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  1. This year so far...

    It is REALLY nice to see improvements over just more new stuff, for me at least. New stuff is nice, but a lot of games casually lose track of a lot of the older stuff. I've previously told people that Warframe could see an entire major patch just of balance updates and still be adorably off-kilter, and this is definitely a statement I'd like to see become out of date. I look forward to more refinements in the future!
  2. Gara part drop rates

    Yeah, personally if the alternate rewards were better I'd certainly consider trying more. Relics are Relics, sure, but Credits and Endo you're basically guaranteed to get from any mission anyway, and most of the mods and resource drops aren't a big deal. (Or, in the case of the set mods, stop being a big deal after the 3rd or so time). As a result, unless you specifically have an eye out for something else in addition to the Gara parts, there's a lot of disappointment in the tables. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but given the amount of time that a single bounty takes it's massively inefficient.
  3. Gara part drop rates

    I know, but if I want a Kubrow I can just get a Kubrow. Maybe not quite the Kubrow I want, but a Kubrow in any case. If I want Gara I'm going to be slogging through lots of rewards I neither want nor need to get the blueprints. Same way with other warframe drops: It may take me 20 tries to get the ember neuroptics, but I'm getting an ember part blueprint each time that I can sell, on top of the pull from the assassination mission on Saturn. The fringe benefits from grinding for Gara are not worth the time and effort spent on the bounties.
  4. Gara part drop rates

    I generally don't play with boosters, but even so 200+ oxium is nothing to sneeze at. However, it doesn't eke out in importance over Vauban Prime (my pet project for a few months now) or a few other things. While the costs are more reasonable than what it takes to get going with Kubrow, Kubrow are more fun and require less random chance to get what you want. Yes, what Kubrow you first get is random, but there's no chance of investing time and effort into Kubrows and getting mods.
  5. Gara part drop rates

    I should not have to spend 1.2k Oxium and 100k credits to be able to play on the plains of Eidolon without pain. There's lots of better things to spend my credits and Oxium on than Bounties. Which is kind of the core of the issue. Literally the only thing I want from bounties at this point is Gara, and (as discussed) the grind is too steep to be worth the time. Getting the Arcwing launcher would just solve the physical issue, from a gameplay point of view Grinding for Gara is still not fun. And if you're going to say 'grinding in general is not fun', I don't see it in that way. I recently ground the parts for the Miter, and it took a while but I worked Vor and Krill down to a science. I slammed that mission out several times an hour, experimented and developed theories, stuff was fun. I'm considering doing the same to Sargas Ruk for Ember parts. Bounties just aren't worth the time and effort put into them.
  6. Gara part drop rates

    Okay, Bounties in general are extremely uphill. As someone without the resources to get the arcwing launcher, I spend 70% of the time in bounties trucking back and forth. Even people with the launchers seem to spend a lot of time ground-pounding. It's given me worry about my wrist health. And it could feasibly be worth it if I could get Gara, but I've played a lot of Bounties (15-ish?) and not seen a single part. Again, this isn't too unusual, but the issue is the sheer time it takes per run, and the energy. As in my energy, pressing parkour buttons. My fingers get tired. Not to mention that I could easily get two assassination runs done per Bounty, even the low-level ones, and Assassination runs guarantee Warframe part drops! In short, farming for Gara is not fun, most of it is just running around, and I'm also worried it's bad for my health. I think that PoE needs a mobility overhaul of some kind, I get that it's BIG but there's got to be a way to make it better to traverse. Maybe after you finish a bounty you don't need to return to the Cetus Gate to leave with mission complete? Maybe tweak the sprint speed so I at least don't need to make the repetitive motions? Okay, here's an easier option for you: Make Gara Parts tradeable. I don't want to skip out on the PoE content, but at this point I could grind up the materials to get Gara faster than I can get her parts. Or at least make more solid progress instead of betting time and finger cramps against a 7% chance. I would rather give grinding Equinox a try than continuing on Gara in the current system. At least for that I'm guaranteed more than 1.5k credits and two mods I already have dozens of per run.