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  1. Not completely. At an early point of this week's PS4@4 they dropped a quick line about how (I'm paraphrasing here) it's our fault because we didn't have just a Warframe account linked to our twitch account...
  2. Oh the relics are in cetus and void again. Last time I was only grinding for Nyx and through whole of unvaulting I managed to get Neuroptics once. I think it's time for me to take another six month break.
  3. Tu Quoque is not a valid argument, it never was, and on top of being one of the oldest fallacies it never contributed to anyone looking like they were making sense or being clever.
  4. I would. I have quite a few slots now, but most of us don't play the marketplace so plat is a lot scarcer, and with the game basically revolving around more frames and weapons coming out constantly, you can always use more weapon slots. I think A is just fine. To be fair you're arguing two different points. Days played and time played are not the same thing. 500 days doesn't necessarily make someone a veteran since you can technically hit it with just 20 minutes of playtime.
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