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  1. Agreed. I am only concerned when suddenly I have a 0+2+7 MR players (that ACTUALLY HAPPENED to me) dragging along, without an AMP (not even a MOTE) - so clueless (meaning: totally inexperienced). And mind you all: I am not for restricting lower MR players from entering PoE to hunt Eidolons... but _ONLY_ if they are invited by someone else into a squad - so as to learn the ropes, so to speak. When I have invited a guy, I take the responsibility for their... lack of expertise. But when I an randomly arranged into a squad like aforementioned... I am not concerned with MRs. Please understand: that was only an example to illustrate the main issue. Heck, some Tenno could even use a Staticor for all I care. And be like rank 5 or 7... Still, I would like to be allowed to take on the responsibility for players that _I_PERSONALLY_ invite, knowingly, keeping in mind that they are still learning - or beginning to learn, for that matte. What I am against is for the RNG desiding for me. Well, I know, I know - most MMOs today are based on strictly RNG algorithms... still, it would be nice to at least have some say in the matter. And to quote: Ive been in pub squads with MR27’s that have 0 caps. I’ve been in a random pub squad with no warframer being over MR16 and pulling off a 5x3 +1. hell yeah. I also seen those. On several occasions the three guys got to the Eidolon first and already have dropped one of its synovia before I even reached them with my lure behind me... Still, this doesn't mean that a MR 0 should be paired with someone who really know what it's about without the latter knowledge / say... Regards, Galadh
  2. Actually, I am most in favor of such a resolution of the problem. Maybe a "static rule" that I had written about before is not the best idea. Maybe it would be better to make a restriction that'd be based on something mentioned here or similar... Say... restrict from entering the bounty for Eidolon / Tridolon for players who don't have a self-made AMP. And I don't mean a Mote (as someone said: "the Mote is a joke") - I mean an AMP constructed by a player who actually wants to commit to the hunt. I mean, something like Konzu never even showing a bounty for Eidolons in his bounty list... for such players - who didn't build the AMP themselves. This is so much better from what I proposed initially. Good thinking guys 🙂 Galadh
  3. As I said: "say... 12 MR" <<- this means, it was just an example. Ofc Rubico isn't the only weap for it. Heck, one could even do it with a Staticor, who am I to judge. If they manage that - WTG! I'm IMPRESSED! Srsly, guys, don't put words in my mouth... And one last time - this was all just an idea. And this thread I posted to get just this type of constructive discussion we're having here... Well, amongst some decent old-school veiled insults and comments 🙂 Best regards, Galadh
  4. Right on, The MR 5 gives you basically access to most every warframe and weapons... maybe not the best, but viable to hunt Eidolons. And I was not implying anywhere that you have to hunt EIdolons with a end-game warframe, with superb and sky high abilities and outlandish mods. Like you said yourself, it's skill / experience in using those warframes to defeat Eidolon / be a support in doing it that counts - and not one's MR. I was also not implying that a Tenno who's not over MR 5 (or whatever) is clueless as a player in all aspects. I was only hinting at that maybe they don't have means / skills to defeat an Eidolon. It is perfectly fine with me, when a player MR 0 is taken into PoE by their clanmate/ friend who knowledge and skill to defeat said monster. It's perfectly fine to tutor and oversee (ease) the progress of friends. However, once again, this would require an invitation to the squad, and not random matching. My original idea only concerns that random pairing of Tenno. Best regards, Galadh.
  5. Hey, Took it 5 posts to get something constructive and as I said - civil. Not bad 🙂 Soloing Teralyst is a viable option. I agree. And I agree: maybe restricting whole squad and denying it entrance to the Plains at the base of one of the people having too low a rank is a bit harsh. But hey! You're talking about friend / clanmate - this is not random. Then maybe include a conditional requirement, branching of the previous one: <IF> it is a person from Friends / Clanmates list ->> override previously established condition. <ELSE> if it's a random squad... DO RESTRICT entry. Or maybe: narrow the teams MR spread within a squad. Say... Allow MR 5-10 together, or 10-15 match up together... Ranges of MR. Making PoE _NOT_ a requirement to go to mars works too 🙂 In fact, it should be taken for granted - PoE is on Earth, Mars is... well - Mars 🙂 Well, I got myself to MR 21 without ever touching Eidolons, so we're kinda in the same boat. And I am not going to "come at you" - I am trying to discuss the issue here. And I disagree, respectfully, that it's all about rivens. When I first went to hunt Eidolons, I only had a Vectis P - NO Riven - and the hunt was a success. And I mean: "first" as in "first after I gilded my assembled amp". I am not talking about the Mote. About that MR13 restriction: I figured, at this MR you've had to prove yourself in the tests... or better yet: you've passed the challenges that checked on your skills.... All those subsequent MRs checked some particular skills that you have to kinda got to be successful in Eidolon hunt. Well, I'm not talking about the 1-3 of course. But they'll teach you how to stay mobile, how to aim at a moving target, that kinda things. Of course, having MR 28 doesn't always mean that you're adept at say... hacking. Using cyphers gets you off the hook on that. But I was speaking in general sense, not in particulars. Best regards, Galadh
  6. Hey guys! This is just an idea of mine, so don't go all-out-burn-them-to-the-ground on me if you don't like it. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, right? Then comment below what you think, but I URGE YOU - be civil about it. That said, I think there should be a level restriction for Eidolon Hunt missions. And it should be a squad-wide restriction - meaning: if one of the squad members doesn't meet the requirement, squad doesn't meet the requirement too. I know, I know - this seems to be very strict, exquisitely painful, restrictive, unholy, and so on, and so forth. But just think about it: Imagine: someday, at some time during the day (IRL), it is Night on the Plains in game. Shame you don't have anyone reliable enough to go to the hunt with at that particular moment. But you are insistent and you decide to go anyway. So you get yourself into a random squad... BS-ing yourself that this will be the greatest hunt, at least 6 Teralysts / 2 Tri this night... But oh... you land with - yeah, random - but also clueless players, say: Rank 0, Rank 2, and Rank 7 (my real life occurence!) So, basically, you have to decide: either back out (losing the time of the night - hey, not everyone has the high-end machines, designed only for playing games :D) or... try to do this by yourself alone, dragging those first-timers on your tail too. Hey, you'd have to be a Superman to make it. And when it's three Eidolons? You don't have a chance, cause they will probably won't even know how to put those shards in the Garatoth Lake. So... to sum up this babbling: Let's make a static rule / restriction - a player cannot enter Eidolon Hunt before achieving rank... say: 12 (MR of Rubico Prime). Or better yet - MR 13. Why not 5 or 7? Because players usually don't know enough about the ways of the game at that ranks. And I am basing this on the requirements for the MR tests! Heck, you could try to take on Eidolon a with a Bolto secondary, for what I care. But Weapons MR requirement of weapons aside, achieving MR 13 proves that you really know how to aim your weapon, how to avoid attacks and how to be mobile enough to evade enemies while hitting the Eidolon hard and effectively. Players at MR 0 or 2, or even 7... Just don't cut it. And having them in your squad puts a real toll on you and the two squad members you are going with. Best regards, Galadh
  7. I totally agree. This little top bar is not visible enough, and so - misleading. Also, the names of parts dropped from relics are all gold now - why is that? Unless it's a desired / intentional effect, introduced and aiming at exactly that - misleading players so that they would have to run relic missions over and over again, because they made a single mistake at picking say - Mirage Prime BP - and now they'd have to burn another 20 relics (or so, RNGesus rocks :D), assuming they have dropped and stashed that many of them...
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