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  1. I have an account on PC and PS4. Same name, same email address, but completely different accounts. There is no way to cross platform your accounts or the data involved. Now I just exclusively play on PC.
  2. I can agree completely that any gamer should be prepared to adjust their play style depending on the events of the game that they're playing, but not everyone sees gaming that way. Some people are going to find their comfort zone and then expect to be able to remain in it most of the time that they play the game. I don't even think that Limbo needs a huge rework. He functions great as a disruptor for the enemies that you face. The problem is that he also disrupts other players and that's exactly where his issue is. He needs to not effect other players, or if he does then he needs to not e
  3. It really depends on how DE wants Limbo to be played. On one hand the point of rifting team members is that the rift rapidly regenerates energy for those inside of it. If they want him to be a support/debuffer as they seem to then they need to focus on that, get rid of the bubble entirely and give him a way to turn himself into an energy beacon so that any allies within a distance of him can get that effect and any enemies within that same distance can still get frozen or whatever. No bubble needed. On the other hand if they want him to be a defender/off tank type character then they n
  4. To argue this point. DE has given us four ways of dealing reliable damage without the use of the operators. Primary, Secondary, Melee, and Abilities (Although some abilities don't do damage at all). Limbo removes two of those options so if you're play style is very heavily based on firearms over melee then this frame destroys your play style and forces you to play in a completely different way than you're used to. DE will tell you that WF is very much about customizing and playing the game your way, but Limbo actually removes possibilities from you. That's why people hate him.
  5. "Oh that's a very nice firearm you've modded there. Has over 10k in it's damage stat you say? It would be a shame if someone put up an AOE that made it absolutely pointless." ~Limbo
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