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  1. Title I play on ps4 and with the launch of the Atlas prime access i have not not received the message about changes by Samadeus, i was sure it was just a bug but today after asking some friends they said that even they haven't got it. Well i want to know if this is something intentional or what.
  2. This is ridiculous, i extracted because my character bugged out after 60m of taveuni kuva surviva (flyng operator, can't transference in, can't cast abilities, happened many times and every time to fix it i had to kill myself, seriously???) l and i haven't got the kuva. I literally wasted 60m of my life for absolute NOTHING. Fix ASAP, this is one of the worst bugs i have seen in this game. I have a video that show that before extraction i was getting the kuva without any problem and that i extracted and not failed the mission.
  3. The mission was an hijack, the total amounts of kills were around 120, 50 by me, no booster on. I'm a mr 26 and never seen a sentinel level up so fast.
  4. Copy/paste from the ticket i opened Hi, 10 min ago i was in the second mission of the daily sortie with a Dethcube prime, Detchcube Machine Rifle, an Hildrin and an Ignis Wraith. During the mission i noticed something strange, my Detchcube Prime was levelling really really fast, so much that at the end of the mission she was at rank 21 (from unranked). I don't have any idea about how this is possible, i don't even have a booster on and the kills aren't enough to explain it so to avoid problems (aka bans for cheat/exploits) i decided to open a ticket and report this problem. Hope to not get bans for something i have no idea how it was possible, i have a video too if needed.
  5. Sorry DE but you can't stop us tridolon hunters, we would be able to one shot limbs even with a 0.5 Rubico 😉
  6. Complete the 2 invasions is a requirement? I haven't done them today and i see the usual derelict with sabotage not an assassinate, i have 10 codes already.
  7. I have the codes how i do access the fight? Can't see any new node or alert.
  8. How i do access the boss fight? Got the codes but not seeing any special mission.
  9. No probl about the settings but i fukin hate that my favorite colous are now gone.
  10. Title edit: nvm first i tried on the sweeper and nothing was showing then i tried on deth machine and appeared.
  11. Like title, after every trade when returning to orbiter i got the message "network not responding", my warframe is invisible i have to restart the game to get rid of this problem.
  12. Same bug as this topic, stuck in the goddamn extract screen, you can't leave or continue and the countdown freezes I lost all my progress and my time for nothing again fix this ASAP, i don't pay boosters to waste them ya know.
  13. It's a groll, the stats are what all usually want and that negative is "perfect" (because doesn't affect the dps, can't tell about the feeling of the weapon with so much zoom reduction tho), don't sell it for cheap aka don't get scammed. With the prisma grinlok around (an absolute monster of crits with the augment "Deadly sequence" that gives 200% cc and hunter munitions) i would sell that at least for 1k on ps4 but on pc i think you can get much more. If you go on the discord of Folren's bot and write !price grinlok +ms +cc + cd-zoom you can see how much you can sell that for on pc https://discordapp.com/channels/381861898951589901/431505720270258197 This is a screen
  14. After cash in and reached the required amount the end screen appears and it's impossible to extract or continue, you're literally stuck, meanwhie the match continues and enemies can kill you. Even the time for the choice stops. If you try to abort pressing options you have to close the game because you can't interact with the pause menu. This happened many times already and because of this bug i'm losing both my patience and the precious time of the credits booster i purchased, this need a fix asap.
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