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  1. Made a few changes to my original post based on comments. Hopefully it is also easier to read and understand. Thanks for feedback!
  2. Yes I definitely agree that his Undying ability just doesn't work as is. Even with my proposed changes, it still sucks. However, I do like the concept behind the ability. It just needs a total rework, and I think it needs to play into his 4. I like the idea of Inaros draining his health for damage and armor and I still like the possibility of draining it to zero and entering the sarcophagus state. The whole point of his passive in my mind is that he can't die like other frames but actually gains some benefit. Just not sure what this really looks like.
  3. Yes, I definitely agree with that. That's why I added several ways to debuff enemies and strip their armor. Survivability really isn't an issue in Warframe at the moment, it's how fast you can kill enemies that matters.
  4. I love Inaros as a concept. I really enjoyed the lore and quest behind him, but when I finally built the frame, I was disappointed by his abilities. They are awkward to use, and have little benefit in higher levels of play. Inaros is in a difficult place right now because he is actually used a lot, but mostly for his tankiness. However, he is a rather boring frame to play and doesn't encourage team play, nor any real engagement in the environment. As is, Inaros can simply stand still and take almost no damage. Benefits to allies are pretty negligible. He's a pretty good solo frame, but he doesn't really have a niche in squads. I would like to see him be more of hybrid support frame like Oberon. I think it should be capitalized upon that Inaros Prime was released right after The Steel Path and rework Inaros to really be a viable frame for this "harder" difficulty level. The changes here are an attempt to accomplish the following goals: Turn Inaros more into a team player, buffing and healing allies and allowing them to kill enemies more effectively. The theme here is that abilities benefit whole squad Encourages more active play and abilities benefit more from mods. No more standing and taking basically zero damage. He's still tanky but not unkillable. Turn seldom used abilities into useful ones. Buff sand shadows and make them more useful in general. Give him ways to deal damage and clear rooms a bit more effectively on his own. Not Saryn level of power, but he definitely can hold his own. Keep in theme with the original design concept. PASSIVES: Undying: EDIT: This ability is really the hardest to overhaul. As per comments, I do think this needs a total rework to be useful or just replace it with something else entirely. What I like about Undying is that it changes how the frame deals with having zero health. I like it thematically, but in practice it is pretty useless. Perhaps when in the Sarcophagus state, Inaros sends out Scarab Swarms that damage enemies and open them up to finishers helping your team, while also giving everyone including Inaros Scarab Armor. After a time, Inaros is revived based on damage dealt by swarms. This could be seen as strictly better than having a your secondary weapon in the bleedout state, with the disadvantage of not being able to be manually revived by other players. Life Steal: Finishers restore 25% of Health and take 50% less time to perform. This also applies to allies. ABILITIES 1: Desiccation, i.e. "Pocket Sand" (STUN) - Blinds enemies and opens them up to finishers. Desiccated enemies are much easier to Devour. No life steal for Inaros. 2: Devour (LIFE STEAL) - Tap to passively devour a targeted enemy over time. Inaros is still able to move but must stay within a certain range (affected by ability range) to fully devour the enemy, gain health, and create a sand shadow. You can passively devour multiple enemies at the same time. Inaros health is replenished directly through enemies health as it is depleted by Devour. Energy and time to devour DO NOT depend on enemy but are instead affected by duration and strength mods. (This means this ability scales well with enemy levels and is still viable at higher levels) When an enemy is devoured, it changes into a sand shadow. Sand shadows have more health, do more damage, and stay alive longer based on strength of enemy. They also draw enemy fire. When Sand Shadows die, they explode in a cloud of sand causing a mini radial Desiccation. Power strength also puts a cap on how many shadows you can have at one time. Duration effects how long they last. 3. Sandstorm (ALLY BUFF - ENEMY DEBUFF) Sandstorm is now a static area of effect similar to Oberon's hallowed ground. This is a "charged" ability that covers a larger area the longer it is held but has weaker effects the larger the area. You can use this on defense objectives so they take less damage or cover a wide area in other mission types. Sandstorm now applies corrosive and slash procs to enemies. Enemies are slowed instead of thrown into the air. More visibility in general for you and allies. Instead of being immobilized, Inaros and allies within Sandstorm gain increased attack speed, and reload speed and are harder to hit. Sand shadows have increased health, armor, and damage while inside Sandstorm. Enemies are also easier to devour when affected by Sandstorm (although not as much as if affected by Desiccation). 4. Scarab Swarm (DAMAGE - ARMOR) - Hold power to drain Inaros's health and energy simultaneously. (Energy and health will always deplete at the same rate - both reach zero at the same time) Inaros is immobilized and cannot be knocked down, but will still take damage. Black clouds of tiny scarabs fly out from Inaros and seek out nearby enemies, stunning them and dealing massive damage over time. Enemies killed by the swarm produce more scarab clouds although weaker at further ranges. The longer the ability is held, the more clouds are produced, range is increased and more damage is dealt - damage and range scales up on a curve - exponentially gaining more benefit the more health Inaros has. Enemies closer to Inaros take more damage. Enemies affected by Scarab Swarm are easier for allies to kill - either opening them up to finishers or reducing their armor drastically. Damage dealt by Scarab Swarm is translated to armor stacks on Inaros AND NEARBY ALLIES that CAN be removed by enemy damage similar to other frames like Atlas or Rhino. Inaros can completely discharge his health, immediately going into to the Sarcophagus state. If this happens, the scarab swarm stays active for a short duration continuing to damage enemies at the maximum damage and range level. The swarm replenishes revive bar. When Inaros is revived, he is revived with 500 health but FULL scarab armor.
