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  1. (PS4)Radehx

    mag is liek trinity but damage

    Hilarious how many don't realize what a beast Mag is. LOL @ Trinity outdamaging a properly Mag build...not in terms of utility, but hands down when it comes to damage 😄
  2. I think many more will realize how useful it is given duration will be nerfed...it greatly extends duration indirectly.
  3. Well, pulling stuff into the rift this way is kinda helpful and less work than having to spam your 1 a ton. Allows me to focus on doing damage more.
  4. (PS4)Radehx


    You need to kill first before you're able to nuke stuff with Equinox. It's not a "click this button and nuke everything" ability...you have to work for it. The bottleneck isn't his 4, it's the ability to charge it effectively which relies on more than just his ability alone.
  5. I have...and I totally disagree because I don't want to fit another augment to get this ability. It's a quick way to boost damage and your proposal for his 1 is too damn slow.
  6. Nope, it's a great skill with a ton of funky rift mechanics and also a great damage boost if you fit the augment.
  7. (PS4)Radehx


    Stealth scales infinitely...nuking doesn't make it past mid levels.
  8. (PS4)Radehx

    Which Warframe is this?

    A few frames can do this...Limbo with Cataclysm, Mag with Magnetize, Frost with his bubble...but from your description, Mag is the most likely candidate. She's amazing with weapons like the Mara Detron.
  9. (PS4)Radehx

    Saryn's Spores

    If enemies are dying too quickly to spores, you are applying them to enemies that really don't need the damage/debuff of spores. Spreading and building the decay counter back up is no problem at all at higher levels. In short, stop wasting energy by applying spores to enemies that are already so weak, they die to a sneeze 😉 I hardly ever recast spores at higher levels... Complaining about this is a bit like complaining that enemies die too quickly if you stack 10 Banshee sonars onto lvl35s. It's overkill and unnecessary...but also the very thing allowing those frames to scale into more challenging (and fun) content.
  10. (PS4)Radehx

    This topic is closed.

    His 1-button insta armor stripping combo'ed with viral weapons is insanely good at high levels, his damage output scales really well. He's a more aggro Ivara and trades in a bit of utility for that, gaining armor stripping in the process. Both are super effective. He's (imo) hands down the best frame for the Zakti & Glaive Prime combo. Strip armor, apply slash procs, apply Zakti procs and the Glaive hits like a train. It melts everything. I have my Glaive rigged for viral/radiation and stuff either dies or helps me kill stuff thanks to rad procs. Those Glaive slash explosions are amazing AOE and single shots hit in the millions thanks to condition overload and stealth multipliers. Also godly with a viral Zarr and Hunter Munitions thanks to his passive. I think I can go longer solo with Ash than any other frame bar Ivara or Octavia. If you want damage, Ash is your man...at all levels. BS is just a damage add-on. If you use Shuriken, BS and a viral weapon, his damage output is pretty nuts. I sometimes feel like I'm Banshee, enemies die that quickly with him.
  11. (PS4)Radehx

    Damage Scaling (Keep getting one shot in high levels)

    It's fun (imo) to challenge yourself at those levels. Some frames work better than others for such long runs...Ash, Octavia, Ivara, Saryn, Duality Equinox, Oberon, Mag and Nidus come to mind.
  12. (PS4)Radehx

    Damage Scaling (Keep getting one shot in high levels)

    I'm totally fine with them being tanky too, you just have to run the right setups for the task at those levels. If you know armor scaling is an issue and you're solo or your team isn't running 4xCP, bring an armor stripper like Saryn, Mag or Oberon to fix that issue completely. Don't really struggle too hard with doing damage tbh. Frames like Seeking Shuriken Ash, Duality Equinox or Saryn pump out enough damage to go well into the high 100 and low 1000 levels in terms of damage.
  13. (PS4)Radehx

    Damage Scaling (Keep getting one shot in high levels)

    Recently watched some endgame runners in MOT on Twitch. 2 of them were meditating the first hour out of boredom. Give us a challenge DE!! I'd be fine starting my games at "one shot dead" levels.
  14. (PS4)Radehx

    Damage Scaling (Keep getting one shot in high levels)

    This! Although they do get cleverer in some ways at higher levels. After 3hrs of MOT for example, stuff will try to stay outside Octavia's mallet hit range. Cheeky #*!%ers. Imo they should just add another Void branch starting at lvl80-100 for us crazy people. And offer us some real rewards for playing more challenging content. Armor/health/shields don't really scale the same though, they could align that a bit. Armor scaling can be a bit nuts unless you bring something like Seeking Shuriken Ash, corrosive Mara Detron Mag, Saryn or one of the other great armor strippers.
  15. (PS4)Radehx

    Damage Scaling (Keep getting one shot in high levels)

    The solution is PARKOUR...never stop moving, ever. Very few frames can face tank at higher levels, but they are still totally feasible. People do long runs with super squishy Banshee in MOT without issues, and it comes down to being good at parkour. Always roll, never stand still and you have to be situationally aware of where enemies are coming from. I only use Vitality and Regen molt on my Saryn, nothing else...and most of the time I do long endless runs. You also have to get good at placing molt in the correct spots, it makes a HUGE difference to her survivability. Need a "get out of jail card" at higher levels...use her 4 because it turns from a mostly damage to a mostly CC ability at higher levels. I use the same exact Saryn build for all content: You can get 133/100/175/(214+25) with Regen Molt if you fit her with Growing Power, Power Drift, Augur Secrets, Intensify, Primed Continuity, Stretch, Vitality, Augur Reach, Transient Fortitude (r8), Regen Molt.