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  1. So, I changed my loadout in someone's railjack and the arsenal thing started stacking infinite affinity from abilities, which was funny until i equipped an unranked cat and it started leveling it...I wasn't doing this on purpose, and leaving reequipped my old loadout, but stopped it and kept the levels... my cat went from unranked to 16 and i don't want my account banned, i wasn't attempting to do this, so now i'm kinda scared of that... please be warned, this is a bug, so, uh... yeah Update: It ranks my kavat up at first, but resets it when i go to my ship. Just realized this. That said, it happens pretty much every time.
  2. I recently gave Garuda some love, and went with a friend to test her in MOT. She performed a lot better, but I found an interesting bug. When the Ancient healers came near my altars, they negated any healing i received from them. If i tried to put an altar up with one nearby, the energy was used and the animation went through, but it left an empty altar and the targeted enemy continued to behave as normal, not giving health, and usually quickly being killed. It seems to me that Ancient healers essentially negate that ability entirely, with the exact effect depending if the altar is cast or already active when they are nearby. Further testing will be needed to see if all ancients do this, or just healers, and if corrupted healers are different from normal ones.
  3. {My dramatic intro, see below curly brackets for real content} I posted a frame concept once before, and afterwards took a break to focus on myself, but I have always wanted to do more than one. I say this because this here is not going to be styled like those will, and instead will be much more of a wall or text filled with one main casual suggestion. Also, I’m going to have to jump around a little bit to explain the reworks in a way that makes a little more sense. Now, Agayguyplays recently made a video on frames that he wants to see reworked, and Nyx was on that list, not really in the way of wanting a full rework, but just adding more umhp to her kit. On top of that -- and he may have also mentioned this -- everyone loves synergies today. So that brought me back to an old concept I had from when Nyx was originally on the table to be reworked. I wanted to type it up and post it on the forums then, but I never did. After seeing that, I feel encouraged that it may not be a bad idea to post it now anyways. So without further ado… {REAL CONTENT} The first ability will remain unchanged by itself. When I had concepted this before, it was also before she had been touched, but the new changes to it make it synergize even better with the things that the full kit does. We will be revisiting the 1 from a synergies standpoint soon, but for now, stay tuned. Her second is getting some huge changes, and oddly enough will become a staple ability for using her kit. Before we get to the fun stuff, we will have to cover nerfs. Any debuffs they added last time they did things to her would have to come off. Again, we will revisit that later, but for now, they are gone. In place of that, some fun new things appear. The cooldown is removed(obviously). Also, when cast, the bolts will jump to nearby enemies that have been affected by chaos, as long as they have not already been hit by a bolt from the same ability cast. Sounds fun, but useful? Well, when cast, bolts have a 100% chance of dropping a mind fragment on the ground where their first target was, and a 25% chance for each target they bounce to after. These will glow brightly in your energy color of choice, and be revisited sooner than the other things on the growing list of revisits. Her third ability doesn't get major changes on its own (might I add revisit?), but the big thing for now is when it is cast, it gains duration for every mind fragment in the range of the ability. Her fourth is where things get really spicy. Nobody liked this before except for the gimmick tank augment build, but I wanted a way to make it a little more shiny. The fourth ability, when cast will absorb an additional amount of damage based on the mind fragments on the ground, and also scaling with strength. Additionally, the mind fragments will return to her, damaging and staggering any enemies they pass through. The last part here is the huge synergy and revisit part we have all been waiting for. Absorbing mind fragments will charge her next one (1) ability cast that isn’t her fourth ability. Her first gives her a weapon damage buff on cast for the duration of the ability. The buff will scale with enemy max hp, and gets stronger the more mind fragments she absorbed (seeing that ability name gain some real meaning now?). For example, for every 2000 max hp, gain 10% per stack. Not real numbers, I made those up, they might be broken strong or stupid low, just as an example of how that might work. Her second ability will strip 100% of armor/shields or 50% of max hp from enemies for a duration that depends on stacks. This may sound bad, but recall that there would now be bouncing to chaos enemies, and chaos lasts longer with unabsorbed mind fragments, meaning you could then bolts into chaos into absorb into bolts for mass status, then use chaos to recall again and your ability of choice to deal with the enemies. That leaves the empowered third, which does a radiation dot for the duration of the effect, the damage of which scales solely with absorbed mind fragments. {END REAL CONTENT} All in all, I think that this would allow a lot more diversity in playstyle, without demanding too much of players as far as changing builds. This also still fits with the theme that DE had of Nyx being a cc/dps frame. In any case, let me know what you guys think. A good idea can always be made better with some outside help. Thanks! p.s. I know i have a bit more personality than needed, i just enjoy writing, even though I know I'm likely bad. Thanks again!
  4. I am having an issue. Vignettes that I do not own are on sale, but the ones I do own are. I was hoping to buy one of the half priced ones for my girlfriend, but i would have to pay 90 for it atm...
  5. @Afterburner_X Everything as you expected? could you have warned me of the cyanex nerf then? and what clued you in to that?
  6. @[DE]Connor Is it possible that we could see the full list of criteria used to evaluate whether a riven should be changed? It's hard for me to believe that this is based on usage alone, or else we would likely be seeing buffs to things like the exergis. If it is, then I'd really like to see some sort of chart with the actual usage stats for the weapons being changed. Similarly ,its hard for me to believe that power is the only other other factor in determining this. The nagantaka is an absurd weapon, and has done far more damage than the zhuge prime since the day the zhuge was released, and i could understand some leeway given for handling differences that would likely account for the difference in popularity, but for it to be buffed so far apart from the zhuge is a bit strange to me. Another example from this patch is the cyanex. I have not once seen someone other than me use the weapon after the first few days of it being out, so i doubt the usage statistics would support it. It is also not super powerful, and i have not seen a positive review for it on youtube yet, and I mostly watch people who are partnered, so I'm sure you have noticed that. In that case, why did it get nerfed? What criteria said that it was a candidate for that? Things like this are quite confusing. I can see how things like the plasmor and rubico are suspect for breaking the game with higher dispos, but how is the cyanex suspect of this, and how is the nagantaka not? I really would just like some sort of way to figure out what the thought process you guys have when evaluating this is so that maybe I could understand a little better. I'm sure a lot of players would agree as well. Thank you for reading this, and the great game, and I hope you can help us in the future.
  7. you give good arguments here, and i can understand this. I could see nerfs to things like rubico and plasmor a mile away. but then how do you explain a cyanex nerf? maybe i'm the only one who will complain on this, but what grounds did they have to drop that? every youtuber i saw review it gave it hate. I've never seen another player use it. Rivens for it were already dirt cheap. I was told the gimmick could attract newer players, but most will stop using it, as proved by the fact that i've never seen another player use it, and besides, most of the newer players who use the cyanex for that time aren't at a level where they can easily obtain a riven for it. yes, they are at the mr to use rivens, but they don't have the time and energy to invest in this when there are so many easier things out there. afaik, they shouldn't have any grounds to nerf this, it is neither op nor widely used, so my question then is, what are the actual criteria they use? and can we have transparency on weapon stats, at least as far as usage? can't ask for a datamine on that, even if that was still a thing people widely did. I can agree that the system is mostly fine, but I would like a little more transparency with things like that that have no apparent reason to take a hit.
  8. Can someone explain to me how cyanex met requirements to drop dispo? every youtuber i saw gave it so much hate, and i've never seen another player use it
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