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  1. Disruption rewards need more work please. While I appreciate the few new rewards, overall this felt like a big letdown to me. I don't mind a relic here and there, but for many players these relics are completely worthless rewards, especially since there is still no option to convert unwanted relics to void traces or endo/credits. With the majority of disruption rewards being relics, this absolutely doesn't feel worth my time.The last thing I need is relics. I literally have thousands. As it stands, I will probably painfully grind for the Lua Lenses and that's about it. For some worthwhile rewards how about arcanes (new ones?), emphemera (old ones or new ones: credits floating down, grineer explosion effect, kuva cloud, there could be lots of cool ones that go with the theme of disruption node) , other exclusive cosmetics - armor sets, weapons skins, special rivens (arcwing or companion - what about exalted rivens for exalted weapons?), boosters that we can use whenever we want, blueprints for NEW vandal, prisma, wraith weapons, new sentient or amalgam weapons or mods, or prebuilt fieldron/detonite injectors/mutagen mass, rare resources, prebuilt forma or potatoes. Just some of the MANY possibilities... I'm not sure why you guys have so much difficulty with reward tables. Kuva rewards should be about doubled to feel worth my time since boosters don't apply. Either that or increase the Kuva dropped by demolysts to 100. Or allow boosters to apply... not sure why that choice was made. The Universal Syndicate Medallion should be worth 10k to be in alignment with the drop rate for it IMO. Again, please give us the option to remove focus lenses without destroying them, just like arcanes. That way we can upgrade to the lua lens without having to farm so many different lenses all over again. Feels bad. If nothing else, I would like this. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the update DE. Many great fixes and changes, can't wait to explore! I second what others are saying about the metal graphics change. I don't like it overall as is. Perhaps many textures need to be adjusted to work with the new rendering. Many metals now look soft and plastic. If you change the color, sometimes it looks better, but I will say that overall, I don't notice an improvement. I do have one more request, which is now especially relevant with the new Lua Lens. Can we please have the option to remove focus lenses without destroying them, just like arcanes? I went through a lot of trouble and grinding to get my eidolon lenses and now I will have to destroy them to upgrade to the new Lua lenses. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Work smarter not harder. Thanks!
  3. I am 100% in favor of this. Your existing prime unvaulting schedule makes zero sense to me. If I am able to purchase the Nekros Prime accessories, Uru Prime and Acanthus Prime I will be happy!! I've been playing for a few years now and haven't had access to them. Def some of the best fashion frame pieces out there. Uru Prime An additional thought or two: Perhaps you can add additional NEW themed primed accessories to the unvaulting to make them more appealing, and sell those separately. For example, maybe Sayrn now gets a primed armor set, primed ephemera, or primed companion stuff. That gives older players who already have her 1st gen accessories a reason to invest in the prime vault. Reduce the interval that you unvault prime content. How about a new unvualting every month? You snooze you loose. This allows more prime gear exposure. You don't want anything in the current unvaulting? simply wait 30 days and you get something new. I don't see how this would be bad for DE. and as long as this schedule is predictable, players won't loose out too badly on Plat. I want to support DE with cash, but I'm not going to purchase things I already own. Thanks for all that you do.
  4. Thanks for the update DE. Lots of fixes and I really like the deluxe skin... with the glaring exception of the accessories. I regret spending the plat. The skin itself is amazing, but the accessories feel very rushed and do not match the quality and creativity of the main skin. Basically, I want to reiterate what Rob from "aGayGuyPlays" says on his video discussing the skin. The color mapping and texture should match throughout the deluxe package. The weapon skin and syandana especially do not match. If you go the weapon skin or the syandana and copy the colors from your the warframe skin you will definitely be disappointed. It takes a serious amount of dedication to get these secondary skins to match. It would help a lot if you switch the primary and secondary channels on the main warframe skin. The primary channel is the hair part which distorts other colors quite a bit. A very light color can still appear dark on the hair. This doesn't translate well to other skins.
