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  1. I'm not talking about the strobe lights that Eidolons themselves emit. What I'm talking about is the whole background turning very bright and very dark in rapid succession. I remember this being a problem in the past, then it was addressed, and now it feels just like in the beginning. This problem started happening with the recent mainline update, not sure if it's related to recent graphic changes or simply a regression. If there's a corresponding UI setting that got somehow reset for me, then I can't find it.
  2. Are we on a different thread? Thought we were talking about amps, which are mainly used for Eidolons, where you need a lot of damage to deplete the shield. That's where punch through comes in. Are you saying you're struggling to kill Vomvies? Haven't experienced this myself, so I really have to ask: did you have a dragon key equipped?
  3. That's what you say, but then we have bugs like damage being affected by frame rate :P What I meant was more that the hitboxes may not be where they used to be, so you may think you're aiming to hit multiple body parts, but you're only hitting one, therefore reducing the damage.
  4. I believe something happened to the hitboxes, that's why you may be seeing lower damage output from amps that rely on punchthrough. Wasn't there a mention of hitboxes or collision tweaks in the patch notes?
  5. Yeah, this has been a problem since melee changes and doesn't seem to be high priority (perhaps because there's a workaround of always having a secondary?) It's annoying like hell. Post it in Bugs forum, may get more attention there.
  6. Ever hear of such thing as time? Or are you saying you have infinite time? As for items to gild - are you saying there are infinite combinations? Is there an infinite amount of different pieces of equipment we could forma? We may be playing a different game indeed.
  7. As I wrote elsewhere, this task is a poor design. It makes you hold off on playing until this specific task pops up, or you waste time and resources. I have frames and equipment that I really want to forma, but I held off last few weeks, because I knew Nora will eventually demand her tribute. Instead of playing the game and enjoying it, I simply didn't play as much, otherwise I wouldn't happen to have enough things I wanted to forma. I can see how this wouldn't be a problem for people with a lot of time on their hands. To me, forma is a considerable time investment because you need to level your equipment afterwards. I have a job and life, don't want to spend my precious game time just to make Nora happy. Yeah, yeah, I could skip this task and I did, but my point stands - it's simply a bad design.
  8. There are a few Nightwave tasks that I find simply a bad design. Anything that makes you hold off on activities that you would normally perform, so that you can do them when Nora tells you so, because they're not inherently repeatable or involve scarce resources: Forma equipment n times Socket Ayatan sculptures Gild equipment It's not that I don't like those because I would never perform those activities. It's that I have this frame or weapon that I really wanted to forma, but I won't until that particular Nightwave task appears, otherwise I may not have anything I want to forma that many times. Same with gilding - there is only a limited number of things you can gild, so instead of doing it when I want to, I wait for Nora. Effectively, these tasks make me play less overall. I'd love to see them change. I wouldn't mind if the forma task was just 1 forma, same with Ayatan sculptures. The gilding simply needs to go.
  9. I'm going to side with OP on this one. It's ridiculous to have to plan your day around a game, especially if the game is designed around a "bite-sized" content. I'd very much prefer a system like sorties or arbies, where you can hop in the mission whenever you want, but you only get to do 1 per a given time period.
  10. And this is the correct answer. Ember is so useless that other people in this thread must have forgotten about her 😉
  11. I think we need at least 5 more threads on this exact topic before it's worth any discussion.
  12. I'm not playing arbitrations very frequently because: It's rare to find people who want to stay for more than 2 rounds (mind you, that's already 20-ish minute mark). Recruiting a group is too much of a commitment for this activity though. If you never get to rotation C, what's the point? Oh right, I could solo, but that isn't quite as fun. If the rotations were a little shorter, things may be a bit different. It's not very encouraging to try out different frames, because when you make a mistake and die, you need to wait 1h before you can adjust your strategy and try again. I don't have the whole day to play Warframe. This means I always end up taking Broberon (bonus point - your teammates get more than 1 life), which gets old after a while. With Chorewave currently in place, there's no time left for me to do all the interesting stuff I want to do. Arbies currently aren't at the top of my "interesting stuff" list. I don't see how the changes would address any of these points. If anything, even fewer people will want to stay longer, because of increased enemy scaling. Side note: I'm happy with the current time:reward ratio, cause I play for fun.
  13. This has been covered by other people before, but let me add my voice to it, now that I've had plenty of time to get used to how Nightwave works. Overall, I'm not very happy with the system, but I think it could be fixed, and I trust you folks will figure this out. Here are all the points that I believe need to be addressed in order to make Nightwave a good player experience: 1. Time commitment Compared to alerts, Nightwave requires a huge time investment for the same rewards. It would have been ok if most of the tasks could be done passively while playing the game, and perhaps you folks have thought they would. This is not the case. It's further compounded by the fact that you only get credits at certain stages, meaning that not only you have to put a lot of time in, you also wait a long time before you feel rewarded. Right now, the economy feels way off. 2. Player choice I realize this is a tricky one, because you want that sweet spot of compulsion and freedom. Too much of either, and the game gets annoying or boring. Currently, Nightwave sits way too far on the compulsion side of the spectrum. This would be ok, if it wasn't for the point I brought up above. This means there's very little time left to play the game the way you want, if you also want to complete the Nightwave season. Because Nightwave is temporary in nature, most players will feel obliged to complete it. That's why Nightwave feels like work - activities you may not want to perform but you have to, and once you complete them, you can have your "free time" within the game. Give us more choice when it comes to Nightwave. 3. Voice transmissions I like Nora as a character, and would have nothing against her transmissions if I heard them standalone. However, they make for a really jarring experience in game. I'm being my best self because I opened a bunch of lockers? I'm the baddest of badasses because I deployed a glyph? I present to you, talking amongst us, once and future, cringe-ass. You get my point. There is no connection between the task and the content of Nora's comment, nor the scale of her admiration is matched to the scale of difficulty. I don't want to disable all transmissions just to get Nora out of my ears though. I would appreciate hearing Nora if it was better meshed with the gameplay. 4. Lore I love the fact that you folks bring us more lore. However, it is painfully disconnected from the gameplay and the rest of the universe, and it just doesn't feel right. For most missions and events, the nature of the mission somewhat ties to the story. Ghouls? Purge them. Thermia? Seal it. Alerts? Lotus' operatives are on this mission, help them. Nora telling you stories on the radio? Jump, dance, open lockers, kill whoever you want but in this specific way - what for? Why? How does it help Nora? How does she even know? I feel like the most important part of the story was left out, and it makes the whole thing rather shallow. I'm leaving Wolf himself out of this, because it's a separate topic in my eyes. I appreciate a new boss, despite his flaws. I don't appreciate his abysmal chances to appear though, but that's not enough for me to dislike the concept. Looking forward to see how Nightwave evolves in its next iterations.
  14. That's actually not true. Sunpoint plasma drill lets you mine rare gems both in Orb Vallis and the Plains, and is available at rank 0. Same for servofish - you only need the shock spear, also available at rank 0, just look for hot spots and wait patiently, no bait required (Ifound that Tromyzon is easiest rare fish to encounter, but YMV).
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