them or not). Now, we know that each part of the name of a Riven is linked to a certain stat, but because the order those stats appear in said riven, the name can vary even if the stats it has are the exact same. So why not just streamline the possible names a Riven can come with, and with that, reduce the disk space associated with multiple copies of exactly equal rivens? If a riven comes with +Crit Chance and +Crit Multi, just let it be named, for the sake of simplicity and space, Critatis, and adjust the order of stats it comes with so it always displays them in the same manner (first stat always +Crit Chance, second stat always +Crit Multi). I think that process alone would make the servers save a lot of memory that could go into allocating more space for other rivens, even if the cap isn't risen. PS: Pardon my possible misuse of words or lack of sense in the message, english is not my first language 😅
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