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  1. Whaaat. I love Ivara She can do it all ,but I had no idea,i mean she is the huntress Frame. But Eidolons. Okay you have to keep this on the DL so that the Nerf Herders don't hear you. And get her Nerfed back into the same class as Ember. IVARA IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. SHEIS HOTDOG WATER GARBAGE. (shhhshhh) lol
  2. TLady Hawk Was a movie about 2 lovers coursed by a corrupt bishop. (for give the spelling) Esabeu played by Michelle pfifer,and Navar played by Rudgar Hower. Were cursed to never see each other again in human form. Michelle Pfifer in the day time would be a hawk. Navar would be Human. Then at Night Navar would turn into a wolf and Esabeau would turn human. I won't spoil too much of it. It also co stared Mathew Broderick. He was squire to Navar in the day time and served as kind of a protecter for Esabeau when Navar was in wolf form. Navar would have to go off on his own in that time cause that's back when they were exterminating wolves in Medievil Europe. It's a really good movie. You should check it out. It came out back in the 80s. telling my age here but,worth a look.
  3. Yeah Rivens are more or less Monus mods to add a littler extra kick to your weapons. Not surprised. Just hurt my feelings a littke to see my Axlex get slapped a little bit. It's not the end of the world. But to see my Cc Sc and negative recoil. It was -79% recoil and silky smooth.
  4. IKR, the Kohm and the Opticor. They dropped the Vandal Version so the classic would be spared.
  5. I still use Sicarus Prime a lot. So to keep a good weapon from getting Nerfed. Stop using them and use the not so good ones? the logic escapes me.
  6. the Vulkar is in the Red now. all snipers took a hit cause the Devs. don't want us 1 shotting the Eidolons. We'll still find a way,without exploiting the Game. we'll always find a legal means for a more efficient grind.XD
  7. I feel ya on thet point bruh. I have 91 rivens and a message popping asking me to tank one of them. I had gotten my 3 riven log in reward. Instead of beeing like. yeaah baby. I'm like what should I get rid of. especially when ya can't do the Sortie if you're over the limit. So I sold a Tipedo,b4 I found out it was getting primed for 100pl. Kicking my own butt after that. I ended up doing the same with a Rubico,An Akbolto and bunch more rivens that I didn't have space for. i 've given away so many rivens to clan mates and other rivens i could have trans muted if I had the space for something better.
  8. True they did say in Laymans terms. "Don't get too comfortable" and Rivens were designed to make less popular weapons more popular and to make weak weapons more viable. When they see a weapon getting too much love case in point. the Opticor Extremely powerful weapon but not very popular which is why it still had a full dispo.They brought out the Vandal the way it is so that they won't have to Nerf the classic one. and so it's dispo will stay the way it is for now. it went from a 5 to 4 dispo but with that it would make the Opticor Lite stand up with the classic. If you have a good riven.
  9. Lets's see the Easabeau Sayandana and the Navaar Armorm. 'I See you've been watching "Lady Hawk" Lady Hawk is one of my Childhood Favorite Movies,right up there with Legend Labrynth and Troll. If you've never seen it. Treat yoself. It is a really good movie. Kind of makes me think that's why you chose a wolf for saturn, and why Harrow is a Bishop and why Zephyr is a bird. okay that's a stretch but I know. anyway Great looking Armor and Sayandana.
  10. Awesome D.E. way to step the game up. The next announcement I'm dying to see,is Pablo becoming executive Frame and Rework Designer. The man has got an unmatchable mind,eye,and style. He's responsible for some of the best Frames,and rework that we have today..The man deserves A raise,Key to the executive wash room, a company car. a date with Rebecca.lol...because he's that ridiculously good. Ooh and a win a date with Rebecca contest would be Awesome. The Winner gets a lunch date with Rebecca,a tour of Digital Extreme,Merch like T-Shirts An Official steve Fishing hat. And If ya Can't come to London Ontario. You get an AutoGraphed Picture of Rebecca. A Poster with the Whole D.E Family with signatures a cute comment if space permits. T-shirt Merch Still get want an Official Steve Fishing Hat. Plus a Shoutout on the next Dev Streme. Just a thought
  11. Are you hinting that the you know who's Family is returning to you know where,and bring you know what back to the rotation? The thought of my Opticore in their mouths while they scream their last words. Gives me a warm Christmassy feeling inside. Makes me wanna drink my Hot Cocoa out of a wine Glass. Or the caps of their skulls.
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