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  1. Companions (Kubrow) constantly stops responding during missions

    I've done a little bit of crude testing. So far I've gotten this bug reliably in earth missions, and it's never happened to me in other ones that I've noticed. However, I DID see it happen to someone else's Charger in a defense mission on a later planet (I'd have to check to figure out which one, sorry), so it's clearly not that simple. It's possible that there's several different bugs that all cause the same end result, or maybe some background element of Earth missions that exacerbates it, or any number of things. In any case, I'm not sure that Warframe supports that kind of console command. as far as I know the only commands in game are chat-related, so there may not be a system set up for that kind of command. Plus, if they make that kind of script, it's likely that they could set something up to have it run automatically if the pet is inactive for too long. Honestly, that'd be plenty enough fix for me. It would be nice for this to be completely fixed, but even just a stopgap measure would be nice for now.
  2. Kubrow issue

    This bug already has a thread about it here. So far there's only speculation, but it seems to be a pretty common bug.
  3. Companions (Kubrow) constantly stops responding during missions

    It seems like it might be a level geometry issue then? Is there any way to test that? Even just a guess list of tilesets that trigger this bug would be nice.
  4. Companions (Kubrow) constantly stops responding during missions

    Confirming this myself too, with a charger. It's happened twice in a row, both times I was in the infested excavation mission on earth, once something hit her and she went back to normal (it was something that inflicted knockdown, I didn't see exactly what) the other time enemies ignored her. Here's hoping that it gets fixed soon!