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  1. There's a bug currently going on where if you equip the spinneret (spider web ephemera), it gets stuck to all your warframes regardless of having it equipped or not. There's another bug where if you bought the naberus ephemera from daughter, it doesn't appear at all in your inventory. It also isn't able to be worn as it doesn't show up anywhere. Not even if you restart the game.
  2. I support this thread fully. I have started collecting all of the shawzins and the lack of support has always bothered me. I'm gonna be pitching the shawzin fix every dev stream I can. Trying to memorize songs or even just playing then is hard enough as it is. Having a code generator and being able to save songs like Pc would be awesome.
  3. I don't know why but after talking to several people or sometimes just one person, I can't ever access the pause menu to leave Fortuna or do anything else. I can still interact with people and go to Orb Valis, but I can't ever just go back to the Orbiter. The menu doesn't appear at all and I would have to close application just to leave Fortuna. This happens to me at the Dojo as well after trading with someone. I can't really leave the dojo after the trade or sometimes it glitches out during the trade and I end up losing the whole trade due to restarting. This happens pretty frequent as in 3+
  4. I know there's a demand out there to allow console players to use copied swazin songs and load them up. I'm curious to know why we didn't get the option to do that in the first place? And will it ever be implemented?
  5. I don't know what happened but as soon as I came back from phase 2 of Exploitier Orb, Exploiter itself, spawned inside the room with Little duck. Even the raknoids spawned all bunched up together. I can't even walk through them. They are physically here blocking the exit.
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