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  1. 10k hp Inaros,....oneshot? In SP?
  2. Read the forum guidelines first. Forums won't help you, name and shame is a no no....
  3. Report and move on, Russian subforum is here: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/111-русский/
  4. I think people across these forums can agree that a forum search function already exists.
  5. Or, and hear me out, people learn not to spam, meme, insult others in chat atleast?
  6. Do you mean sortie reward rotation? How will it look like?
  7. Trading, you farm for rare mods/prime sets and parts/arcanes and sell them to other players via trade chat or warframe.market. Or buy low and sell high.
  8. There is you can set positive and negative filters, it's the magnifying glass in the top left corner of the trading chat.
  9. There is an option to check for the recent players you've matched with. Afaik it can be viewed via invites option. Unfortunately if the support said "no", it means "no". However, you can increase your chances by providing full information in a concise manner on what, when, where and how happened, preferably with video or screenshots.
  10. Ask them, DE has no control over neither riven.market nor warframe.market.
  11. Don't forget that artifact stats are randomised, say, the same two pieces of the Gladiator set can have Hp vs Crit and with each lvl they continue getting randomised perks. It's a very cool idea, but considering the small amount of resources you get compared with lower AR is discouraging. Atleast in my experience.
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