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  1. Thank you. Derp. I now understand why they made these dedicated nodes. For matchmaking, it makes perfect sense, but from a single player perspective it is still very grindy. And I still think we should explore some alternatives. I think the whole point of a Kuva Lich is that they are supposed to be a threat that infringes on your regular gameplay, plus they are manually generated by the player so you DID make the choice to have them in your grill until they are defeated. Howver, yes, if get rid of dedicated nodes, then your randoms will not have the choice which I could see bein
  2. I have a suggestion that would do a lot to make the Kuva Lich grind less painful. Can we please do away with dedicated missions for kuva thralls? This simply means that if a node is influenced by your kuva lich that thralls will spawn there along with your lich. Is there any game-breaking reason NOT to do this? Now we get an added bonus for completing missions we already need to complete like for nightwave, fissures, etc... instead of going to a dedicated node where that is the only real benefit. I will make the further suggestion that thralls and liches spawned on Steel Pa
  3. I honestly think you make a pretty good argument and agree with what you say. I'm just making the statement that I want something unique TO DO for an event. I actually like the Halloween event of 2019 - it was pretty challenging. I will ammend my statement to say that they should just put some evergreen rewards in the store (such as forma) and folks will be happy. I would have been pretty happy if I could purchase toroids from this store since I need them for other things and they are kind of a pain to get. I hope bleeding body ephemera makes an appearance at some point.
  4. Honestly, if nobody hyped this as being an "event" people would not be as dissapointed. Compared to other years where we just got a temporary auxilary attachement or something and maybe a couple decorations, this is a slight improvement. That said, to my understanding, an "event" is something that involves actually doing something unique, like Plague Star or Dog Days. Not a just a store with a couple of unique items that use existing currency. I wish we got a unique mission with this event. Something fun and thematic. That's all.
  5. After going through all the trouble of getting these awesome skins, I was very sad to learn that the skins actually nerf the kuva versions of the weapons back to the normal ones. This has to be unintentional: I think it goes without saying this is counterproductive and annoying. If anything, these skins should further boost the stats of these weapons, not nerf them. Please fix this DE.
  6. I use it on Cernos Prime as a low level sweeper alongside a multishot riven. Shotgun bow. At close range it can hit pretty hard too. Yes, 2 secs isn't very much and losing all stacks hurts. I would say, lets buff it to 5 sec, and lose one stack at a time. Also, I will say that I would really like to use this with Nagantaka, Attica, and Zhuge Prime. Lets modify this mod so it can be used with these bows in a balanced fashion.
  7. YES! This idea did cross my mind, and when you say it like that it makes sense. I think if ranged weapons also had a combo counter, then we'd be in business. Snipers already do, but killing one enemy at a time is rarely how you want to be playing, lol. I think changing some existing mods to act like Blood Rush and Condition Overload would be a great improvement. But then we get into the debate of wether or not this is a good thing for the diversity of the game. I guess my feeling is that I want all weapons to be viable for something. Maybe not all weapons are good at slaughtering hun
  8. You bring up some good points. I agree that we are due for wide sweeping rebalance of ranged weapons in general. New primed damage mods are only a part of what needs to happen. I'm not expecting every single weapon to be viable for high level content, but a lot of primed weapons, kuva weapons, and special variants should do more damage in general, or just fulfill their niches better. And I don't necessarilly think the fact that new primed damage mods favor weapons with more capacity is a bad thing. These weapons are hard to get, and a pain the butt to level up. They should be better than
  9. Here's my feedback regarding Steel Path: GAMEPLAY What you did right: I find the difficulty refreshing. Yes, it's not amazingly hard but it's an improvement. It forces me to rethink how I mod my frames and weapons I personally think the alerts were a very positive change as I was getting tired of doing Steel Path missions solo. Its a lot more reliable way to get essence without grinding in a focused farming squad, which I found boring and wasteful of a good opportunity. What are my critiques: It's still somewhat easy if you use the right frame with the right wea
  10. I hear a lot of people complaining about needing to invest 5 forma into Kuva Weapons in order for them to be "mastered" Only when you've done that is the weapon considered mastered in your profile. I DO believe this should be changed so that bringing the weapon to lvl 30 is sufficient to be considered mastered, however there are other issues at play here. Side issues are: the relative difficulty of optaining forma, and the time investment required to actually level the weapon. It's a grind, but ultimately IT IS OPTIONAL. No one is forcing you to do this, and it is not necessary to reach M
  11. I see where you are coming from. When it comes to teamplay, Oberon definitely needs a buff. My rework was primarily geared toward being more effective solo. I use him for Steel Path and his shortcomings became glaringly obvious in that settting. In most cases, Wisp fulfills the support role much better. This is largely because her buffs are so easy to maintain. They are indefinite for god's sake! I think it would behoove us to compare these two frames in terms of what they offer in a support role. WISP Allies can regain buff at will by re-entering Mote's range Motes are ind
  12. Soul Punch needs a purpose to his kit... a kit that already had and still has a lack of synergy. This new change was a just a poorly executed band aid to a bigger problem.
  13. There is absolutely no reason SP needs to ragdoll enemies. It serves no function. Sending enemies to the moon that you want to turn into Shadows makes zero sense. Btw, Terrify and Shadows are Nekros CC abilities. How I would fix this is still turn the enemies "soul" into a projectile, but let the body go to sleep so you can easily kill it and turn it into a shadow. Boom. Fixed.
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