  5. Can we PLEASE have the ability to convert unused void relics into void traces? The game rewards relics literally EVERYWHERE. 9 times out of 10, these relics just sit in my inventory being useless. Besides the fact that I wish the game rewarded other things in certain game-modes, especially *cough* *cough* Disruption, I believe we should at least have the ability to convert these relics to useful void traces which are always in short supply. I have a lot of old relics with possibilities for valuable prime parts but never have enough void traces to really profit from them. Most of my traces are spent on acquiring NEW prime gear. When it comes to exchange rate, I don't really care. But here is what I would propose: I would be happy with 1 void trace for a regular Lith Relic, 2 for Meso, 3 for Neo, 4 for Axi, 5 for Requiem. Resulting traces could be bumped up by 2 for each rank that that relic has. For example: 7 traces for Radiant Lith, 10 traces for Radiant Axi, etc... I am also not opposed to transmuting 3 or 4 relics into a new relic as long as the results are generally favorable and worth the investment - the result could have a chance to be upgraded to a higher tier or refined to a higher level.
  6. WHAT I LIKE: I like the idea of revisiting old nodes that I haven't touched in years. I like the idea of increased drop chances for resources and boosters I like that I gain mastery rank for progressing through the Steel Path I like that there is a store with potentially some cool stuff I appreciate the attempt at more difficult content WHAT I DON'T LIKE: The store rewards are really disappointing. The only thing remotely appealing to me here is the armor set. However, the COST!! Also, the whole "use this very specific hard to come by and exclusive currency for this very tiny and limited store" is getting pretty old. More than anything, this bothers me. How many different currencies and resources do we need to keep track of? There are already plenty of suitable currencies that could have been used for something like this. It's irritating because it is inevitable that we will reach a point where this currency is absolutely worthless because we've bought everything it could be used to buy. I have piles and piles of resources and currencies I will never use. Incidentally, I felt that TICKER in Fortuna was a great step forward, allowing us to convert otherwise useless resources into something useful. That brings me to my next point: why the low drop chance of Steel Essence and high cost of items in the store? The relic pack and Kuva are incredibly poor value in comparsion to the other methods of getting these things. The rewards for finishing planets and mission nodes are the same. Please give us new and better rewards as we work our way through the chart. As a new player, the star chart rewards were always something I looked forward to getting. As much as I like revisiting old nodes, the incentive just isn't quite there. Rewards I would be interested in: Forma - yup I still use plenty of em. They are a consumable that is always in short supply Mutagen samples or mutagen mass.- have I missed the farm? Still don't have enough of these to build some of those infested weapons Umbra Forma - even just one would be really nice I think Drastically increased drop chances for basic warframe and weapon blueprints only found in the star chart. Not having to run a mission a billion times to get mastery rank fodder would be a nice reward, wouldn't it? I'm still missing MR for a lot of basic warframes because I dread the thought of farming for them. arcanes - just a few would be appreciated, especially now that we need TWENTY to max them Emotes are kind of a joke. The same animation? For all planets? Please fix discrepancies between trophies and actual planets. Some look nothing alike. It would have been nice to get a little bit more... idk, something... lore, cutscenes, extra/bonus mission nodes, .... something. As is, it feels very rinse and repeat. As is the case with a lot of new content, this feels half baked. A great concept with what feels like incomplete implementation.
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