  5. Thanks DE, this is very much a step in the right direction. I am certainly in favor of any kind of augment rework because anything at all in this direction would be an improvement! For me personally, I would say that I only use about 10% of the available augments. Not because they aren't cool or interesting but because I simply don't have room. 9 times out of 10, other mods will be better choices than the augments. For this reason I don't think simply buffing existing augments is a long lasting or complete solution. I think the main problem with augments is not their power level but the fact they that they are mods. Therefore, I propose that we take this opportunity to undertake a complete overhaul from the ground up. This is certainly more of a long term project that requires a lot more discussion, but I do think there is a ton of potential here. With a well thought out overhaul you could address many issues at the same time. THE PROBLEM: Augments generally fall into 1 of 3 categories: "patching weaknesses", "perks", or "power multipliers" A. augments that in my opinion should have been a part of the ability to begin with (Ice Wave Impedence) and so generally don't feel worth it because the ability itself already feels fairly weak, B. augments that although nice, aren't at all necessary (Ore Gaze) and are more of a perk, and C. augments that are pretty much mandatory to use (Despoil or Regenerative Molt). These "good" augments make up 10-20% of the ones available, while the other 80-90% are not worth slotting in over another mod unless you just enjoy them. They might be fun to use but are generally not worth sacrificing increased power strength, duration, survivability, or range for. It's worth noting here that the "perks" category of augments don't usually boost damage or survivability directly. Therefore they don't create powercreep. They are also some of the best candidates for inclusion in an alternative system and would be best realized not as mods. The "power multipliers" should either remain augment mods as is, or be incorporated into the below systems as higher-tier perks. I think many of these types of mods are fine as is because their power level justifies a mod slot. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: There are several directions in which we can take the overhaul, and I'll break them down with some of my own ideas. Incorporate augments into weak abilities by default. I feel that many augments were created to patch weaknesses of existing abilities. For abilities that see very little use or are underpowered, why not simply add the augment effect into the ability by default? This would be a relatively simple balance pass across all frames. Some examples of augments that should be incorporated into the ability by default: Bullistic Bullseye, Shocking Speed, Soul Survivor, Hallowed Reckoning, and Insatiable. There are many others but these are some of the ones I personally would love to see incorporated. While this is certainly an easy fix, I think it also doesn't adequately address the opportunity before us, and I will elaborate below. Skill tree progression for each Warframe. With this overhaul, former augments become unlockable perks on each Warframe's skill tree. Rather than just handing out power like candy, why not let us earn that power? Augments for warframes become a part of player progression. A warframe skill tree could look very similar to our existing Focus Skill Tree. Although this would be a drastic overhaul, if done correctly, I feel that it could really add something to the game. The current system feels very rinse and repeat. You level a warframe a few times to add some standard polarities and you are done. The vast majority of customization is cosmetic. Yes, there's a fair bit of flexibility in mods, but generally, after playing the frame for a while, you arrive at the same conclusions as everyone else. I wouldn't go so far as to say that warframes are cookie cuttings, but sometimes it can feel that way. Something I've never understood is that the skill progression for a warframe is completely automated other than your choice in mods and polarities. For example, each time you level your frame with affinity your base stats are boosted and your abilities unlocked at the same point each time. Why is this progression automatic in first place? Don't we want to encourage player choice? A system like this would also allow a player to use multiple augments at once, which is something I've always wanted to be able to to do, but because most augments aren't that powerful they just take up too much modding space. Changing augments from mods into perks eliminates this problem. More powerful augments should still take up more capacity and be more difficult or time consuming to unlock. A skill tree model of progression allows for some really creative customization options and would reward players for sticking with a particular frame for the long haul. This approach views each Warframe as a unique character with whom our operator can learn and grow. According to lore and quests each operator appears to have had a very intimate and unique connection with a specific frame. They weren't just a "master of all" or a collector of frames. They mastered a specific focus school and a specific frame. Not to say we can't branch out, but my point is that mastering a specific frame should take much longer and be much more involved than it currently is. When I say that my main is Oberon, I want it to mean more than that's the frame I use most often. It should reflect weeks or even months of training, knowing his abilities inside and out and generally maxing out his potential. This skill tree could be very involved, but I will shoot out a few additional thoughts: Much of the skill tree could follow the existing automatic stat progression from an unranked to rank 30 frame, however instead of the game system automatically buffing my abilities and stats each time I level the frame, I would get to choose what gets buffed. I would like the possibility to give a bit more health to a warframe at the cost of another stat, say max energy, at least while I'm ranking it up. There would be additional nodes on the tree for most of the existing warframe augments. For example, you might have the Phoenix Renewal augment as a node on the tree for Oberon's 3rd ability, and it takes a given amount of affinity and/or resources to max it to, say, rank 3. To keep things balanced, developers could do a few different things: Unlocking some augments might require a rare resource (say an eidolon