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  1. We had Alert system before Nightwave was implemented (maybe you even remember, considering how old your account is). Alerts lasted for 30ish minutes, rewards were meh at best and you were lucky if a potato/blueprint/helmet were on when you were online.
  2. Disruption - Mission type, where you need to protect conduits from enemies. Lua - Earth's natural Satellite B, C - Rotations, endless missions provide rewards in rotations AABC, successfully defend all conduits from round 3 and onward: Round 1 conduit defended 2 conduits defended 3 conduits defended 4 conduits defended 1 Tier A Tier A Tier A Tier B 2 Tier A Tier A Tier B Tier B 3 Tier A
  3. https://warframe.market/ In-game trading happens in the buyers or sellers dojo or "Maroo's Bazaar"
  4. Перенос аккаунта вам делать никто не будет. Ру форум здесь: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/111-русский/
  5. You'll need to ask Tennogen creators to agree with reducing their income, especially considering that to some it's their primary source.
  6. Used on forums to indicate sarcasm when the line between a joke and being serious is too thin
  7. During one of the earlier devstreams (just as the umbral forma was released, don't remember witch one number wise, sorry) it was implied that UF will be quite a rare resource and that we should choose wisely, regarding the frames and weapons we want to use it on.
  8. yup, was it intended to be freely available?
  9. Umbra forma is not as needed as people make it out to be, that said, Steel essence shop also offers some as far as I know.
  10. Я бы не советовал вам это делать. Ру форум здесь: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/111-русский/
  11. No worries, glad I was able to help.
  12. I can give you one for free if you're in-game right now.
  13. Ecaca strikes again.... At least post in the feedback section.
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