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  1. I see comments like these often when suggestions are made. Even if this might be a troll suggestion, I never see people like you offer up a suggestion or alternative
  2. There is no harder game mode atm. Everything, even Steel Path, is effortlessly bulldozed
  3. Nobody wants another mode dumbed down again just so Timmy can play it
  4. One fallout I can see a mile away is if trash players enter my Railjack with their garbage loadout, they literally downgraded my Railjack just by getting in the seat rather than using my decked out loadout.
  5. So I guess the new thing kids do these day is YELL IN ALL caps AT RANDOM BECAUSE that won't GET ANNOYING fast? (But what truly is ICING ON THE CAKE ARE THESE overly long brackets RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SENTENCE early on) But seriously, calm the hell down. The game isn't fun if there isn't a semblance of balance. There is no feckin power fantasy when the enemy can not pose a threat to begin with. You want this game to be EZ-mode? Fine, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. Go stay there and play your EZ-mode.
  6. Guns aren't weak. Melee weapons are just disgustingly overtuned
  7. Here's her problem. The only enemies worth using her powers on are completely immune to all of it. Who the f cares if you can over-kill a lancer by a kajillion damage. She's useless against enemies that poses actual threats to her, like Profit Taker, etc Her 1 is only marginally useful after being modded, and even then proper modding bypasses that.
  8. You just posted a whole lot of nothing besides "necramech drags!" Real great feedback
  9. To be fair, it's also a bizarre hill for the players to die on too. I honestly can not give any less of a fack about universal vacuum. Everything I grab is more or less in my way anyways so it never made any difference. Of all the things they could spam, atleast go for something useful and productive like nerfing OP stuff, balancing weapons, revisiting older forgotten content and weapon types, etc
  10. Far as I can tell, it might be because Bone Widow's is an Exalted power based on her ability. Same reason why you can't replace Mesa Peacemakers with anything else. That isn't to say I wouldn't want to see archmelee be a thing bon mechs
  11. So for the average player, it's...the current bossfight, a cutscene transition, and a dead body after the sound of gunfire because that's how all bossfights go unless there's copious invulnerability phases....which this community also hates
  12. This event happening in the middle of an inter-galactic war between emo teens and sentient machines lead by space milf while having no connection or mention if said war..........is in itself awkward.
  13. I want all the grounds to be literally made of steel so my path is always a steelpath
  14. I have... literally have more Kuva than I know what to do with.
  15. I just want more unique rewards if they're going to drag it out this much Some new gimmick mod, weapons, etc
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