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  1. No. No no no no no no no no no. No. If these are elite Grineer weapons, it needs to do more raw damage as they upgrade. I can live with reduced accuracy, reduced status, reduced fire rate, etc. But nothing is less Grineer than losing raw damage over supporting stats, even if the overall package is way stronger
  2. Any and all BOLT ACTION RIFLES ...but Prisms Grinlock and Dex Sybaris holds a special place in my heart for being especially fun to shoot
  3. You don't need anything to complete a capture mission. Every frame can bullet jump and zoom past every single enemy, bun rush the target, and capture the target while shrugging off enemy attempts to kill you
  4. Problem now is 75% of the time I'm stuck with someone's S#&$ty half-assed Railjack when I could be using my juggernaut instead
  5. Ripline is just shooting a chord out, nothing remotely Corpus about that at all. That's a concept any Factions could easily co-opt. Hell when I think of riplines enemy equivalent I think of the far more ubiquitous Scorpions and Ancients. Warcry is literally just a warcry. Nothing Corpus about it. Paralysis is her expunging her shield to smack enemies around a bit, also nothing particularly Corpus about it. Only thing you might have a point about us Hysteria...except there's no other apparent source of that power. Who else could simply project laser claws out of their hands. Her prior two abilities being a pretty rage-y ability, Hysteria is pretty in-line with what she could already do. No, instead Alad V simply extracted robot parts out of her to make Zanuka, hence why it has Gersemi's skin. Nothing indicated that he enhanced her with any new powers. He took from her without giving anything back.
  6. The Glaxion Vandal is a very solid weapon already. I use it to quickly complete NW cold damage challenge
  7. Disagree with most of TCs ideas. New Queen weapons should be composed of garbage weapons that NEED that boost to be played, not already powerful weapons like Lanka. So... -Queen Dera -Queen Flux as you suggested -Queen Tetra Etc.
  8. I've heard Kuva Biches before. That's about it.
  9. Because all the Railjack missions are like 10% Railjack, and 90% in a defense or Exterminate mission where the Railjack and crew literally ceases to exist.
  10. I think I saw it, but their appearance didn't give a whole lot of clues. It's not like they're Grendel or Garuda whose appearance clues you in to their schtick.
  11. For Valkyr, I considered her Hysteria...but growing claws and becoming a bit angrier seems in line with what you'd typically get out of a Warframe's power set. Most you could say is she screams a lot more, but otherwise her powers all seem quite unaffected by her condition. As for Xaku, I think I couldn't remember them due to how non-indicative her ability names are. Her abilities aren't the first to have stupid non-indicative names ("avalanche")...but she's the first with an entire kit of them. As for your first, it's a possibility. But once again it's hard to tell if her power are all based on effects of the void (due to it being a made up thing DE can make up any effects for) or if they're the powers other frames left behind. But yeah it's certainly possible the other frames Xaku is part of knew how to fire anti-grav lasers, confuse large groups, and..............render a single guy indestructible so that, logically, it strips the armour of all of that guy's allies near him... I don't remember reading anything about Xaky in much detail, was she made to be a composite by Entrati or DE? She needed a Leverian
  12. Yes yes I know Chroma Prime have the sentient pelt abilities too somehow. That's why I don't like Chroma Prime. Really, Primes in general. I always felt Primes should be handled like Umbra where one or more abilities are very slightly altered. But I digress. What kind of powers do you think plot device altered-Frames might have had? -Revenant before he became part eidolon -Chroma's original 1 and 4 before slaying a sentient to wrap it's skin around him -Xaku before she became a Frankenstein of different dead frame bits -maybe Valkyr?????????? Of the 4, Chroma seem to be the most in tact. His Vex Armour and Elemental Ward, alongside his element switching are probably remnants of the original Chroma's kit. Especially funny considering how TRASH all powers associated with his pelt is Revenant's Thrall and Reave are clearly based on eidolons and vomvalysts. His Mesmer skin and Danse Macabre are more ambiguous. Mesmer Skin could be a remnant of his initial kit? Xaku is a mess and I'm not even going to bother trying to remember her ability names. All of her powers are clearly void themed, so unless the original Xaku really was a void controller, there's not a whole lot you can glean. Being DE's made up midi chlorian, we have absolutely no idea what Void really is or do either, so it's hard to tell how much of her kit is Void manipulation and how much really is her power (like, say, stealing weapons, void or part of her natural kit?) Only thing I'll point out is when she uses her 4, her right hand and left arm remains...could those be parts of the original Xaku? And Valkyr...her treatment by Alad V seems to be entirely cosmetic. Her entire kit looks completely normal and I can easily see a Frame built the way she is. As in, none of her abilities really seem to stem from being stripped and messed with by Alad. I only added her because some people will point out I didn't include Valkyr had I not listed her. But asides from cosmetics, being brutalized didn't seem to affect her much at all. She yells a lot, but what of it? Rhino roars too. She claws because she's a cat frame. And she have Ripchord because Ballas forgot bullet jumping was a thing. Did I miss any frames?
  13. Valkyr Prime = the original Gersemi = the Tenno's cheap knock-off made from inferior materials like all non-prime frames Base Valkyr = Gersemi brutalized by Alarm V. In all honesty Gersemi and Base Valkyr Should trade spaces. With the damaged Valkyr being a skin or even a boss battle we encounter
  14. Hydroid was the Orokin's mob enforcer or secret police who was designed to terrorize and put down uppity slave races (grineer) who showed any hints of discontent towards the Orokin.
  15. Just because people hated how Grineer was all Skirmishes doesn't mean we don't want ANY skirmish missions for the Corpus! They have cool designed ships, but you only see them for a brief while before you enter a building bandvthe Railjack literally ceases to exist as you play a generic Defense or Exterminate mission. If I crew my ship full of customized crewmembers, upgrade my ship and it's guns, I'd WANT to make use of them, no? No juggling back and forth to keep the ship protected. No integration of Railjack and basic game mode.
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