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  1. For Weapons Because you will make new player experience even worse. Rather than getting a sense of progression acquiring stronger and stronger weapons, everything they get in the beginning will be just as string as what they'll get in the end. That's bad game design for a game meant to last a long time. You want Dera to be better? Wait for a Dera from Parvos' Sexy Lawyer Harem. For Warframe Abilities 1. Outside of obvious outliers, Peacemakers being OP, all non-scaling nukes without further utility being trash, Noise Arrow being a useless gimmick, and Boost Pad also
  2. You say that, but look at the Prova Vandal and try to justify it's 100% electricity damage rather than Impact+Electricity
  3. I thought this would be about how to determine Kuva Lich colours...
  4. Sure, maybe, yes, no. Either way...is there anything wrong with that? Open Worlds come like once a year. And people are always complaining about running out of things to do/grind for.
  5. No, just really petty and trivial is all. Forma is neither difficult nor hard to acquire. I'm building one 24/7 unless I take a hiatus. I am NEVER in need of extra Forma's even if I'm always grinding something, because that's how easy they are to come by. Now if it were Orokin Reactors/Catalysts, THEN I can sympathize a little more, as those are very much timed and limited, and significantly more RNG-limited than Formas which are dime a dozen from relics.
  6. INSTEAD of the random CAPS LOCKS. Consider USING bold or italics INSTEAD
  7. Not that I'm against tweaking Loki a bit. But this here really means you nerf the top %
  8. It's a paradox. His theme really doesn't lend itself to Warframe's "kill as many S#&$ as you can before your A****** allies kill everything before you"-gameplay loop. He's good in Spy missions, even better than Ivara as he can run around and do stuff while cloaked, and switch teleport lets him bypass things. He's full of nifty little utilities but no killing power. There's little DE can do to make him work in Warframe without fundamentally changing his identity.
  9. again I can't say a whole lot about Harrow because I have no idea what's even the point of him when DE made him. He's a lot of mechanics revolving around headshots to support team mates, wrapped around a sort of religiously themed frame. The Xaku-school of Frame design (as opposed to Gauss and Grendel-school of design, where abilities, power, and aesthetics are all consistent to one another)
  10. Because you never bothered piecing things together, you underplay most lore theories for that franchise. While yes part of the fun is connecting all the pieces together to make sense (how Miyazaki experienced english fantasy novels), what makes it work is all the objective facts and gameplay that forms the skeleton for you to put together. What is objective? Well we all know that Dragons are deathly weak to lightning thanks to the opening, constantly referenced in description, and how hard any lightning attack chunks them in the gameplay. The nature of Hollows being obj
  11. My personal opinion? Waaaay too many dangling plot threads. Too many old plot lines and quest stories that introduces characters and concepts, only to never ever re-introduce them ever again, no matter how appropriate it would have been. Neewa from Glast Gambit. Nearly all the Syndicates in their appropriate respective Open Worlds. Maroo and Darvo in general. Darvo and Glast especially could have made an appearance in one of Fortuna's plots. Jordas and his Golem showing up in Deimos. The dangling plot threads from The New Strange, that Arcane Codices. The Stalker being in the b
  12. Xaku and Mag actually makes sense as it goes with their themes. Never seen nor care about Harrow or his skin.
  13. I'm not a very big fan of the Helminth system as a whole as I feel it opens up way too many potential venue for abuse. But I do like it's existence and the implications of it. I've always advocated for sacrificing our Warframes for a greater purpose. My original suggestion was to donate them to Alad V to make us a Zanuka-pet based on the Warframe itself. Currently my major gripe with the Helminth is that...with a few exceptions, DE chose the most boring possible abilities to be subsumed. Instead of Atlas' punch being used on a tiny frame like Faerie-Titania or Nezha, we have a gene
  14. I kinda rather see a Prisma Twin Grakata first. Or atleast a BP that requires us to own two Prisma Grakata.
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