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  1. Not an optimal build, but managed pretty well on Lua md: Octavia with Rubico, Rattleguts and Pennant, used my operator to drop their resistances.
  2. Because: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Founders One of the founders program ranks is "Grandmaster"
  3. Have you ever thought about using a forums search function?
  4. Upd: wanted to have a drink. I changed my mind, screw those guys!
  5. Only on Fortuna? To Corpus and Grineer we are just that.
  6. If you want something specific from a game mode, best choice would be to recruit teammates, friends, clan/alliance mates. Press 3, then 4 spin camera -> profit. If you're having problems doing Granum void solo - may be there is something wrong with your bike or strategy.
  7. "LF Protea (part name) farm, got coins" - I'm sure will give you a squad for more than a single run. Solo is always a choice, can even be faster. Not ideal choice, but can save you a couple of nerve cells. Aren't you a part of the problem in this case? The mode is designed in way that welcomes a nuke, that is why everyone, including you, is using them.
  8. Picking up time extensions was detrimental to speed farming if you have atleast one decent nuke in your squad. This option already exists, you can ask recruitment chat, clan/alliance, friends to help you out.
  9. The new program hasn't started yet, wait for the announcement from DE.
  10. Had no idea that OP wanted to create an echo chamber, sorry. If they wanted to provide feedback, they should have done so in an appropriate section.
  11. Had to use Mesa for about three gaming sessions, ~ 6 hours total to get everything from the Granum void. While experiences vary, I don't think that the Protea grind is that bad.
  12. You already have a topic with the same name, why create another one?
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