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  1. Just a tiny little nitpick, but the Eidolon Ephemera's description mentions "footsteps of shimmering Void energy". Seeing as Eidolons are Sentients and as such are allergic to Void energy, the description should probably be "footsteps of shimmering Sentient energy"
  2. It's been well over a month now, please help my baby DE
  3. Still happening 5 days later Dusty would like to have his armor glow the right color please.
  4. HOLD THE #*!% UP You're telling me: You're teasing frame #41 without releasing #40 (Wisp) And there won't be a SINGLE Devstream in the month-and-a-half til Tennocon?
  5. First half yes, I have the dumb, but there is certainly one U in there, which was not in your original post.
  6. While you are correct about the spelling, having only one out of the five names not be Greek would be very strange, and "traveler" doesn't really fit.
  7. In a Tridolon right now, I certainly see a "u" in there
  8. The Gantulyst stands out for me as the only Eidolon that I can't understand the connection in the name. Examples: Vomvalyst: Vomva being Greek for "Bomb", they are sort of suicide troops. Teralyst: Carries a tree-like thing, trees are a common symbol of Earth, aka Terra. Hydrolyst: Makes it rain, but not in the fun way. Ropalolyst: Greek for "Bat", pretty self-explanatory. But what does "Gantu" mean? Assistance would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Immediately after posting this I thought to force Google Translate to put "Gauntu" in Greek instead of whatever language it was automatically doing, to find out it means "chaos", which I can understand with all the crap going on during the fight.
  9. While the whole super-long ban thing is stupid, there should be some punishment just for posting a dead meme in region.
  10. Not to mention that Tonfas have quite possibly the coolest looking blocking animation of any melee class. I've been using the Paracesis recently and the Heavy Blade blocking animation is so dumb it hurts.
  11. The Telos Boltace, my baby. Sometimes I don't want the enemy I'm trying to kill thrown across the room. LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO MY BOY
  12. It's been nearly 3 months, what the hell DE? Why is it still only one per instance?
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