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  1. This week there is an act/challenge telling you to complete 5 sorties in one week. But sorties can only be completed once a day, so it means I can only permit to *not* play warframe for 2 days. I think this misses the mark, since the purpose of nightwave was to be more *forgiving* to people who have steady jobs or school or don't play all the time so that they don't miss out. This challenge goes against that philosophy in my opinion.
  2. Still no fix for melee being completely broken if you’re playing with controller?
  3. Can you guys please fix melee on the controller? It is completely broken. You can only get one swing out and that's it and then you have to manually switch back to guns.
  4. Pc, using both XBOX wired controller and PS4 wireless controller, I press B (or circle) and I will swap to my melee weapon but after that I can press B/Circle as much as I want but it doesn't do anything.
  5. You do realize that every single riven mod is unique and therefore stored on a database online at DE's? If people had infinite space for rivens, DE would run out of storage quickly.
  6. Guys, I still can't even get Melee to work on the controller. If I press circle (using PS4) I only equip melee and that's it. I can spam circle but it doesn't do anything.
  7. let me start off with the positives: Visually everything feels amazing. Melee has a much bigger OOMPH factor to it and the directional air slams are sublime. You guys have definitely nailed that. But the combos feel broken. I can't use the Block combos anymore because it forces me to aim with my primary weapon. I used to have my melee bound to my left and right mouse button and it worked flawlessly. Having no more aimglide in melee is understandable but something that definitely needs getting used to and I'm not sure how much I like it. I have also tried to use my PS4 controller to see if it suited me better but the game didn't allow me to make more than 1 swing and after that pressing the melee button did nothing. Overall everything looks very promising but needs some major tweaks.
  8. Those are some great augments. Thank you, DE! Keep it up
  9. Do you ever get tired of copy-pasting this every time in every hotfix?
  10. Sounds like some good fixes! Thank you guys!
  11. It really baffles me how people thought there would be cross-platform saves. It's never been that way. The switch build will become completely different from the PC build, it's just not compatible, how is that so hard to understand for people?
  12. DE has already explained it's not on their part, it's definitely Sony and Microsoft. I don't think they've ever allowed people's game progress to migrate to other consoles.
  13. Thank you for the fixes on the Archwing and Dark-Split Sword! It's appreciated!
  14. They've stated in the workshop that they're exploring ways to make them obtainable again outside of the Sortie riven pool.
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