shard). Some augment nodes might be Mastery Rank locked. I think you will definitely have to re-balance some of the augments so that they can be used simultaneously without making frames too overpowered. Alternatively, for a given frame, you might only be able to use a couple augments at one time, limited by some overall capacity. But the more than you pilot and level your warframe the more of its skills and abilities you unlock. It gets a bit complicated when you are polarizing your warframe. Re-leveling shouldn't completely undo your progress on the skill tree, but it should give you a chance to re-allocate your affinity. Maybe each time you re-level a frame you gain additional points to spend overall. This would make it more rewarding to re-level. Perhaps you are able to unlock and use an additional augment node each time you polarize up to say a maximum of 3 or 4. I realize this skill tree progression adds a lot of complexity to the game for newer players. It's possible that this content should be locked behind a quest that has a few different requirements, as much of the other content of this nature is. Once the quest is complete you might need to obtain a certain item to unlock the skill tree for each of your warframes (similar to an Orokin Reactor) "Void Channeled" abilities As an alternative to a warframe skill tree, you could add the augments as perks on each focus skill tree instead. The ideal is probably an amalgam of this idea and the one above. Not quite sure what it would look like though. Something that continues to feel under-explored is the relationship between operator and warframe. Most of the time, due to the sheer power of my maxed out warframes and weapons, I rarely use my operator unless there is a specific reason to do so: for example, stripping shields from eidolons. Many of the Focus tree perks go unused, simply because they are unneeded when all I need to do is spam E with a giant sword and press 4 every once and a while. This strategy works for 90% of warframe content. Any steps toward remedying this problem will be welcomed. One way we can begin to tackle the issue while simultaneously offering a solution to the augment problem follows: Something that could be incorporated either into the above skill tree idea, or implemented on its own is to be able to "void channel" a warframe ability. Channeling an ability consumes your operator's void energy to augment it. Mechanically, you would hold a modifier key while pressing your ability key at the same time to void channel. Think of this as a parallel to channeling a melee weapon using your warframe's energy pool. The warframe is the operator's weapon after all. Each ability would be capable of equipping a maximum of one "void perk". These perks would previously be augments, albeit balanced to fit within this new system. So, if you void channeled Rhino's 1, Rhino Charge you would also activate the Ironclad Charge perk if you had that perk unlocked and selected. These void perks could even be tied to specific focus schools and unlockable through that school's Focus tree. Because most warframes have a mix of damage, support, or mixed abilities, only specific perks would be tied to a given school. For example Oberon's Phoneix Renewal perk would likely be tied to Vazarin (support) while his Hallowed Eruption augment might be Madurai. Alternatively, each school would directly govern specific warframes and all of that frame's augments. Augment mod slot. I am ultimately not as much in favor of this idea as the above ones but it should be discussed. I know the upgrade screen is getting a little cluttered now, but I think we have visual room for one more slot, if the aura and exilis sots are shifted over. The fact that any additional slots will use that much more mod capacity I feel automatically balances this pretty well, especially since this new slot would only allow augments to be fitted in. It would just require a couple more polarizations and probably not allow Umbral Builds unless you had an Umbra Forma. Allow augments in the exilis slot Another solution would be to allow augments in the exilis slot (just like Mesa's Waltz). While I would be less happy with this, it would still be an improvement over the existing situation. There are tons of augments I wish I could use, but using them would simply be worse than not using them. There are also a limited number of exilis mods that are worth slotting in - these being Handspring, Enemy Sense, Power Drift, Cunning Drift, Rush, and a couple others. For many frames I would rather have a useful augment over these. Future augments should allow frames to fulfill a niche. When you as developers are designing new augments I think that augments that either fall in the "patching a weakness" or "perk" category will almost always be misses within the existing augment system. I believe that successful augments either allow the frame to do completely unique things or bolster the warframe's strongest ability. When I think of the augments that I actually do use and are able to find room for, Despoil, Regenerative Molt, Mesa's Waltz, Hushed Invisibility, Chromatic Blade, Resonating Quake, Fatal Teleport, Pilfering Swarm, Negation Swarm, Infiltrate, Phoenix Renewal, etc... they fit this criteria. Warframes that see the most play do things that no other frame can do or do it so well that they are simply the best choice available. Here is an example of an augment that I would personally love to use: Garuda's Blood Altar: Blood Altar's radius is tripled. Garuda's blood altar siphons a percentage of kuva resource for all squad members within its radius. (percentage of Kuva gain is proportional to Power Strength) Garuda as a character is petty awesome, however I feel that she is generally outclassed by other frames at what she does. An augment like this gives her a purpose, similar to a frame like Nekros, Saryn, or Trinity which everyone loves to see in a squad comp. Kuva is a resource that we can never seem to get enough of. Running out of Kuva? Slap this augment on Garuda and go to town! Here's another one: Vauban Bastille Augment: On cast, mechanical enemies within bastille's range fight for vauban instead and attract aggro from enemies for the duration of bastille. (Number of enemies affected and their damage boost is affected by power strength. Damage boost affects all mechanical allies as well including sentinels and moas.) Giving specific frames augmented effectiveness toward certain factions is a good idea. This augment makes vauban one of the best choices for defense against Corpus.
