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  1. I just hope this post gets some attention from DE, so they might at least look at this ability and try to balance it more fairly somehow. Making nearly every energy reliant frame a bad choice for infested missions because of 1 effect of 1 common enemy merits a re-balancing in my opinion.
  2. Personally, it is the most rage inducing part of warframe. It limits my choices so much when choosing my frames for missions.. that i end up using a basic health/armor tank that needs no energy whatsoever.. but is also very boring to play..
  3. Obviously not the effect im worried about but i will answer that most players dont have that mod in their first year or two of play.. handspring should be mentioned here as replacement.
  4. Lol, the tracking on that ability will grab you in mid bullet jump. Only way to avoid is staying out of its range.
  5. I expected it to change because its a completly broken ability. Losing a % of energy would already be strong, knocking us to zero is broken. Cannot compare to nullifiers that are very easy to deal with.
  6. No matter what your thinking, its not that. That harpoon attack from ancient healers that does many things at once, and nearly impossible to defend against its worst effect. 1.high damage hit.. 2.drags you on floor.. 3.sets your energy back to ZERO!? I have never understood why such a common enemy has such a devastating attack. In high level missions, just 1 hit from full energy to 0 will kill most frames who rely on their energy and are built with efficiency and energy generation in mind but it all falls apart when this bullS#&$ puts you to 0 energy constantly. WTF DE? Ive been waiting years for this to change. 90% of warframes are banned from end game infested directly because of this 1 aspect of a Common enemy.
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