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  1. Those are some great augments. Thank you, DE! Keep it up
  2. Do you ever get tired of copy-pasting this every time in every hotfix?
  3. Sounds like some good fixes! Thank you guys!
  4. It really baffles me how people thought there would be cross-platform saves. It's never been that way. The switch build will become completely different from the PC build, it's just not compatible, how is that so hard to understand for people?
  5. DE has already explained it's not on their part, it's definitely Sony and Microsoft. I don't think they've ever allowed people's game progress to migrate to other consoles.
  6. For real, man. I was watching pure for the noggle and possibly a riven. Didn't get either of those. Ohwell at least I got some sweet display glyphs (not sarcasm, I'm genuinely happy with those)
  7. No. New players keep the game alive. Besides, Venus is just the second planet. 1,5 years ago when I first started playing this gane I would have loved it if this confusing and overwhelming game had held my hand a bit more.
  8. Thank you for the fixes on the Archwing and Dark-Split Sword! It's appreciated!
  9. They've stated in the workshop that they're exploring ways to make them obtainable again outside of the Sortie riven pool.
  10. When will you fix the Dark Split Sword? Thanks for the hotfix!
  11. Can you guys please fix the bugs on the Dark Split Sword? I'm not able to equip stances or riven mods on it. It's one of my strongest weapons and now I can't use it properly. Thank you for the other fixes though, it's appreciated
  12. Damn that's an impressive list of fixes. Keep it up DE, we love you!
  13. Players made the rivens worth real world money, not DE. Technically you can trade a godly riven for an ammo drum. But players have decided its worth in plat. Be careful who you blame here.
  14. You do know that the weapon is powerful even without a Riven, right?
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