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  1. They can still make plat if they lock certain portions of the spectrum that correspond to the palettes. Of course it would be hard to introduce new palletes since they would make to make previously free portions of the spectrum locked. Another possible solution to the clunky palettes is to simply allow us to organize them by color value once purchased so similar colors are close to each other. Basically each individual color would be its own entity which you could sort and organize.
  2. I think the current color palette system is incredibly clunky and annoying. Can we just get a color picker ala Photoshop? Go to Google and type in "Color Picker Tool" and you will see what I mean. I think if DE really wanted to retain their named palettes they could probably lock certain parts of the spectrum which would be unlocked when those palettes were purchased. It would be easy to type in RGB numbers to get exact colors, and favorite certain colors.
  3. OMG, please no! Ranged "stances" I think could be really interesting if handled well. Some kind of cool little buff like "5 headshots in a row grants 50% crital chance for 10 seconds" Or just very minor buffs to fire rate, magazine size, reload speed, etc... depending on the weapon some stances would be better than others of course.
  4. Let's put new primed damage mods in the Steel Path store. As a store that tends to be pretty lackluster, I think these would be a great addition to the cycling wares he has to offer. I guess they could also go in the Arbitrations honor store since that suffers some of the same issues. To be clear these mods are (probably missing a couple): Primed Vital Sense Primed Point Strike Primed Barrel Diffiusion Primed Hell's Chamber Primed Split Chamber Primed Hornet Strike Primed Serration Primed Blunderbuss Primed Hunter Munitions Primed Hellfire Primed Deep Freeze Primed Convulsion Primed Pathogen Rounds Primed Infected Clip Primed Stormbringer I feel pretty stongly that this could be a great way to help balance ranged weapons in the game since they are progression gated behind Steel Path. It wont be possible to get these mods early on to cheese the normal star chart. I guess you can trade for them, but I have a feeling they would demand a pretty high price if sold in this way. IN ADDITION TO THIS it might be nesecarry to find a way to increase the overal capacity of all ranged weapons. Melee weapons have something that ranged weapons don't and that is Stance mods. These add to the weapon's overall capacity. Ranged weapons ALSO have exilis mods that further drain capacity. What I would like to see is some equivilant to stance mods for all ranged weapons. These could just be some sort of minor passive buff to the weapon, or something along those lines. Most guns are fine for the normal star chart and even sorties. It's only really the steel path where the disparity between melee and ranged weapons started becoming an issue. Am I right?
  5. These forums tend to be pretty toxic. It's just a sad fact. Try not to take anything personally, and just remember that all those sad people have nothing else to do but troll the internet. ;)
  6. Why not, we enslave Kuva liches, not to mention sell them in a slave market....
  7. I want to upvote this one. I think this is a great idea. Where do all those rescued characters go anyway? How about enslaving capture targets as well?
  8. Yes, dojo-frame is true endgame, agreed! I started a dojo and got really excited about decorating and getting everything researched. I recruited about ten new players, but within a few week every one of them quit playing. Kind of discouraging. Not sure what it was about the game that didn't hold their interest.
  9. One possible solution is to introduce more primed damage mods for all guns. Primed Blunderbuss for example would be awesome.
  10. I don't know why we can't have kuva melee versions. Has DE said anything abou that? Kuva Jat Kusar Kuva Ripkas Kuva Atterax JUST PLEASE can we have an alternative way to get these? Maybe Requiem relics, or a reward for killing a certain number of liches. IDK
  11. I like to think about what niche a particular warframe or ability would fill. Is there a playstyle I would like to try out that currently doesn't exist? What synergies are interesting to me? Then I ask, what kind of archetype might be this be best embodied as? Is there already a frame like this in the game? When I read your description I think of Icarus. The greek character who flew too close to the sun. I also think of Ember. My feedback to you is that the concept itself is interesting, but the abilites don't feel very unique. I think if I were to design an Icarus frame it would be something like this: PASSIVE: Elemental damage dealt to Lliakos ignores shields and restores energy. (like Rage but less) Using abilities restores a percentage of health based on damage. The lower his health, the more damage he deals. (works similar to garuda's or ember's passive.) 1. (croud control) Infuse an enemy with the fire of the sun. They deal more and more fire damage over time to those nearby, coaxing surrounding enemies to fire at them. After a while, the charged enemy explodes in a super nova dealing devestating damage. Hold the ability to accelerate the process. 2. (damage reduction) Cloak Iliakos in the warmth the solar winds. Reduces incoming damage and reflects it back at the attackers. 3. (movement) Hold ability to charge through the air in any direction. Enemies hit are ragdolled and dealt fire damage. 4. (damage dealing) Incinerate surrounding enemies. The lower our warframes health, the more damage is dealt. I hope this helps
  12. Thanks! I'm really glad you like the idea. It's a little half baked and could use some refinement, but I would personally have a lot of fun with this frame. Polarizing the frame doesn't reset anything. It just takes a certain amount of Radiance resource and the forma. Radiance being gained in all the ways you would normally gain affinity. It's almost exactly how leveling a focus tree works. I really dig the concept of leveling a frame in a non-traditional way. I think it would fit into the proposed backstory of having a frame that needs to be "repaired" to be useable. As for perks, I think that warrents a bit of explanation. I really think this game could benefit from a perk system as opposed to the augments. It rewards long term investment in a frame. I think many augments should just be built into the ability by default. Adding "upgradeable" abilities in the form of perks kind of balances things a bit. Many augments are simply not worth slotting in but could be useful "perks" instead. Other augments really should be a part of the ability by default IMO. For example, it would be possible to "infuse" Nekros with the Despoil augment by spending a set amount of resources. It would be a resource sink and give us a reason to use our huge stockpiles. I have 364k Rubebo at the moment, why not use it for something? You might spend 50k ruebedo and some other resources to infuse Nekros with Despoil. I think this could play well into the Helmith system somehow. So introducing the concept of perks with this frame kind of paves the way for larger changes if it works. To elaborate on that just a bit: I think it would be possible to dumb down warframe abilties a bit and translate that power into perks that you have to invest in. It's kind of like how a lot of RPGs work. For example, Saryn's spores might take more investment to get them to the point where they can nuke entire battlefields, while frost's snowglobe can eventually get Chilling Globe augment without spending a mod slot.
  13. I'm just throwing out ideas to try and tackle the issue. Simply complaining or shooting down ideas without offering alternatives doesn't help anyone. dding another way to optain the weapons that's also linked in with the system makes sense to me to lessen the grind. And simply integrating the lich grind into normal gameplay allows one to kill 2 birds with one stone and so make the grind less painful if you are also grinding for something else at the same time. Sure, the number for a rare part drop on the relics don't make sense as proven above. However, why not a common or an uncommon drop?
  14. Alright then, what alternative do you propose? I concede that the math doesn't pan out, but I don't think it would take much to tweak that in our favor a bit more. I would still like to see Requiem relics lead to kuva weapons in some alternative way. Maybe certain types of relics reward certain weapons and certain relics come from certain places, IDK. I can get behind some of this. Speeding up murmur farming is probably a worthwhile reward. Or simply move the kuva weapon parts to the command reward slot?
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