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  1. Thanks for the update on this issue! I see many people dropping the game out of frustration, let's fix that alright? 😁
  2. You don't know how much we appreciate this! I was afraid that we'd have a content draught until after April since the latest piece of content only was a temporary event. To see progress on Call of the Tempestarii ignites a spark of hope in me <3
  3. Upon attempting to do any grounded attack that isn't a finisher (be it any combo except neutral standing OR slide attacks) the Sigma & Octanis will first do the first attack of its stance's neutral standing combo. With [Final Harbinger] you will always do the first strike of Null Warning, with [Eleventh Storm] you will always begin with [Striking Thunder] before transitioning to the attack that you meant to do. This bug leads to relative uncontrollability because you can no longer smoothly transition into gapcloser combos and slide attacks to close distance.
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