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  1. So it seems the earlier fix of keeping intrinsics on abort caused a problem with the failing saying you get, but don't. Misleading UI, probably going to stay like this to avoid the Flexa farming strat entirely. Just need to fix UI so it says we don't get.
  2. Filigree Prime, Spring Festival and Festive Decoration scenes for first room in Orbiter (Navigation, News, Market and Codex room) is not showing for players invited to orbiter. Claimed Filigree Prime from Twitch Prime and wanted to show it to a friend, but they couldn't see it, so I tried another scene to see if that showed up for them, but it didn't. Went to their Orbiter and their scene didn't show up for me. Several relogs and some messaging support for tips later, it still didn't work, so now I'm posting this here as instructed by support team.
  3. I recorded this on 24.09.19 with Wukong Prime and unmodded MK1-Furax using only finishers, no channeling and not even flipping camera. People keep suggesting cheese-strats, and newer players struggling with this has started believing it's too difficult or impossible without a cheese strat. Clearly not the case... https://youtu.be/-Jg4dHtbkUw I think the funniest complaint was someone not having enough damage to kill an enemy with a basic or slide attack, when all the enemies/grineer are a grand level of 1. Which is why I only used finishers.
  4. Either I've played far too much Assassin's Creed or you guys are being super unlucky. Only a few comments ago I posted a video of me doing it with unmodded MK1-Furax..... That recording is 2 days old
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