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  1. Considering new player experience and end-game content, I brainstormed a few alternatives. First the level system. Simply use the existing system of having different enemy "classes" on different planets and do away with levels. If hp and armor values aren't variable it creates a better base for "difficult" content by allowing more than a few game modes to be difficult. Also boss fights. If you compress the difference between low level and high level equipment it better allows for low and high level players playing together. (please don't raise Rivens as a good solution) Why does completing new equipment give higher access to the game? Leaning into the above concern, why do I feel like I have to level bad equipment? If I want to recommend a weapon to my friend, why should he have to repeatedly level up weapons he doesn't want to use in order to build it? I went on a spree recently going from MR 17 to MR 19 pretty quickly. I was mostly farming for Ivara but it wasn't gleeful. Why is this a major consideration for power accessibility? Railjack is a cool experience (broken, incomplete, but cool (also Warframe as a whole?)). There is a small portion of the community that has come back for it (me) or are coming for the first time. A few got past the barrier to entry (also what?) and found they still couldn't play because their gear sucks (my friends under MR 12). Don't make your flagship content inaccessible to new players. Don't make your content inaccessible to new players.
  2. One thing I actually dislike about warframe is that I have such a big advantage on new players, that if they want to catch up they have to spend hundreds of hours farming resources, parts, xp, rep, etc. I would first like to see mastery rank benefits reworked, or at least cushioned for low mastery players. That being said, if people like the grind and want to re-grind, it'd be cool to see some sort of prestige reward for it, something beyond cosmetics but still low impact.
  3. The idea of crossplay in Warframe is nearly as old as that of Warframe on multiple platforms. In 2013 when Warframe had a Playstation 4 demo for E3 Steve said cross-platform play was something they were going to do just as sure as the next platform itself. The reason we got for why this didn't happen was the update cycle. The Xbox One launch in 2014 (and the 2018 Switch launch) complicated things by increasing the number of platforms that would have to be on the same content update. Fast forward to the infamous January 2019 devstream. Steve mentions that cross save (having progression sync across systems) is the safest way to implement anything like it and something they were looking at. More recently it's been represented as being a major objective directly after further implementations of Empyrean. Switching topics for a bit to Warframe's content history, I personally consider the current implementation of Railjack to be a brilliant tech demo. Kuva liches are similar in that they're cool for a little while. One of the wondrous things about playing this game long-term is seeing polish added (there are a lot of "2.0s" or even "3.0s" to mention). One of the really frustrating things is watching it take so long (why are there still mission-breaking Orb Vallis bugs?) What if DE created a semi-public PC beta to replace the current PC head start? It would give WF partners something to do and it could really increase polish on the game. It seems like having things on the same cycle is a prerequisite to crossplay and creating such an beta would help players and devs communicate what they want for/from new content. Warframe might need an announcement that it has actually left beta but I think it's a game that deserves that announcement. There's a long list of things players want from the game (or things the game deserves) and a change like this could really help facilitate the more important changes if it gets DE to invest more into the player's experience on the whole. I know this is really three separate ideas, but let me know what you think. Bibliography: Cross-platform play is in the future (Jul 2013) https://www.cinemablend.com/games/Warframe-Support-Cross-Platform-Play-Between-PS4-PC-57513.html Cross-platform play is not in the future (Oct 2013) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/125149-warframe-ps4-account-migrationcross-platform-play/ Cross-save is an idea we are exploring (Jan 2019) https://wccftech.com/warframe-crossplay-highest-risk-things/ or https://youtu.be/sf9QpXSGryg?t=3105 Cross-save is coming soon (Dec 2019) https://www.pcgamesn.com/warframe/cross-save
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