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  1. These pages would be a nice place to start: https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/ and https://forums.warframe.com/guidelines/
  2. Afaik, founders were PC exclusive, since it was the first platform warframe launched on.
  3. I'd like to see documented proof to this statement. I believe it's due to dev teams ambition to implement complicated stories and new mechanics to non intermissions is what extends Nightwave's development time. From the battle passes that I've seen, the only thing they add is more resources and an occasional exclusive cosmetic and that's it. This isn't how it works...? Throwing more money or people at the problem won't necessarily make Nightwave come out faster or become better.
  4. Apart from additional rewards how will it become better, more extensive and varied? Will the paid battle pass version contain mission types/quests/game modes/ etc. exclusive to said version?
  5. Rushing/buying forma is one of income sources for the company. Making a game requires people, people need to be paid. Offering permanent built forma from factions or syndicates will decrease income.
  6. В Steam до 31,05,2021 Company of Heroes 2 + Ardennes Assault.
  7. Про цирк уродцев отчасти соглашусь. Вот ниндзя, в случае Варфрейма, подходит по определению: разведчик-диверсант, шпион и наёмный убийца. (я не Нач, честно)
  8. DE's official stance on account transfer as of right now: Q: Can I move my Playstation / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch account to PC? Can I move my PC account to Playstation / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch? A: Warframe accounts can’t be transferred between platforms. There are technical barriers that prevent us from being able to move accounts between console and PC. In the past, we offered account migration between PC and PS4. We later did the same for PC to Xbox One and PC to Nintendo Switch. In those cases, we were able to work with different companies to make account migration available for a limited time in celebration of Warframe’s launch on new platforms, but account migration is not available regularly. We don’t have plans to make account migration available again in the future, but you are welcome to start another account! We don’t have any problem with players having accounts on multiple platforms. Q: Why doesn’t Warframe offer cross-platform play? A: The differences between platforms prevent us from offering cross-platform play. The updates between PC and console don’t align, for example. There are also differences between items on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. With these nuances in mind, we don’t have any plans to offer cross-platform play in the future. Source: https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/
  9. Read or re-read TOS and EULA And to the company it would be a hypothetical nephew, therefore, you will be banned. Providing evidence that you're not the same person will fall on you with no guarantee for a positive outcome.
  10. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Write a single ticket providing all the data and wait for a response, forums won't be able to help.
  11. Always been like that, at least for me.
  12. Migration is not possible, you'll need to create a new account.
  13. Takes 5 minutes of watching trade chat to figure out that the buyer dictates the price for 90% of items. Warframe.market Instant trading will not be added due to reasons discussed in a million prior threads - use the forums search function.
  14. Use the forums search already.
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