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  1. (PS4)cleefsentence

    Arbitration: survival is very bad

    I don't even play arbitrations anymore (you resumed a topic of one month ago), got all i need in 2 days and yes i played solo most of the time to not waste my time. This doesn't change the fact that spawn of enemies in survival and excavation is sh1t compared to the spawn when in a team.
  2. (PS4)cleefsentence

    Akvasto prime has really aggressive recoil.

    DE: changed the recoil of the vasto prime to be the same of the akvasto prime.
  3. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    What out, we have a badass here. Do you know that enemies have a base values and some of them got higher stats (a butcher armor is not the same of a bombard)? Do you know that your lvl 500 and 1000 is not something that you have to face in the game and not recognized by DE? DE game is designed around a max level of 100, if you're a try harder good for you, go play your endurance run. And chill down too.
  4. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    Sure, but if they buff the base stats even with a lower dispo the kohm power would not change at all and they will still threat the kohm as a special case. Welcome, seems that you don't know how to read, that's cute: i was referring to the enemies type (high armored ones) not their level, pretty clear for me.
  5. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    Yeah because the narrow minded here is me, so funny. Sadly for you 5 years of game and choices by DE repeated over time in the same way, except for just the kohm case (that casually has an overpriced riven market behind it) totally bashing that "they care about kohm usage!" without too much effort by me.
  6. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    Seems that some peoples can't understand the "special" definition: I'm not complaining about ex prime, just take him as an example.
  7. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    DE itself acknowledged the need of keeping a dispo 5 to not ruin the weapon for those that DEPENDS on them. You just have to read, this is an official post by DE Connor in the Riven topic: If they change the dispo after saying that good luck with the backlash. Do you know about excalibur prime? There is no law paper or contract about the exclusivity for what i know, just DE promise to not release him to show respect to something happened 5 years ago. If they would to change the dispo in a remote future all players can quote that post and be right about the injustice of that decision.
  8. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    And you're failing to understand that the kohm usage is not something that DE would care, like they haven't care in these past 5 years with the nerf of weapons and frames and now with the dispo nerf of 90% of the meta weapons in the game. If they refuse to change something is for a specific reason. Let's list the possible reasons for the unchanged kohm dispo: 1) An huge ignorance by DE about the game weapons power (DE doesn't know that with 4 60% 60% mods the kohm can reach 100% status, wow, can be this?) 2) Reasons related to the market that these rivens have (prices of groll rivens around 10k/20k plat, lots of money involved) 3) Scare to kill kohm usage (but in 5 years they have nerfed every thing that was too op without care about consequences, never buffed unused weapons like stug and kraken. They wanted to change the dispo originally too so the problem for them exist) 4) Other understandable reasons that i would really like to listen by DE (missing so...) So many choices...
  9. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    Oh really? You're so original. Any thing that DE see as too powerful will receive a nerf sooner or later. This is a constant, like gravity. The unchanged dispo of the kohm is something that the usual DE would nerf without think too much, as stated by DE Connor they wanted to change the dispo originally but later they changed their mind because "some players depend on these Rivens to achieve 100% status chance". Something become meta when is the best option available. Most of the times the meta stuff is broken, this is true for weapons, warframes, mods and rivens. When something that is meta gets DE attention there are very high chance that they will do something about. As i can already say to you in another topic (really, pretty bored to write the same stuff ya know) if DE really wants to stop you to abuse of a weapon they will do it anyway, they can: - Lower the base stats so even with a riven the weapon can't be saved (stug case) - Change a mechanic like the plasmor headshot multiplier - Change dispo of rivens so op weapons can't break the game too much - Change op mods (maiming strike soon and maybe hunter munitions someday) This is true even for frames (they can lower their damage stats, like the miasma dmg of saryn with the chimera update). DE itself know that kohm with dispo 5 is something that deserves a change (as stated by DE Connor), so the problem for them EXIST and is not something that i'm inventing. They changed their minds tho, for reasons that are probably market related. The alternative is only an ignorance from DE about kohm stats and the possibility to reach that 100% status chance with the 4 60% 60& mods. Your "DE changed their mind to avoid the death of kohm usage!" doesn't have sense, because DE in 5 years (FIVE) already proved that something too much good to be true has a very shot life. Can be a mechanic, a disposition of a riven, the stats of a weapon. They don't care what players will think. If too broken = nerf. I am basing my statements on 5 years of game history and DE behavior in this time frame. What do you base on to give credit to your statement "DE decided to not change kohm dispo to avoid usage death"? Do you have stats usage of the kohm of the past before the boom of rivens and of a possible future after a change of the dispo? Let's see them. ps. i don't need to open a topic about maiming strike. I don't care if they will nerf that mod btw because is too broken.
  10. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    What a coincidence, i think that you're explanation is honestly pathetic. I already proved you that DE doesn't care at all about non-usage of weapons or mods, the past nerfs of weapons like symulor and tonkor, the existence of of sh1tty weapons like the stug and the kraken that can't be saved even with a 5 dispo and no one use, the future death of maiming strike by the introduction of the melee 3.0. DE nerf every thing that can break their game and is too powerful. If they are not changed the dispo of the kohm is because some "geniuses" purchased grolled kohm riven for 10k/20k plat, that's the only reason they want to keep the dispo of 5 on the kohm. Kohm can reach the 100% status chance with 4 60% 60% mods, the rivens are a luxury, not a necessity. This is a FACT, not an opinion. Their reason is money-oriented and to avoid a backlash by those owners, if you can't understand something so simple well... so sad for you.
  11. (PS4)cleefsentence

    About the unchanged Kohm disposition: read this and think about it

    Seems that kohm grolled owners are more special to DE than any other riven owner, see DE Connor quote.
  12. (PS4)cleefsentence

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    I'm laughing about that "reason" for days.
  13. (PS4)cleefsentence

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    After 3 hour 0 drops, worst than yesterday.
  14. (PS4)cleefsentence

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    I forgot you're the guy from the other topic, then i just need to copy paste my response Yeah because kill 4 of the most strong enemies in the game at lvl 150 in less than 20 seconds and with only 1 magazine is not op. Sure. The kohm is extremely strong enough even without a 100% status chance. This is a fact, not an opinion, so the rivens +120% are not really needed (players DEPENDS on them, i still laugh about that phrase 😂)
  15. (PS4)cleefsentence

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    Kohm DOESN'T NEED 100% status chance to be op. Proof: