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  1. I cannot think of many things that have not already been said, but please change Xaku's 4 back to Damage reduction as was stated to be in the dev steams. And all the animations all feel very sluggish currently. so a 25-50% speed increase in the animations would help make Xaku feel better to play without having to equip natural talent by default.
  2. The mech parts DO drop fairly often, the real problem is that they are bugged and fall through the floor of the map before most people can pick them up. The main issue preventing us from getting the parts is a bug because the parts just disappear through the map.
  3. DE PLEASE Fix the Necramech parts dropping THROUGH The floor
  4. Nice work DE, BUT STILL The nerfs to Defy literally make no sense, Just because a certain ill mannered former partner said it was broken on twitter is not a good reason. No one would have used it except maybe for ironskin min-maxing on rhino. The Nidus radius reduction is not a good idea, You guys should have just WAITED for people to actually test it, Buff the weak, and if an ability is "Too Strong" then just change the pick to another ability. I suggest letting DE_Pablo take over helminth balancing since he seems to be among the most competant when it comes to abilities.
  5. DE If you guys think those 6 are OP just the ones chosen, or buff the weaker ones simple as that. Add some movement, some defense, Also the larva and Defy nerfs make no sense. Larva already has weaknesses, and Defy already has a cap. No really defy makes no sense why nerf it with something it already has? Will it have 2 caps now? it makes absolutely no sense at all.
  6. DE IF you guys dont want so many "overwhelming choices" Just change up the choices. Add in some good movement, some good defence options, It does not all have to be CC and Damage and healing. Here are a few good suggestions that are not OP (also just cancel those nerfs ASAP You FOOLS are just turning the community against you EVEN MORE and soiling any hype people had for this system just STOP) 1: Change Ash's Choice from his Armor strip to his teleport and give Nyx's Armor Strip. It makes the Nyx choice a Tempting choice compared to roar and other abilities while still not being the best, a
  7. WHY! just why? Nerf frame strikes again. Armor cap on defy, Why it ALREADY DOES HAVE A CAP? The Larva range reduced WHY? its not a massive damage increase, and for Larva its not the best CC out there, it can only be cast once per until its duration finishes, Enemies can get stuck on terrain making it annoying to track down, and JUST NO!/ Enough with the clam responces, enough with the panic nerfs, enough with the BS, you guys did not even pick the most powerful combos. Just buff the garbage abilities. Instead of nerfing BUFF the weak. For example Zephyr's buff kind of sucks(Pun in
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