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  1. I was opening a "11 head shot while undetected" riven on cetus. I got my last shot and exited the mission. As I was exiting an error notice popped saying it couldn't update current data progress will not be saved. It went through 4 cycles of that before I returned to the ship. I get back the riven is now blank.I'm doing this from my phone i took pictures of it and trying to attach them.
  2. Because that would make too much since. I think they nerf popular weapons cause they were picked on popular kids. Now anything popular must be evil and has to be punished. Lol jk...
  3. Arcane helmets were removed from the drop cycle a few years ago. before Arcanes were the way we know them. they only came on certain helmets. Then they added the Arcanes that we know. but they were attachable tho your helmet and syandana. but you could break the arcane by accedent and loose it for ever. I lost a grace that way. De either couldn't or just wouldn't fix it.
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