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  1. I am a Quick Melee user exclusively. Ever since I was a noob and I saw a Distant Observer video explaining that the best combo is a Polearm Quick melee attack (i.e. combo-less/no stance) I was hooked. It clears the room faster than using stances and I have full control over both my actions and the enemies. Sure a combo can do an impressive hit, but that is just one hit. While you are twirling and dancing around with combos, I will have cleared the room and moved on already. Now maybe at the 200+ level enemies a combo would be better, but I have never found a reason to fight that high, so I am referring to level 150 and under enemies. (edit: Quick melee outperforms). I have been testing melee weapons to find a replacement for my polearm once this goes live, and the best options I have found appear to be Sword weapons. Both the single blade swords and the sword/shield weapons seem to be pretty fluid (I think I had to remove the stance mod in some cases if I remember). I swear that DE once said on stream that "most users just use quick melee anyway", so if I am correct, it seems like this will be a big problem for them once the masses find out that Quick Melee is going away.
  2. Looks good. Main issue I see is that a lot of people like myself prefer to use Quick Melee instead of stances. It is faster, smoother, and more efficient in many cases, and does not bounce me or the enemies around the map. Specifically, the polearm default melee attack, since it does not interrupt your flow. I wish there was a way to preserve this option. Perhaps a "Quick Melee" stance mod or something that could universally be slotted in to weapons? There are probably better suggestions than that though.
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