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  1. Oh, so in other words Nidus and Harrow are useless 100% of the time now is that it? Because outside of raid bosses, nothing's not going to be wiped out in 0.3 seconds upon spawning
  2. Who the heck farms for Ash when you inevitably get him just from playing the game I completed my first Ash set without realizing it
  3. Doesn't matter ba whole lot to me as I long grinded him, made him again for helminth, and now using his Prime But if bthe goal of putting him in RJ mission was making getting Ash easier, it kinda did the opposite
  4. Dint recommend maining in a game like this. Just pick what you feel like playing or whoever is best for the situation. Youll understand once you have a big enough collection
  5. Fully agree, but for different reasons. Played solo, you are the captain of your little Corvette, and you don't have 3 other jackasses breaking your immersion or spamming the hell out of everything to insta-complete your missions. You can actually enjoy flying around with a crew and have adventures. My only gripe is how limited the crew are, how you can't elect to bring a few with your out into missions (why can't On-Call teleport your Crew to the areas?!) Course that really applies to most missions in general. Warframe in general is a whole lot more fun played solo. Especially when you play a non-nuke Frame, where your powers actually come into play rather than spending an entire mission watching your ass hole Mesa Nova Xaku and Saryn teammates insta-delete every enemy in sight before you can even fire a shot.
  6. The Grineer had variants early in the game's history with Arid and Frontier Grineer alongside the classic ones we see in Ship tilesets. Then CA went really crazy with Tusks where EVERY unit had new weapons and they were given new voices (considering these are just fodders we kill, that's a lot), and gave them Ghouls, Thumpers, etc. as well. For Corpus it took the release of Fortuna before CA started adding variants like Juno, Terra, Axios, etc. where they finally have new helmets, variations in weapons, voices, etc. alongside new robots like Raknoids. The Infested? They're the same guys regardless of what nodes you meet them all in. From Earth to Eris, the Infested never once look different. Chargers are still your classic upside down lancer (not even a variant of a lancer), chargers are still the rectangle helmet crewmen with their hand shoved into their faces. etc. And when we finally get their first variant in Deimos, it's the same, but grey now, with some orange cilia. The new enemies in Jugulus/Diploid/Carnis/Saxums looks pretty cool. But the classic Infested didn't get any make-over like the other two factions did. The Infested is more or less The Thing for Warframe, mutating it's victims in all sorts of horrible ways. Yet as a Faction they're by far the least varied. Couldn't DE have, I don't know, made variations on Infested. Like you have your basic Infested for some mission we see now. But in Grineer dominated planets their Chargers will be mutated Ballistas/Scorpions instead of Crewmen, in Corpus planets their Charger will be mutated hyena proxies, or two crewmen melted together to produce the same general silhouette. Make Undying fliers appear in Grineer tilesets while introducing infested raknoids or something to Corpus. The Infested should have had the most variants, yet somehow they have the least, by a large margin.
  7. Imagine timing 3 of his abilities perfectly in order to use him at his best and intended.....................................and then one of the dikc heads in your team insta-wipes everything in your screen with a single Plasmor or Peacemaker
  8. Then you just learn to git gud and deal with a stronger enemy, or fail. It's not the end of the world dude. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And in a game as imbalanced and player-favoured as Warframe, it's nice to be reminded that it's theoretically possible to fail a mission.
  9. Make them smart enough to hang back and actually behave like a sniper? Currently they share the same suicidal AI as lancers.
  10. Part of the issue of melee dominance is because of how passive and harmless enemies tends to be at melee range. Most are most dangerous at medium range when everyone's firing at you.
  11. Multiplayer is unfun enough as is. Please don't make it worse with this
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