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  1. Noticed that self-damage is still in the game with the Kuva Ayanga (rejoice Chroma mains for the Archgun fulfils your Vex Armor needs). I am not certain whether this is intentional or just an oversight with the weapon's splash damage. It is possible to proc Magnetic and Corrosive (as I assume other status effects) which, while being funny, can lead to some frustrating scenarios. It seems to only happens when it is deployed in regular missions and isn't, as far I have seen, present on normal Archwing missions. Self-damage being removed was a welcomed, if not controversial, change. The long
  2. Thanks for the hotfix! Is it possible to make it so that Wisp has unique idle animations with equipped melee? She just... stands on her non-existent feet instead of floating like I assume she would/is supposed to. Might be a bit of a nit pick but she looks weird standing there rather than floating like the elegant frame she is.
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