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  1. i really want to see that Archwing skin... I think archwings need more tennogen love
  2. thanks... hope everything goes smoother this time
  3. it was refreshing seeing the lomg forgotten conclave huehue
  4. I'd like to have a warframe themed after Harrrow. He's somewhat a dark priest/bishop-thing, considering that the Orokin had the belief of dualities we have Ember-Frost, Nekros-Trinity, Saryn-Nidus... Maybe a female Warframe to match Harrow, instead of being an obscure themed Warframe, she (or he) could be a light themed warframe. Someone the Orokin believed as almost a deity, divine. Giving a more "merciful" rest to those the Orokin sentenced to death, not evil enough for the Jade light, she/he would be a relief instead of a damnation. It had to be like a deity, divinity frame. It's powers could be void based, like the Janus Key... Someone monastic.
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