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  1. BTW, the list in question is now at 97 items, and doesn't include everything (ie. Red outlines got broken in the last patch). Forum topics with detailed info have been created for the big ticket bugs, and the megathread is occasionally updated. However, no one has the heart to keep spending time and effort to get screenshots/recordings, find out how to reproduce, write up a description, etc. for all these bugs, since it's obvious by the fact that Telos Boltace still exists, that DE is trying their hardest to forget that conclave exists, and creating a bug report is just a waste of time.
  2. Only a couple maps have huge fog issues, and even those are somewhat manageable with the red outlines at least. However, without red outlines, every map in the game suffers from poor contrast with the background elements. If you use the right colors, you can practically disappear, and players are forced to try and aim relative to your health bar. It's also possible to use some a method to avoid showing on radar (Bashee, silent weapons, or just straight up bugged radar) and hide in some corner of the map while nearly invisible.
  3. The strength of the red outlines is controlled by this setting, so it's expected that the outlines wouldn't be seen in your screenshot if you use 10/200 intensity. After this update, the outlines are gone for all intensity settings. My before photo uses 150/200, and the after screenshots are using 200/200. The fog is annoying, but the red outlines are still important without fog. On some maps, it is very hard to see other players if they change their colors to match the background. The outlines are needed to be able to aim at people with gray colors in front of a gray background
  4. After updating to version 29.6.8, the red outlines in Conclave are no longer visible for anyone. Player visibility is now a huge issue, especially in maps where there is a lot of fog, like Bunkers. Before 29.6.8: Players are marked with a red line to improve contrast. After Update 29.6.8: Players have no outlines. There are 3 enemies in both screenshots, but they are nearly impossible to see.
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