  6. When NW was first introduced I was really excited. This felt fresh and interesting. It gave me something to do. Now, having ground all the way to the wolf armor set, I can still say that overall I think Nightwave is a very positive addition to the game, but it needs some tweaking. I enjoyed the story and the rewards, especially the Umbral Forma! Man, that is awesome! And rightfully, we only get one this time. I will say with confidence that NW is a HUGE improvement to the old alert system. It keeps me logging in and gives me a reason to do things I wouldn't normally do. The old alerts were totally dead for me. Those of you complaining, please give it a rest! We are spoiled on Warframe. I think the devs do an excellent job of providing free content. There are other games that just downright punish you. I feel lucky to be walking away from this NW series with an umbra forma, 40k kuva, and 6 built forma. My time feels well spent. Nothing I've experience in warfame has left me feeling used or cheated, which is something I can't say for other games. I am very grateful to DE for their hard work, how they respond to the community, their creativity, and the awesome game that we all get to experience and co-create. So, after finishing the Nightwave series, here is my personal feedback, in order of importance. 1. Let us choose our rewards. Similar to the login reward system, let us have three options at various tiers of value. Need a lot of Kuva, but don't need forma? No problem! It kind of sucks to earn rewards that you don't need. 2. Give us more time to complete the series. If I am on an extended vacation or if I have a family emergency I will be missing out on NW rewards. Granted, that should be the least of my problems, but lets not punish players for having a real life. Games should be fun, not work. Let us play the game at our own pace and allow for several weeks of inactivity. You should still reward those who have more time to spend on the game, but lets minimize players feeling left out, frustrated, and cheated out of exclusive rewards. The implications of this might just be 1 or 2 additional weeks for the series. 3. After series completion, let us continue to choose our rewards based on the aforementioned tier system. This essentially means that the reward progression is indefinite. Wolf creds are only useful to a point, especially for those of us who already have all of the items in the store. A small amount of wolf creds just doesn't feel satisfying. For me. Kuva, built forma, and rare arcanes are much more needed. When i got the armor set, I kinda stopped paying attention to NW acts. Giving players choices is a good thing. 4. Wolf spawn rates still feel pretty low. I didn't even see the wolf until very late in the series, and so far I have encountered only 4 spawns. One of which was right when my squad was extracting! Wolf troll FTW!! So, maybe we could purchase wolf beacons from the wolf cred store, or maybe when you capture fugitives there is a chance for the wolf to show up to protect them. I wish that killing the wolf provided at least 1k standing since it is such a grind to find and defeat him. All that work and luck and just a crappy drop really feels lame. 5. It would be nice to have a little more variety in the reward progression. Much of the cosmetic stuff felt like dead rewards to me. I'm just not into sigils and emotes. Armor sets, sure... but the rest tend to be disappointments. But that's just me. That's one reason why I suggest that you let us choose our rewards. Boosters, resources (10 Orokin cells?), even credits (maybe 3mil or so) are all useful and practical rewards that I would feel good about getting. What about deluxe skins (as a choice)? I don't own them all yet and that would be pretty cool. The options here are endless and the more the better. I would suggest adding so many different rewards that one couldn't get them all before the series was over, thereby motivating us to look forward to the next series. 6. Daily and weekly acts could be more varied and interesting. Overall I was pretty happy with the challenges, but they became repetitive. I think there might be some merit in discussing the possibility of the acts being a modular choice. Each act could have 2 or 3 modes that would satisfy it. I think this would alleviate some of the griping. In other words, there are multiple paths to rewards, instead of everything being "mandatory". "Forcing" players to play stealth when that isn't what they enjoy for example. I admit that it would be a challenge to present this in such a way that wasn't too messy or confusing, but I think it's worth some exploration. Lets have a brainstorm on new NW acts!! 7. As others have said, I don't think the "with friends/clanmates" condition is very helpful. 90% of the time, those friends are just going to be strangers you find on recruiting channel. It's an extra step that doesn't effectively address the issue you are targeting. I don't really have a great solution other than to simple remove the extra condition. It feels cumbersome. I think if you want to encourage clan collaboration there has to be other ways. How about providing different passive buffs if you are playing with a friend or clanmate? I don't know. 8. I would have liked to see even more focus on the story in the acts and rewards. Just simple things, or little details. Maybe the armor set has some special effect where fugitives or low level grineer fight for you instead. Maybe it boosts the damage of grineer weapons? Perhaps there is a secret message from the wolf located in the Saturn Six Scene. How about an act of "defeat the wolf using only melee weapons in under 5 minutes" Wolf beacons for wolf creds I think are a must!
  7. Thanks again for the awesome update and fixes. Although I was really hoping to get the Nighthunter Syandana along with the skin: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1478716861
  8. This is amazing! Thank you DE so very much. I can't imagine how many hours it took to do this. So many awesome features, improvements, and content!! Wheee!
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