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  1. After seeing this happen time and time again, I've come to realize that the core problem with Warframe is that DE seems to refuse to roll anything back. Big examples include The Sacrifice UI rework and the armor scaling changes. Despite overwhelmingly negative feedback, they stayed in the game and everyone eventually forgot about them. So please, don't shut up about the textures. Keep telling DE to get rid of them. And maybe for once we'll get to go back to what everyone liked.
  2. I've just recently started using the Ohma as a replacement for the Telos Boltace until it gets some love from DE, and noticed that it fails to "compact" when switching from melee to weapon by firing. fig. 1: the Ohma as it is supposed to be while holstered Fig. 2: the "active" Ohma. Note the extended parts at the top and bottom of the weapon fig. 3: the Ohma still in the "active" state after being quick-swapped by firing my Corinth. I enjoy this weapon quite a bit (also goes great with my fashionframe, which I substituted with a default Excal for clarity), but this bug hurts my OCD pls fix thank
  3. A shorter cooldown would be nice, but I just want it to be usable again. PLEASE HAVE MERCY DE
  4. IDK man, the vacuum power is kind of fun as a strategic thing. Zaws can do that nowadays without any kind of special.
  5. I shall not rest until my baby is given the TLC she deserves!
  6. I seriously doubt that soft cap was intended. It was just a side effect of the rework.
  7. Unless I'm confused, what you're suggesting is a hard cap. If it stopped at like 10k it would be useless in endgame content. 30 seconds is more than enough time to build damage in the tens of thousands.
  8. That's how it used to work, and how it still does
  9. Without the second half of the Stormpath, using a second slide attack after cramming enemies into a small area could take out all of them. Without the blowing-away part the Stormpath could be used not only as crowd control, but a means to maximize the effectiveness of the strengths of the weapon.
  10. Nezha's Pyroclastic Flow augment can be devastating, but with the rework it became rather frustrating to use with Fire Walker's new trigger mechanic. The solution: have the special attack deploy by holding the ability key, while tapping refreshes the duration as normal. Could even reuse the UI from the new Blazing Chakram.
  11. I've loved the Telos Boltace for a very long time (not least because it looks badass), but it fell with melee 2.9 My solution can be summed up as such: The current Telos Boltace has a 3-part Stormpath ability. 1. Performing a slide attack succs enemies in 2. A timer starts, slide attacking within that time will throw everything you're currently trying to kill with a fairly short-range melee weapon to the other side of the room 3. A cooldown timer starts before the Stormpath can be activated again. Please DE. Just remove #2. That's all I ask.
  12. HOLD THE #*!% UP You're telling me: You're teasing frame #41 without releasing #40 (Wisp) And there won't be a SINGLE Devstream in the month-and-a-half til Tennocon?
  13. One of my favorite parts of Fortuna was operator cosmetics that actually look like they could be combat armor
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