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  1. *slaps OP... Now, now, I just want to grab their attention to start a constructive conversation. lol...
  2. Report your OP on the top right corner of your post, mark it as: "This post is ok, but I want to tell moderator about it", leave a description as of why you want the post/topic deleted.
  3. Correct, yet many struggle with moderation. I'm a part of the said group of people.
  4. To asnwer your thread name: - No. no it doesn't. This is the reason why it is still ingame: Last word: "Burnout"
  5. Sure, why not? You don't have to wait for anything to use a radiant relic
  6. This friday I use deathsnacks to check for his arrivals:https://deathsnacks.com/wf/
  7. Not yet, afaik. Season 3 is up, apologies.
  8. I'd love non clickbait titles. As for "A.H." - my vote is against.
  9. Wanted floofs for my clan as well, bump.
  10. https://forums.warframe.com/search/?&q=account migration&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  11. WO HO! Things to do and places to be :) Thank you!
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